Posted by: Dr Churchill | July 5, 2014

Live Your Myth in Greece — Summer Holidays with the GGmen for Investors — Poor Greeks suffering today under a Dictatorship with plenty of Debtor jails and No Habeas Corpus protection… see their Government Ministers as lying & ugly cheerleaders doing roadshows in London trying to convince investors to live their Myth in Greece…


Poor Greeks suffering today under a Dictatorship of mean spirited bureaucrats foisting upon them seven years of economic depression and bad luck, armed with plenty of Debtor jails and asylums without the very basic Habeas Corpus protections.

You see the consistent record holders of dismal failure and corruption are the Greek Government Ministers. The infamous GGmen. The typical GGmen are only interested in getting some cash in their pockets via fire-sales. They have started a giant Garage Sale of all that is Greek and are flogging the remaining few pieces of “family silver” like thieves. Thieving and selling off the loot even after they have already “stolen”  the whole country. And they do this without even the requisite show of contrition but in the light of day, hustling like street hookers in a show of wanton corruption. The GGmen are mainly government Ministers who speak and act rapaciously against the very interests of the country and it’s people even though they were “selected” to fulfil a public fiduciary role.

Still these bureaucrats act like vacuous airheads although they know better. The reason they are acting like born again cheerleaders trying to convince investors to go “Live their Myth in Greece” is because they are the trumpeters and the stickmen thumping the bushes ahead of the fox hunt. They are the yapping beagles leading the red fox to the place of “Myth” where the unscrupulous conmen will fleece them right and will probably give you a heart attack…

Bet you didn’t know that most foxes die from a heart attack when they are cornered by the screaming beagles.

And am betting You further didn’t know that the fox is you.

A day before yesterday the Greek Ministers presented another pantomime about Foreign Direct Investment saying the country is ready… to finally accept large scale FDI from responsible investors, and — wait for the miracle — the Economic Recovery is just around the corner.


In another related Greek Roadshow event in London, this week, the Greek Environment, Energy, and Climate Change, Minister Yiannis Maniatis, made the beggar’s case for oil & gas. A century late and a few Billion Dollars short the Greek Environment & Energy Minister wants to turn the only asset that Greece still has — the Environment of the blue azzure Aegean Sea into a Culf of Mexico oil spill disaster territory with Macondo type oil platforms fence rigging the Greek Islands.

Good Luck with that.

And Good Luck to the Tourism industry after the oil spills become a regular feature of the Greek Seas. And as the oil pollutes the seascape and washes onto the Greek islands, let’s see where the tourists will go…

Am sure the tourists want to be oiled up like the pelicans coming off the Gulf of Mexico and kneeling to die on the slimy shore…

Maybe we should offer a summer holiday to the Greek Ministers and travel them all the way to the site of the Macondo oil spill off Louisiana’s once beautiful coast and have them be educated about the vagaries of side effects of the disastrous Oil business. Oil spills are an everyday reality and oil pollution washing ashore destroys not only tourism, but fishing, commerce, and habitation of human settlements because it basically makes people really really sick. And they up stakes and go away to save their lives. Same as been happening to the Greek youth migrating to other countries of the European Union…

So best we ship off the Energy Minister and his colleagues to Louisiana for re-education and see what happens.Let them bathe in the waters off of New Orleans for some “oil therapy” and see how quickly they change their minds about the effects of oil pollution on a country.

Still am afraid that for now the Minister is undaunted by the absurdity of his task, and the negative consequences of his unhealthy mission to destroy the last remaining pristine Greek habitats. The seas surrounding the small but exceedingly beautiful country.  Unfortunately the indomitable joker of an Environment & Energy Minister presented Greece’s programme for selling offshore hydrocarbon exploration concessions in the Aegean sea, in the Ionian Sea, and in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, south of Crete as final. He spoke of a Fait Accompli.

Perhaps he spoke a little prematurely by saying the words bellow that constitute a colossal gaffe of Mythic proportions.

Hear – Hear, what the idiot had to say:
“Greece’s goal of becoming a major oil and gas producer is not just a Greek myth but based on firm parameters,” Maniatis stressed as he unveiled the findings of seismic surveys in the area and also analysed the broader geopolitical framework, ahead of a tender to be launched in the next few days.
The presentation included data from geological surveys covering 225,000 square km and the interpretation of this data, carried out by the French oil and gas consultancy firm BEICIP-Franlab.
The tender will be for test drilling in 20 blocks, defined on the basis of 50 parameters that include the depth of the seabed, geology and the environmental conditions revealed by a Strategic Environmental Impact Study that is underway, as well as the data from the seismic surveys.
Maniatis particularly highlighted the broader geopolitical framework in Greece, including the recovery of the economy, society’s acceptance and the political consensus on exploiting the country’s oil and gas reserves.
“All the major political parties support the development of the hydrocarbon sector and most political parties wish to participate in its future success. Disagreement on this issue is considered unpatriotic,” the minister stressed. He added that, in fact, the government has now considered that the “marginalisation” of this oil & gas underwater development prospect for 15 years – from 1997 to 2012 – had been tantamount to treachery against the country’s prospects and future generations.”

This Maniatis guy hails from a place of Greece where they are all “stoned” consistently, and they can be considered the Taliban of Greece. By rights this man is the Talib of the European Environment Ministers. Because based on his title — he is not just the energy Minister but also the Environment Minister. Admittedly a Schizophrenic position to be in for a man who comes from a long career working in a  consultancy and lobbying capacity on behalf of the fossil fuel industry. A Taliban against the ENVIRONMENT and an enemy of whatever is pure, clean, and natural — should be his title.

And maybe someone should break the news to him that 100% energy for Greece produced from renewable energies is not only possible, off the shelf today — but there is enough more potential for a booming export market of the renewable energy to the rest of the EU in order to satisfy the increasing appetite of the Union for clean energy. And it is easy to accomplish this without expensive major government plans. 

The way to do it is through distributed solar, wind, tidal & wave marine energy, and geothermal. It matters to use the distributed potential of everyone becoming an energy producer and this nudging economic policy action — in turn distributes the jobs, the investment, the power, and the wealth, into the hands of the many citizens comprising now the restive Middle Class.

However that is the very reason why people who have power and control now do not want this to happen since the few Greek Oil and Energy companies control 90 % of the market and do not want to lose the “Franchise.” 

Yet the Greek People, need to believe, lead, and make it happen, through grass roots activism and private investments on your own rooftops. We can make this happen through crowd sourcing, majority community ownership, using our investments; distributed energy equates with distributed political power, and that is a really good thing. 

We just need to get critical mass and distribute the power through the good thing principle. Usually we do one good thing today and we are happy for a month, or for a week, or a day.  BUT IF WE DO THIS WE’LL BE HAPPY FOR LIFE…

So the daft Minister Maniatis couldn’t leave the error alone and he went way too far when he claimed that it is TREASON to object to the environmental degradation and fossil fuel pollution, in Greece. This is not only stupid. It is also fascist. Sounds like Adolf fvckin Hitler to me…

According to the Greek Prime Minister and the Ministers of State, it is Treason to object to their plans to further ruin the country, by permanently destroying it’s ecosystems and marine environment.

The E&E Minister Maniatis, other Ministers like him, and the PM Samaras think it is Treason to disagree with their plans to rape and pillage the poor country and the Earth.

They feel it is treason to offer a dissenting advise.

It is treason to have a minority opinion.

You now know.

And since being made aware, be ready.

So when these foolish ministers invite you to a roadshow, or welcome you to the “Treasonous country” of Samaras/Venizelos and their bastard ilk — best decline the myth they have for sale.

It’s a fake myth with no heroes. A myth with none of the glory, none of the profit, and whole lots’ of gloom. In fact it’s a nightmare of mythic proportions.

Because that myth is a nightmare not just for all the Investors into Greece but for all the Greek people as well. And surely not a good “story” for any investor out there.

Indeed it’s a myth as the daft Greek Ministers will tell you if pressed and if he  had an honest bone in their body or carried themselves upright for even a moment. But spineless creatures have none of that and it is difficult to fathom how an Environmental Disaster waiting to happen can be considered a Good Investment.

But a looming catastrophe of mythic proportions for the Environment affects the whole of the Eastern Mediterranean — because this disaster is far bigger than what Greece can destroy by itself.  Still is fitting that a place with neither Liberty, nor Democracy, and no Discourse, — is no place to invest. Simple as that.

As a matter of fact the truth is that even the simple protection from Debtor’s jail and the simple Human Rights of Habeas Corpus simply do not exist in Greece of 2014. And are not offered as basic Civil Rights to people living or working there. So be wary. Be very wary…

Be wary because if they don’t like You for whatever reason — they con dispose of you. Say your investment is mired in corruption and you complain — you go to jail. Good Luck coming out if you don’t beg forgiveness and say “uncle” to the lovely Minister who send You there in the first place. Or the government is not keeping up it’s end of the deal… You can’t say a word. You simply can’t even utter a peep.

Greece is the country where they throw activists and anticorruption advocates into the insane asylum wards, and keep them there — tied up for months in metal beds — simply in order to not have to have a Judge look at them for illegal arrest and illegal jail.

They can keep a person thus in an insane asylum “tied up” in bed for up to six months without a judge or jury having the interest to examine the person and see the legality of the situation. No judge looks in to see if he is fit for the “special treatment” or not.

Very Surprising and unbelievable but that is what we found when we saw that one of our activists had been similarly kidnapped because he uncovered the Banking Scandals and the Rampant Corruption leading from the State to the Banks and from the Bank heads to the State.

No judge can even check to see why a person is held against their will for months on end tied up in a metal bed.

Can you believe this shit?

This person has no rights?

Is this not a human being?

Do you know of another country where this is possible?

Even China customarily obtains a judge’s signature for illegal detentions.

I don’t think an intelligent person needs to look for anything else into Greece to see how devastating it is to be a “No Person.” And nothing more than this incredible justice deficiency matter, needs fixing urgently, before anyone considers Greece a Democratic place fit for Investments of any sort. We both know you have Ethics and

Because of that and under the current crop of German led local collaborateurs and Enforcers — Greece is gone.




Just the people — walking dead — don’t know it yet.

And when the Ministers of development and Finance come to London and New York begging for FDI [Foreign Direct Investment] and trying to flog off the country’s left over “silver spoons” please give them the middle finger. Tell them to FO and go back fix the country’s Democracy Deficit and demolish the Apartheid and then come back to talk…

These errant bastards are trying to sell off whatever is not tied down before they get their pretty necks strung up from the assembling crowds with the pitchforks. So they figure to better hurry up, because that’s what’s coming.

Today’s Minister of Finance and Development trying to flog off some more underwater real estate in the form of bottom of the sea “squares” for fossil fuel exploration permits, or some other real estate development assets, and state owned assets, state companies, and seized people’s debt packages.

For Greece to be represented by such Morons is super sad. Daft Ministers who are grasping at straws and they want to do oil and gas development, when Greece is is the country best suited for Renewable Energy. Clean Energy resources are a better fir in Greece than any other European country.

In the country blessed with wind, sun, and the sea, along with Geothermal and all manners of potential for distributed generation and with an entrepreneurial population, this represents an opportunity for abundant clean energy always offered for “Free” as part of the “Ecosystem Services.”

Freely given ecosystem services that are offered readily by a Marine and Coastal Environment that has blessed Greece in her small corner of the world with abundant energy resources.

So in the land of Renewables to be blind to it and instead go undersea hunting for elusive hydrocarbon fossil fuels — is like  a crime of major proportions.

It is truly TREASON to focus on Fossil Fuels at a time when the whole world is moving away from Fossil Fuels. Still the Greek government is going for it pell-mell.

One wonders why?

My advise when you talk with the Greek Ministers of state is this: Just look at them in the eye and ask them what is their percentage? And then treat them like the proper CORRUPTION LEPERS, that they are.

Because that’s what they are. All of them. The whole sorry lot of them…

When they make presentations telling you the place is ready for Investment and the reforms have been enacted, and you can come invest In Greece — ask them about Human Rights.

Ask them about Habeas Corpus.

Ask them about Debtor’s Jails.

Ask them about their insane asylums where they hold people without oversight for many months on end because they are a convenient place to hide activists without the formalities of judges and criminal charges or bothering with Human Rights.

Secret jails we call them where one in two people are tied up in metal beds for months at a time.

So when the Motherfvckin Greek Ministers ask for your money — tell them off swiftly.

Best tell them upfront that You do not invest in Corruption, Dictatorship, and in an Apartheid Regime. Because Apartheid it is when the Ministers of State feast on the massive Foreign Aid for the country and send their Billions to Switzerland — whereas the ordinary citizens eat out of the garbage dumpsters, or go nuts from unemployment, and commit suicide. Greek suicides are a wholesale business.Matter of fact it is the only export business. It also reduces unemployment as a particularly “funny” Greek Minister confided to me in an international investors meeting…

What a Bastard.

Best treat the place like an Apartheid regime and divest immediately and pressure the government to enact the basic Human Rights provisions necessary for the Rule of Law to return to it’s ancient cradle.

Forget about Democracy right now because the society is militarized with military type police all over the cities oppressing people.

Whenever you see Greek Ministers soliciting investment ask them about Habeas Corpus and why they don’t have it in their country?

Ask about Debtor’s Jail and wait to hear why they still maintain those in their country?

Ask about the very basic protections of Human Rights provisions and why they don’t have it in their country?

Ask questions like that before you commit your PE fund or Hedge or FDI venture to even look at the slides of the lying Ministers traipsing the globe trying to fool people into believing that you can live your Myth in Greece as the signs in the Athens Airport warn you about.

And you need to ask them whether they benefit from the ever-present CORRUPTION of the Ministerial class and the ruling party anomalous bunch of social misfits, all assholes, that sabotage Democracy, the Rule of Law, the Reforms, and the Economy of the Greek nation.

That is job one.

Because You and I have Ethics and we have “Fuck You Money” and we are not afraid to use both of them to do what is right.

We also happen to know that “Life is short and karma is a bitch”

Matter of fact — she’s a terrible Bitch keeping score of everything we’ve done, thought, and said. But above all, she’s keeping score of the things we didn’t do. Of the help we didn’t offer. Of the crimes we didn’t report. Of the time when we didn’t blow the whistle…

Of the terrible toll in lives that resulted when we turned a blind eye to corruption, and allowed misery to be heaped upon a whole nation of once proud and free people. The nation of the Greek people, who once upon a time taught all of us How to have the pride of living in a country full of Liberty and Democracy.

We owe the Greek people at least this simple favour. Treat the current government like an Apartheid regime and support the Greek people through philanthropy. Through the Red Cross if need be and through the Food for Children. But beware and do not invest in Greece today because the place is corrupt and it will corrupt you too.

If you want to help — just send food aid in support of the Greek people as a Thank You, for the gift they bestowed upon us many years ago. The Gift of Democracy.  Through this gift the Greek people have been giving us Life Affirming Value, because this is the most valuable thing in the world. This idea that government by the people, for the people, and from the people — that is still called by the ancient Greek name is what we have as the most cherished treasure of progress in the Human Journey.

But Greeks today don’t enjoy this gift.


Because of that — We shall not support the Dictatorship Du Jour of the Samaras-Venizelos double faced Janus of Corruption running the country.


I’ve been terribly involved in Greece as of late and always disappointed. I thought I could help fix things a little.

But Greece is like a little girl’s death from cancer. A cancer of the blood quickly metastasize to anything good and pure in her body. We need to help her.

Only one thing we can do. Starve the Cancer from any kind of foods and carbon the cancer feeds into… Starve the cancer from the incessant corruption.

Our anti-corruption and whistleblower campaigns through my technology NGO aptly named  and through our cooperation with others like Wikileaks, Courage, Transparency, Amnesty, Justice, and the old NGOs I had co-founded like the AAT, A4AD, A4ID, PHI, Oxygen, etc, amongst many others who want to seriously help Greece in an ethical manner and in a way consistent with ancient values and Human Rights.

Our hard work at the has led to the discovery of the more than 600 amongst many hundreds of major corruption cases involving the Top Banks of Greece and the Government Ministers. The very banks, rescued by the IMF, the Troika, and your money… they are all involved in corruption games that will make the hunger games you watch on TV seem unimaginative.

Greek High Bankers and High Ministers are all involved in a web of corruption thick as thieves, feasting on the 320 Billion Euro package of foreign help the country has received so far and that almost nothing has trickled down to the citizens. The IMF and the Troika are complicit in this corruption — same as the European Union because they all have been warned and appraised of the situation by our own people directly. And they have chosen to do absolutely nothing. Nothing so far. But things may change rapidly after this…

After briefing the prime Minister Mr Samaras directly & through his Chief od Staff Mr Papastavrou who defended the corruption, and having informed the Minister of Finance Mr Stournaras and seeing no interest whatsoever to take action, we informed the Anti-corruption prosecutor Ms Raikos. No Action there either. Recognizing that Greece is not interested in Reform of any kind against the Corrupt Alliance of State & Banks, we then spoke to the Troika chiefs. We spoke ad infinitum and we have even talked with the EU leaders, the Commissioner of Justice Ms Vivianne Redding, and the Council of Europe President Mr Barrosso. I’ve even spoke to them myself — but no action has been forthcoming so far. I also spoke to my friend Mr Poul Thompsen of the IMF but no action there either…

So am an intelligent person and recognize the footprints of corruption leading to high places. And am also human and know that these people are not interested in the slightest bit of reform. Just keep the old jallopy on the road until the wheels fall off.

And with the equities bubbles around the world overheating — the next crisis is not far off and then the Truth will come out fully. Because the Truth doesn’t need Defense. It is like the Lion in the forest. Let it loose and sit back and watch it devour all that it needs to in order to bring back order into chaos.

As a Naturalist it’s a good show to watch. Bloody gore and just. Nature’s porn is sort of karmic retribution. Going on a jungle safari is fine to see this, but as an Investor, best head elsewhere if you want to see honest returns.

Greece today unfortunately, is a place of exposed lies.

A country of corrupt Prime Ministers and assorted dirty ministers, corrupt Bank Leaders, and corrupt commercial heads. A simple train wreck of corruption and injustice. A defeated colony of state violence. Collapse is not far behind these clowns. And as she enters the stage the children scream and the adults rush the exits before the tent pole snaps and all get trapped inside a blazing inferno of a big top burning with animals, clowns and unfortunately ordinary people trapped in the conflagration. Am hurting for this because the crowd of children and unfortunate parents is who usually pays the price of corruption.

Sadly today Greece is a collapsed economy. A failed place full of Broken Dreams, and broken people, vying for a place in the shade away from the sun — always fearful of a Broken Country crashing down around their heads.

Hopeless People. Ten thousand suicides. Per year…

Everybody is going crazy — and me, becoming a changed man.

I don’t look back anymore to this place as a place of hope and rebirth. Not even as a Holiday land.

It’s a dying place.

I don’t regret.

I look forward.

I follow the sun and so can you. Follow the sun away from corruption and against Apartheid. Follow the sun and help the Greek people see the sun too. Some day they will enjoy the benefits of Democracy once again.

It is in your interest because their fate and your fate are intertwined. When Democracy is rendered in Greece — Democracy is rendered everywhere. When Truth and Justice disappear from the ancient land — they disappear from your land too.

But you already know this… Everything is connected, and everything flows from the truth…

So let’s organize a strong Civil Rights movement against the modern Greek Apartheid of Corruption. Help me help you and I will use that movement to the Good: To expose. To protect. And if necessary, to punish.

But above all else to bring Democracy back to it’s place where it was born. Return to the Roots for an idea far greater than anyone of us. Let’s get together. It’s Time.

We’ll fight this apartheid of the Dictatorship of Corruption.

Because corruption is what your brain will warn you of when the real danger of Collapse and disappearance of a whole nation is coming your way

We smell the disgusting cancer of corruption that poisons everything that is good and loveworthy in the world, all over Greece today and especially emanating from all the High ministers of State and the Bureaucrats.

So not only do not invest but…

Run for your life.

Divest and Run away from certain ruin and peril.

Now you know why.




Do this and help us Change the World once again as we did in South Africa with Mandela and Tutu a couple of decades ago as we fought Apartheid with Divestment and Ethical Investment policies.

Come stand with me.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”
–Anne Frank

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