Posted by: Dr Churchill | August 16, 2014

Knowledge is Hacking Gold

To limit your mind to one set of beliefs or an institutional belief system is to commit intellectual suicide.

Yet we often tend to shut down the possibility of another way or a myriad of different ways because we feel as being the smartest ones in the room.

However as my annual Summer Summit in Hydra, on “The Internet of All Things” unfolds — is again revealed to me that there are so many others who are far smarter and far more successful than me; it’s utterly humbling. And as always am honoured to host them and learn from all their wickedly different, alien, and diverse, yet tremendously enriching experiences.

Am doing this gathering of “Brains” in order to “painfully” listen as my own pet theories, long held beliefs, and pura-vida thoughts, get trashed and summarily thrown away as so much rubbish. And the funny thing is am doing this cheerfully. I am convening the best and brightest minds of our world, for purely selfish reasons of my own. Because I need more than most, to have an annual cleaning of the clocks, since as a Thought Leader, I tend to accumulate and examine more than my fair share of this elusive “Wealth of Knowledge”

Knowledge can be Gold or Fools-Gold, and unless You run it through the crucible of fire — one can never tell. And as it turns out the commercialization of knowledge in practical and Life changing Business Enterprises and Industry is the crucible of Fire for both the Technological as well as the Teleological Physical knowledge. “The ultimate Physics of tomorrow is the Metaphysics of today.” I’ve coined this phrase to help me get through and cut through the crap and tunnel vision shared by so many of our modern era scientists. “The Truth is what tomorrow will bring” is another Panoism. And this I hold firm since I pronounced it at MIT ages ago when studying Physics defined my Life’s ambitions…

Things have changed a lot since then and here in Hydra is where the rubber hits the road today. It’s here that I have to embark on other people’s thought planes and fly with them to new distant stars, galaxies, and exo-planets.

And it’s here in this little island, seat of our annual interactions that the magic happens. THe magic that puts heed to the words: “BE HUMBLE – BE BRAVE – BE GREAT”

And am only saying this because anyone smart enough, powerfully enlightened, and enriched enough, recognizes this. Am wealthy because of other people’s’ experiences, INTELLECTUAL CONTRIBUTIONS, and shared knowledge.

If you are a Leader — You will understand that.

My Epiphany from the last couple of awesome days is this: The ultimate “HOW” to be successful and change the world, is a study on how to be humble.

On todays’ first topic of the day as discussed at dawn and looking at the sun rising from the dark blue sea — we came to be informed by the world’s expert in Brain Science, that our native intelligence is always a barrier to further learning.

Most simpletons manifest that barrier as fear of change, and fear of irrelevance, thus erecting barriers constructed from beliefs, and entrenched set of data.

Since we tend to build a barrier between ourselves and our fellow “Human Travellers” knowledge, and then feel threatened, even in small and subtle ways, by someone of a different faith — it’s best to proactively accept all thoughts, beliefs, ideas and data points, as positive and then let them insert themselves organically where they might see fit in our Brain boxes, through relational datasets in long term functional retrieval memory.

That is how comes that the deepest faith in really smart people like Einstein or Stephen Hawking — is the intuitive conviction that all is as it should be, despite appearances, and that every human being is intrinsically good, despite appearances.

This happens to permeate the ideas in the teachings of the really smart Teachers out there too. Those teachers whose stuff was so Great, lesser humans built religions around their words…

Myself believe the same even though I strive mightily and fight daily for Environmental, Social, and Cultural Change.

This thought pattern simply acts to remind us to keep our minds open, to not take anything personally, and to always look out for the best in others.

Do this always, regardless of what they say or do. Be humble and intelligent enough to be able to see other points of view and get unstuck.

This is faith in life, and faith in the future. Instead of faith in a set of learned, inherited, and limiting beliefs.

Have you ever noticed how people don’t go to war over their faith in life, and their future?

Yet they always feel compelled to go to war over their set of faith beliefs.

It’s all about learning new things.
Learning Curves are the characteristic of capitalism.

Wealth is Knowledge.

Growth is learning.

Learning Curves are everywhere in Business.

Learning is Economic Growth. Yet learning takes time. Shorten the time of learning and get really really smart, wealthy, and powerful.

Time is irreversible.

Time is the real currency… Because it is the only irreversible, inexhaustible, and irreplaceable, Commodity.

Abundance is the wealth of Knowledge.

Far better than mining Gold or hacking Gold… or hacking and mining bitcoins.

Knowledge progression produces a veritable Cornucopia…




Please remember this as you start digesting this year’s Annual Pano’s Intellectual Summer Summit:

“Everything is as it should be, despite appearances, all will turn out well in the end, and every human being is intrinsically good and proper — even though at times it’s difficult to see.

And please remember that despite all appearances to the contrary, the World is moving-on to a better place constantly.

Our progress is hampered by our own lack of imagination and nothing else.”

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