Posted by: Dr Churchill | July 13, 2014

5 ways to avoid an Economic Drama


Drama is delicious in Greek.

In other languages — not so much.

In the current economic shoehorning that Greece is going through — it is definitely High Drama enacted in German…

Much like the Ring of Nimbelugen performed by young girls without the heavy Gothic scenery.

T really put it into perspective this Dramatic Opera is like Brazil playing in the Mundial against Germany and having no defence. A dozen goals later… and lost in translation the Greeks are facing an individual bankruptcy as persons, as families, as communities — all so they can claim the “country” as a whole avoided the bankruptcy — and they face collective punishment and enslavement for the next seven generations.

Consequently — not so very good drama… to live through.

The original economic restructuring plan foresaw the TROIKA supporting the Greek Economy to escape bankruptcy by lending money to the stricken country under the proviso that through dramatic reforms the government will be closing the deficit with 30% taxation increase and 70% reductions from the bloated Soviet style public sector.

All that was good on paper but in practise the opposite ratio appeared. 

The Government tried to close the black hole by overtaxing the productive economy for the 70% and only focusing on reducing the public sector expenses by 30%. This includes the expenditure restraint and efforts to arrest tax evasion.

Apparently the Greek Government either doesn’t know how to read or doesn’t know arithmetic and cannot count. At any rate they applied the rescue plan upside down.

And then they claim to not understand why there is no growth in the economy…

Because they are plain clapboard idiots.

Since we all know that it is insanity to try to increase revenue through overtaxation of the only productive element of the country — the private sector.

And right about now, this featured taxation target resource is finite and has reached its limits.

The critical phrase, If you do not collect money you will not be able to share,” summarizes the philosophy of the vast majority of our political system.

They dare not think that there is possibility to limit unnecessary expenditures of government and limiting the public sector or rationalizing the sharing” They still prefer to share the spoils and the loot amongst their families and friends in a typical African tribal fashion.

What can you say?

The two main parties burned almost a Trillion Euros of foreign aid and European framework budgets — over the space of forty years, and have got nothing to show for it except gigantic corruption within the country and some enormous swelling bank accounts hidden in exotic places for the leading politicians.

These bastards simply moved the country to Africa and now play the game like aboriginal strong men feasting on missionaries and nuns. Fresh meat slow cooked in the big pot. Eating their own children…

A particularly potent game — only fit for cannibals. 

You ask why?


What the hell do you expect from a bunch of morons running the country?

And the people themselves who have allowed corruption to reach unprecedented levels — they are responsible.

Isn’t it obvious?

Or not?


Dr Kroko


What am saying as rationalization to avoid this Drama is this:

1) Let’s limit the public sector largesse towards it’s own crowd.

2) Let us consider doing only the “just” sharing…

3) The “Social sharing” has to be targeted in support of those segments of society that really need help. The gravelly ill. The invalids. The seniors and the children. That’s it.

4) Lower Taxation to a flat rate of Ten Percent to become competitive and get the companies to do great things again and to limit unemployment.

5) Root out the Evil of Corruption by fighting aggressively this Cancer of the Body Politic. Immediately Economic Benefits will follow and the Economic Development will jump-start when we lower the Corruption threshold.

But if the politicians were to do this — then how would they be re-elected? 

So they call for a “party” of benefits for their friends, their tribals, and for their clients.

After all it’s a client state and they know it.

The country is devastated and these folks are partying on.

But what sense does it make you govern a country so devastated?

How come such a beautiful country deserves suchasshul” politicians fighting for their enrichment and endless political survival against the survival of the country and the people who are already beaten down and close to the point of breaking with 10,000 suicides?

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