Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 19, 2014

Europe needs to wake up and see what it is doing to Democracy and to the rest of the World

Hey there,

Good news. I’ve got a new book for you…

It’s called: DEMOCRACY REDUX “A debate on the future of the European Continent, Liberty, Democracy, and it’s impact on the World”

I wrote this book because Europe needs to wake up and see what it is doing to Democracy and to the rest of the World. A world thirsty for Liberty. A world thirsty for Democracy. A world yearning to be free…

And of course I want to share it with you so you can play with it’s ideas and get back to me with yours.

So let’s keep on reading…

“Democracy Redux” is a book that is making the case for Political Innovation in our pursuit of Liberty vs the Orwellian State, because the constant erosion of Liberty is the greatest threat to our Democracy, Freedom, and Human Rights.

Here is an example: I’ve got some old timers friends of mine who get together in the local every afternoon — and don’t mince their words because they know the end is nigh. And they tell me their truth, without any bit of rancour and without mean feelings. They all have this to say about Europe and Democracy. They say this forcefully when they gang up on me and treat me like the junior student that needs to be schooled amidst the Grey Ghosts.

They drill into me this and ask me to take the fight to Brussels and Berlin, just as surely as they did some sixty plus years ago. The thing is they might be right. Some sixty-seven years ago, Churchill and De Gaulle huddled and conceived together of the United States of Europe.

This was on the eve of the Great European World War and they knew the challenges this world would face hence. Still, they had the smarts, the gumption, and the fortitude, to fight unflinchingly and win that war. And look what a mess we’ve done of it since and see where it is that we are now. We again are under the German bloody boots again throughout Europe in a grey nameless occupation called financialization through Germany’s European Occupation Loans.

Maybe as the old timers say, it’s time to don the kit, grab the arms, and join the unit, to go fight all over again…

Cause sixty years after the Schuman Declaration came into being, what is left today of the European ideal is shambles. Asses and ashes, with a whole lot of institutions built on top. That’s all…

Ahh … and topping the FKK cake is pudgy Angela swirling like a ballerina. Mind you the pudgy dancer on top is the cherry on an otherwise unremarkable black forest chocolate pudding representing Berlin’s hegemony with a bit of bestiality thrown in for good measure like the nuts in the pudding.

At the pub my old friends always say: We didn’t fight and shed blood to win the war against the bloody thick Krauts of the Third Reich, so that we have to fight the Fourth Reich once again.

I’ve got nothing to answer to this one.

I only say these are the fortunes of war and peace. Sometimes You lose the war in peacetime. And maybe the see-saw of history is like the football leagues. You don’t stay on top of the league year after year without having to earn the pole position each and every year through bitter contest and solid play.

So that’s how I appease the old timers, but with geezers like you — I haven’t got to spell it out. Because methinks you get it. But in the non sporting world, the world of politics and Leadership, the question remains: How come we have allowed this to happen to Europe today?

And perhaps more importantly, How come we have allowed this to happen to Democracy and her twin sister Liberty?

And what future does the European Union have?

What nasty future is to behold for Europe and it’s citizens now that together, they have fallen prey to the professional shills and shysters otherwise known as the Brussels bureaucrats and the Berlin sharks? Or what is Life going to be under the Euro-Krauts? As the Old Greezers want to call them…

Still without the old folks punditry, their memory is keen after we just witnessed the D-day remembrances and the vast poppy fields the Normandy cemeteries unfold. The very future of the European Common Market or the evolution of what the European Union was meant to be, has come to a crash. Now the very essence of Europe itself is open to question. And with it Democracy is opened to interpretation too.

So I have gathered the most intelligent folks and their arguments on this very uncertain Future and started a debate through the Democracy Institute for a decade of vigorously fought ideological battles, and then gathered the best arguments, and summarized them for you — in the hope that you’ll get involved.

And maybe You’ll get interested with a bit of enlightenment, and decide to get really involved in the fortunes of our Europe.

And that would mean that you’ll take a stance and either save it or blow it up. Your actions are going to be your call after reading this expose of the best minds and the best theses on Europe. Your understanding of Europe, your functioning within the maze, and your business & political decisions will be greatly enhanced — based on your understanding of this book.

It’s a Kaleidoscope of views and winning theses and as such you can read it effortlessly. There is no tunnel vision here. After You read the book, you’ll be well informed and erudite enough to best any politician or Eurocrat on the ideals and hopes of Europe. But above all else You will be able to discern the distant horizon and thus see where we are heading well before anyone else. And as You know information is power, ad that power is translated into whatever form of currency you want to manage. Political, social, economic or just plain old wisdom. So when time comes to vote for the future of Europe — you can certainly do the right thing. Whatever that is.

Either way we go, am going to be happy. Because am a bad Ass and truly believe in the wisdom of the crowds in a Democracy made up of well informed citizens. And that is a huge caveat, because most always the citizens are treated like mushrooms. Kept in the dark and fed manure [shit from the TV land]. These current daft politicians don’t trust you. And they fear you because the unelected Oligarchy doesn’t believe in Democracy. So am actively educating “you” the electorate in the hope that this book will become a best seller and thus we all start advocating it’s premise, and maybe change Europe and thus liberate our Democracy again to it’s founding destiny. As it stands now Europe has usurped this Democracy ideal and has done horrible things to it and in it’s name. Time to liberate this symbol once again from the clutches of the fascists who saw it as war loot and nothing more thus missing all it’s great powers.

The premise of the book is to liberate our Democracy from it’s moorings and let it soar to the skies taking us along with it. This premise being that we need far more Liberty and far more Democracy in Europe before we even claim to have a semblance of Democracy and we must revolt against this nonsense that Brussels represents today. We must do away with it all and right away allow people to decide whether they want in or out.

Let’s have a referendum not just in the UK and Britain but throughout Europe about our own prospects. We need this because the current Euro-Corruption and official amorality is killing us. And because the present day mess that Europe is it’s killing our friends also. And it’s killing all those aspirants to Democracy and Liberty around the world too.

As an example of this horrible impact the unelected Eurocrats have on all of us is this. In a practical manner the unelected European leaders claim to have a handle on doing what they do best: Corruption. The Van Rompuy idiot just said that he knows how the European people hate the idea of further expansion now but that He will go ahead anyway because He doesn’t care what people think…

Fancy that: The most idiotic unelected person the world has ever seen, says this … Methinks this guy is a comedian and yet he forgets that he looks and acts like a cross between Loui De Funes and Quasimodo. The scary thing is, he pretends to be serious. Or even scarier … He is.

With idiots like him and Barosso and all the other morons how can we construct a European society that will be more fair, more transparent, and more participative?

We will need to debate these questions.

Am known both for straight talking and for the perceptiveness of my analysis. But now I have a new book called: “A debate on the future of the European Continent and it’s impact on the World” and will peddle it to you via Amazon and the local high street bookshop. But if you are really good, I might just play Santa and drop it down your electronic chimney free of charge and with compliments to boot if you email me with a request for the book right here on the blog.

Because so far we’ve only contributed Two Milennia of conflict and Two major World Wars to the world … and am asking if it’s possible to contribute some peace too.

The book is a sharp and insightful analysis of Europe’s handling of the long history of conflict and dominance of various political actors, and travels all the way to the financial crisis and the controversial leadership of Germany’s Mama Bear: Angela Merkel.

To avoid the collapse of the unique European project in order to be able to provide a lasting Peace and Liberty — we need to refocus on the European ideals of Democracy within an open society, through the assurances of individual Freedoms, Human Rights, and Civil Rights for all the citizens. I argue in favour of a European Federal System that is free of the current corruption, free of the bureaucratic fascism, and full of Hope and Opportunity for all members by offering more solidarity throughout Europe and thus demanding more active involvement of its citizens.

So ask for this in your electronic bookshop: DEMOCRACY REDUX “A debate on the future of the European Continent, Liberty, Democracy, and it’s impact on the World”

And you’ll be wiser if not a tiny bit sadder, but there you have it. ——–



So write tome to get an electronic book Gratis and then read it carefully.

DEMOCRACY REDUX “A debate on the future of the European Continent, Liberty, Democracy, and it’s impact on the World”

Let’s read, understand and mange to look with clear eyes — to really see Europe’s and Democracy’s future because the two are interlinked.

And once we see ourselves, our Democracy, and our Europe with these new eyes, after reading this book, we’ll be bale to see the world anew as the poet always says:

“To see a world in a grain of sand. And a Heaven in a wild flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand. And Eternity in an hour.”
–William Blake

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