Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 20, 2014

Show some compassion for someone today because it’s world refugee day…

Be grateful.
It’s good to remember when you bed down in your own bed inside your own home that today is World Refugee Day.
It is honourable to remember the refugees, because more than 150 million people worldwide currently are refugees, asylum seekers, climate escapees, politicals, clandestinos, and IDPs (internally displaced persons) refugees within their own country.
Now if you can offer comfort to one of them — Do it today…
If not — at least don’t make their Life harder with unnecessary bigotry, hate, and malice.
Be human towards them because at one or another time in our long human history we were all refugees and that’s how we are now spread out throughout this beautiful planet.
To up stakes and move on for a better Life is what defines us and Freedom of Movement is a basic Human right…

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