Posted by: Dr Churchill | August 4, 2014

5 Ways to Make you own Good Fortune for Success…

People call me Lucky…

My answer is…

Thank You but am not a gambling man.

Yet when I play — I generally make sure to win.

Being lucky; called lucky, or envied for your good Luck, is nice — but it’s not the whole story.

Luck is not entirely random and of course its an outcome of your good karma. Your thinking and doing predisposes you to Good fortune, but your luck itself is just as much a by-product of your Good Works.

For me it’s not different. Luck is different that Fortune. And Fortune is made by each one of us. Luck is somewhat more obscure…

I believe that am fortunate because I make my own Luck as I go along… and do my utmost best in order to serve the world through my own existence.

And although adversity in my life has been a constant and loss of loved ones and colleagues, has cost me dearly — still my present situation and incredible abundance amid awesome Good fortune, reveals my Good Luck.

And it reminds me to share what the message is: The message being that those termed as “lucky people” they all share a core practice and a core set of beliefs.

What these lucky folks do best, actually is not to be passive receivers of whatever luck throws their way.

Instead we all try to generate our own good fortune by consistently working on it.

And we do this fully engaged in the process and mindfully observing all nature and creation unfolding around us.

We constantly create our Good Fortune via five basic mores of strict methods, and a dozen of meditative action principles that I shall list for you herewith.

So take a note pad and write, because by writing them down you already start formulating your Good Luck:

1) Fortunate people always become skilled at noticing and creating chance opportunities and acting upon them. This makes them appear lucky to outsiders…

2) The Lucky ones, always make “lucky decisions” by listening to their intuition, and going with the gut feeling… Try this sometime and will see how it works.

3) Those über fortunate ones, always create self-fulfilling prophesies, via positive expectations, and emanate the incredibly generous and giving, almost contagious well being of people who have a positive outlook to Life. These folks always project and share general positivity, and ebullience. In short they lighten up the room… when they show up.

4) The lucky ones, always adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good, and they see the crises, the setbacks, the adversity as either education, or as an exercise, or even as an opportunity to overcome incredible odds.

5) And they always follow these further dozen practises like Yoga. We call them Asanas for success: (a) Follow your dreams and just do it. Whatever you think of… begin it. There is genius in that.  (b)  Make a positive difference, share a positive impression, and do some good. (c) Believe in your magic. Follow your ideas and be the best champion of them when executing. Iterate, iterate, iterate. (d) Be the river. Be the giver. Make giving playful and have fun by looking after your team and making sure everyone gets to share in the fun and the spoils of the game. (e) Don’t give up. Don’t you ever Give Up. Unless of course you run the risk of becoming the lost Japanese soldier of Iwo-Jima, found in the jungles deranged and eating hallucinogenic roots some fifty years after the war had ended — all along thinking the war is still on and the emperor is winning. That is a nut case. Don’t be that. OK?  (f) Write things down. Keep a journal. Make notes after meetings and important events. Make lots of lists and keep setting yourself new challenges and well perceived goals. Writing helps first and foremost to make sense and interpret the world around you — just for you. After that is a memory aid and a sharing tool of communal intelligence.  (g) Spend time with your self, your friends, your family, and learn to delegate so others share the work and the success. (h) Try turning off the TV and throwing it out of the window in order for you to sort out your own mind, and to get out there to do things…Time is an invaluable treasure. Therefore, instead of wasting it sitting mindlesly in front of the TV, take an instant decision and use your limited time on this Earth, in a worthwhile way. (i) Stop throwing stones at dogs. When people say bad things about you, just prove them wrong. If you keep throwing stones at every barking dog along the way, you’ll never be home for hot supper. (j) Do what you love and Love what You have to do. As for the second — at least try to love it… (k) Have a clear Vision of what it is you want to achieve. (l) Lastly, look inside of you and have an honest conversation in silence with yourself, about what this Life means to you. Figure out the Meaning in order to find your Purpose… and then you are set to evolve and sail towards your goals with the winds of Good Fortune filling up your sails and blowing up your broadsheets.

That’s All.

And if you want more Good Luck — just look more within.

Within yourself mate…

That “within”

So just do all these and when tired, have a lie down, and then get up and start again to keep pushing… keeping a good attitude… staying focused… and listening to your own voice…

The Good Fortune will wash all over you and it will be like a beautiful woman embracing you and putting you into the hot tub to give you some tender Love and a soapy massage… to get you ready for your new Life.




No joke.

It works for women too…

Just where it say a woman giving you a massage in the hot tub with bubbles — replace with stud man and you are set to go…

Unless you roll that way

Either way, man, woman, third sex…

It works.

Think, Dream, and dream big, and all good things will come your way.

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