Posted by: Dr Churchill | August 28, 2014

The Finance Genius of William Wallace and Bitcoins for Scotland

The Finance Genius of William Wallace’s drive for Independence, is now firmly recognized and along comes today’s Scottish Entrepreneurship fighting for National Existence. And it all makes perfect financial sense. Of course like all good things — it was worth waiting for as this change of economic sentiment arrives “on time” some seven centuries later than intended.

But who’s counting years?

Pioneers are always ahead of the curve and usually pay the price for the audacity of their vision.

So finally today the Scottish Business Leaders recognize that there is no fear of Risks anymore, and they decided to speak up for Independence in unison. It is a well played gamble because the Bulls of YES have now outspoken the bears of NO. So today, more than 200 leading business figures across the UK, have signed an open letter backing Scottish independence to the hilt.

Stagecoach chairman Sir Brian Souter and Clyde Bowers boss Jim McCall are among signatories who say independence is in Scotland’s economic interest.

The pro-independence letter has been published in The Herald newspaper.

Other signatories include Ralph Topping, retired chief executive of William Hill, Professor Nathu Puri, founder of Purico, former Scottish Enterprise chairman Sir Donald Mackay and former Royal Bank of Scotland chairman Sir George Mathewson.

The letter states: “An independent Scotland will recognise entrepreneurs small and large as the real wealth and job creators of the nation’s economic future.

“It will encourage a culture in which innovation, endeavour and enterprise are nurtured. It will place power in the hands of Scotland’s people to channel the huge resources of our country in the interests of those who live and work here.”

The letter goes on to argue that the real threat to Scotland is the “real possibility of a British exit from the European common market”.

This is a letter reminiscent to me of the early days of the Scottish Enlightement. Great and Good Men coming to the rescue of their country. And they did great for themselves and for the world.
It’s good to remember that Scotland had always been a Great country up until their leaders chose to sell it off to England for a few pieces of silver when the country had fallen on economic difficulties. Scared and fearful men gave up the Liberty for the whole nation and made their people a “subject” of the English Commonwealth. The Union with England in 1707 meant the end of the Scottish Parliament and the death of home rule simply because of Finance. Does this remind you of anything that is going on in the European Union’s Euro-zone today?

So today the Scots are faced with an arch-choice. To be in that hated Union or not? Am always ambivalent to the cause of the people’s uprising but since the Scottish nationals have woken up, now am totally with them. And because even in all new nations the difficulties are many and varied — most of them economic — still with the swift and wise economic legacy of David Hume and Adam Smith, am certain that Scotland will do well in it’s independent future.

Scotland will go to the polls in the referendum on 18 September, with voters being asked the “Yes/No” question: “Should Scotland be an independent country?”The September 18th referendum on Scottish independence, comes at a time of growing opposition in the United Kingdom to remaining in the European Union. This is significant, because Scotland is the strongest base of pro-European sentiment in the UK.

For example, a poll conducted earlier this year determined that if a referendum on continued EU membership had been held in June in the UK as a whole, 47.1% would have voted to leave, with 39.4% voting to remain. But a poll in February 2014 showed that in Scotland, 48.7% would vote for the UK to remain in the EU, with 35.4% voting to leave. Other polls have also shown a consistent and markedly more positive attitude toward the EU in Scotland than in England.

The Scottish National Party, whose central aim is independence, won the 2011 Scottish Parliament election by a landslide, giving them a mandate to stage the vote.

On referendum day itself, voters across Scotland will head to polling booths to answer the yes/no question: “Should Scotland be an independent country?”

The Scottish government, led by First Minister Alex Salmond, says the 300-year-old Union is no longer fit for purpose and that an independent Scotland, with its oil wealth, would be one of the world’s richest countries. Oil is indeed a negative on the long term but a positive in the short term prospects for Scotland. It will eventually run out and the law of diminishing returns will catch up with Scotland if it doesn’t invest heavily on it’s abundant renewable energy potential, but for now it is a nice dowry for the new debutante. Today these North Sea oil and gas reserves (or more precisely the tax take from Scotland’s share) are vital to the Scottish government’s case for independence, because they can borrow heavily against future returns from oil revenues. And as anyone savvy in International Diplomacy will tell you — Nations Building is an expensive proposition. Mr Salmond the Scottish Minister is cleverly sidestepping this issue by saying that earmarking a tenth of the oil revenues of about £1bn a year, for future uses as Savings, could form an oil fund similar to the one operated in Norway, and it will create a £30bn sovereign wealth fund over the span of a generation. His Financial Arithmetic of course is all loopy but he’s got a point. Still he discounts the costs of nation building and the case of oil never being a driver of Savings but a Corrupting influence in the annals of history. Norway is the exemption that proves the rule. Still Salmond says it’s time for Scotland to take charge of its own destiny, free from what he describes as the “shackles” of a London-based UK parliament. Am willing to bet that salmon farming, harvesting and trading will be a far bigger industry than oil and gas long term and that Renewables will trump the fossil fuels of Scotland within five years from Independence.

The new, or old, currency debate for Scotland has been the other big area of disagreement, fear, and confusion. Under independence, the Scottish government wants to keep the pound as part of a formal currency union with the rest of the UK, and it argues this is in everyone’s best interests, but London disagrees hoping to force Scottish voters to favour the NO vote for fear of losing the pound. In this case London has taken a page from Berlin’s playbook with the fear of losing the Euro keeping people hostage within the Eurozone. Thus the three main UK parties, Conservatives, Labour, and the Liberal Democrats, join the fear mongering chorus against independence singing in unison that they won’t go for it, and saying that whoever’s in power after the next UK election will not agree to such a move. This position came as the UK Treasury published analysis from its top civil servant, Sir Nicholas Macpherson who outlined several reasons why currency unions were “fraught with difficulty”. Those folks amongst You living in the Eurozone will appreciate this sentiment rather well. However with the well endowed entrepreneurship mixed with Scottish prudence and love of Savings and Money Management, to the point of extreme thriftiness — I am certain that the Scottish coin to emerge, will in due time, be just as strong, if not stronger than the British pound.

After all, I’ve always said that Having your own Currency is How your Nation becomes prosperous: — via @panokroko

Of course the Sterling usage dis-allowance and stopping the British pound from being used by the Newly Independent Scotland, are empty threats. And the English civil servants know full well that an Independent Scotland has as much right to use the pound as anyone else. But for the sake of argument let’s follow the reasonable thinking, and the logic here, as truly Enlightened human beings and scientists. Because it seems to me that as a matter of fact, the English overlords are doing a favour to Scotland by pushing her to adopt a new currency as a method to track it’s growth and support it’s markets. They are offering her the opportunity of a lifetime. And right now it’s brilliant moment for a new tech savvy nation to adopt a digital currency. Take Bitcoins and make them the Scottish bits 😉 Or allow a personalization and a nationalization version of Bitcoin itself. It will drive the Internet Street Cred of Scotland through the roof, and thousands of new startups will relocate in the “Highlands” physically or virtually. The digital Scotland will become the Digital Financial Centre of the World and all will turn out fine and dandy.

And there is no better opportunity for Scotland to create and adopt as a currency some fiat currency to be created as a digital currency like Bitcoin and other internet currencies, but with the benefit of the watchdog authorities that Bitcoin lacks. This would be a true Innovation in national finance and thus it will propel Scotland to the forefront of Internet Finance and development of new Economic Enterprises. Even adopting Bitcoin as a stop gap measure right away will solve the connundrum of what to do if we can’t use the pound post Independence. And don’t forget that Scotland will become the New Silicon Valley by adopting this new digital currency as it’s official coin of the realm. It’s all upside from there on…

But for now, just take and use Bitcoins, as the short term national Independence currency. It’s a good fit. That’s a radically disruptive idea and it is exactly how you built a Digital Economy running on the Fire of Innovation. A great idea and please don’t forget that You heard it here first.

We’ve faced this issue before… because and despite various challenges, Scotland is generally regarded to have asserted its independence from about 843, until the official unification with England taking place in 1707. All that time they had their own coin and currency. At the time, of the Unity treaty, Scotland was going through a naturally periodic depression. Much like Autumn for the economy. But the merchant’s view was that Scotland was desperate for cash, and England came in to the rescue. The rest is subjugation of the nation, and history. Opponents of the Unification Treaty were outraged when they found out that the Scots who put their names to the Act of Union were bribed by England to do so and thus enslaved their own people for their own private gain & enrichment. This sorrowful episode of corruption moved Scotland’s poet, Robert Burns, to write: “We are bought and sold for English gold. Such a parcel of rogues in a nation.”
Robert Burns Scottish National Poet
So this time around let us not make Money the central issue of stopping the Scottish Independence.

On the opposite side of the debate, the UK government, led by Prime Minister David Cameron, says Britain is one of the world’s most successful social and political unions, and should stay as is.

To that the Scottish Independents simply argue that David is a man behind times and blissfully ignorant of whatever he says — so we pay no heed to him…

Of course, it is premature to draw any firm conclusions from these figures, speeches, and posturing.
Politics is about Symbols and Symbolism writ large rules the roost in the UK these divisive and yet strangely unifying, and inclusive days.
Even the referendum on exiting the EU that Prime Minister David Cameron has proposed may never take place, regardless of the success (whatever that may mean) of his promised “renegotiation” of the terms of British membership. But, as a result of various ostensibly minor issues, the likelihood of a British exit seems to be increasing – which fundamentally alters the importance of the vote in Scotland.

Cameron no doubt wished to reassure those in his Conservative Party who doubt his euroskeptic zeal. Even so, Cameron’s supposed remark that the UK was more likely to leave the EU if Juncker’s candidacy succeeded was strange and disquieting, not least because any renegotiation of the terms of British membership will be carried out primarily with other member states, not with the Commission.

Cameron’s bid to thwart Juncker’s candidacy mirrored his unsuccessful attempt to prevent the adoption of the EU’s fiscal compact in 2012. He overestimated German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s willingness and ability to support the British position. Many influential Germans are reluctant to help Cameron in what they regard as his self-created European problem. They will not allow Merkel much latitude here, even if she seeks it. Which the old hippie-hitler flower girl, never does…

If Cameron’s advisers overestimated the support that they might have received from Merkel and others, they clearly underestimated the power and effectiveness of the European Parliament. For many months, the European Parliament had made it clear that it had specific ideas about how it would exercise its new powers, granted by the Treaty of Lisbon, over the Commission presidency. But the rapid post-election agreement among the Parliament’s major political groups to support Juncker caught Cameron off guard.

Far from enhancing British influence, threats of withdrawal have undermined the Cameron led coalition government’s credibility and influence within the EU, as colleagues have become disinclined to engage in significant compromises with a UK that may not be a member in two years. Traditionally, EU heads of state and governments try to help one another with their domestic political problems. But there is a growing sense in the European Council that Cameron is abusing this goodwill.

Thus, Cameron’s claim that Juncker’s election would make it more difficult to ensure the UK’s continued EU membership risks becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. To present Juncker’s candidacy as a matter of high political principle, with Cameron heroically but unsuccessfully standing alone against the dark forces of federalism and centralization, could have only reinforced English feelings of alienation from Europe. That is less likely to be the case in Scotland.

Because remember that the case for the Scottish Enlightenment was the outpouring of positive Scottish Energy towards the Humanities and the liberal Arts — when their national Identity was suppressed. Their increased bottled up aspirations for Liberty, Philosophy and Economics led great men to teach the world about the ideas emanating from the Scottish Enlightenment “Soilleireachadh na h-Alba” which was the period in the 18th century characterised by an outpouring of intellectual and scientific accomplishments. By the eighteenth century, Scotland had a network of parish schools in the Lowlands and five full universities. By comparison, England at the time had only two universities. Scottish culture was orientated toward books, learning, and intense discussion, that took place daily at such intellectual gathering places in Edinburgh as The Select Society, the preparatory schools for the universities, the Coffee shops, the taverns, the public gathering venues, the social clubs, as well as within Scotland’s ancient universities of St Andrews, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen.

Sharing the humanist and rationalist outlook of the European Enlightenment of the same time period, the thinkers of the Scottish Enlightenment asserted the fundamental importance of human reason combined with a rejection of any authority that could not be justified by reason. They held to an optimistic belief in the ability of humanity to effect changes for the better in society and nature, guided only by reason.

This optimistic belief in the ability of humanity to effect changes for the better in society and nature, guided only by reason, gave the Scottish Enlightenment its special power and glory, thus also distinguishing it from the European period of Enlightement that was strangely docile to the ruling Kings and princes. In Scotland, the Enlightenment was characterised by a thoroughgoing empiricism and practicality where the chief virtues were improvement, virtue, and practical benefit for the individual and society as a whole. Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite, were born in Scotland just as much as in France, and they were best exemplified in the free Highlands of “Scottish always Free” and Independent warrior clans.

During the Scottish Enlightement among the fields that rapidly advanced were philosophy, political economy, engineering, architecture, medicine, geology, archaeology, law, agriculture, chemistry and sociology. And amongst the Scottish thinkers and leading scientists of thattime period were Francis Hutcheson, David Hume, Adam Smith, Dugald Stewart, Thomas Reid, Robert Burns, Adam Ferguson, John Playfair, Joseph Black and James Hutton.

The Scottish Enlightenment had effects far beyond Scotland, and today am betting that with the coming Independence a New Era of the Scottish Enlightenment will commence with Goodness spilling out to the rest of the world.

My reasoning is: They did it once they can do it again… So let Scotland become independent and Free to lead us to the Glorious Future of Liberty and Democracy that will strengthen the Open Minds and Open Markets this world needs. Free people are always the better Finance Future for All. That is the message of the finance genius of William Wallace some Seven hundred years ago.

And today it is far more resonant when young people speak among those under-30s, where a single thought emerges: “We want to run our own country.”

Sure the young have heard it all: From the dire macro-economic warnings, and the false fear about the pound, the uncertainty about the banks, the doubts about the debt, the non-reliability of the North Sea oil & gas income stream — and they choose to ignore the Kasandras. Today’s Wallaces when set against the idea of making a clean break with Westminster politics and neoliberal economics, they clearly say that these are risks they are prepared to face.

One reason the political class is unable to represent Independent Scotland fully with the voters is that the basic vote for independence has become a narrative of the people against big government. All government. The Internet generation is out en mass feeling it’s oats and being crazy happy about an energised Scottish Life, on the streets, on the workplaces, on the highlands, and on the net — dead set against the sleazy elite of official politics. That’s the real revolution and the possible adoption of the Bitcoin as the official currency of the newly independent country is what the young people want as they said when I first floated the idea in Edinburgh Independence talks.

As for us vs them, and for the common currency the pound, it is best to help Scotland use it and not place an obstacle of fear in front of the people. We need to help Scotland leave. We need to help her set up a new household because it is to our own best interest. So let’s lend a helping hand by embracing the idea of a monetary Union after Independence of Scotland is gained.

We have a proud tradition in helping people emancipate themselves. We’ve helped Greece and the Balkans as well as all of Middle East to escape Ottoman rule, and become independent nations. We’ve held Africa enthralled with the Anti-Apartheid support to South Africa that led Mandela out of jail and into the Presidency of the first fully Democratic country of the African continent. More recently we’ve helped do this in South Sudan. We helped in Montenegro, and in Kosovo, and in some other far flung places to create new and emerging nations. The UK has helped all of them in their drive for independence and national Sovereignty. This is a global phenomenon and rightfully so.

Since 1990, 34 new countries have been created. The dissolution of the USSR and Yugoslavia in the early 1990s caused the creation of most of the newly independent states. Fifteen new countries became independent with the dissolution of the USSR in 1991. Most of these countries declared independence a few months preceding the fall of the Soviet Union in late 1991. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. We helped all of them. And in the former Yugoslavia who dissolved in the early 1990s into five independent countries, of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia (officially The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Serbia and Montenegro, and Slovenia. We helped them too right along with the thirteen other new countries that became independent through Independence and Sovereignty movements. Namibia became independent of South Africa. North and South Yemen merged to form a unified Yemen. East Germany and West Germany merged to form a unified Germany after the fall of the Iron Curtain. The Marshall Islands as part of the Trust Territory of Pacific Islands (administered by the United States), gained independence as a former colony. Micronesia, previously known as the Caroline Islands, became independent from the United States. The Czech Republic and Slovakia became independent nations when Czechoslovakia dissolved. Eritrea was a part of Ethiopia but seceded and gained independence. Palau was part of the Trust Territory of Pacific Islands (administered by the United States) and gained independence as a former colony. East Timor (Timor-Leste) declared independence from Portugal in 1975 but did not became independent from Indonesia until 2002. More recently we’ve helped Montenegro which was part of Serbia and Montenegro (also known as Yugoslavia) to gain independence after a referendum. And inadvertently we helped Serbia too, because on June 5, 2006 – Serbia became its own entity after Montenegro split. On February 17, 2008 – Kosovo unilaterally declared independence from Serbia. And on July 9, 2011 – South Sudan peacefully seceded from Sudan following a January 2011 referendum after 50 years of viciously ruthless and bloody war. Sudan itself was the first to recognize South Sudan and did so one day early, on July 8, 2011.

So we are Masters of the Game, and a Great game it is. And we are Masters in the Business of Nation Building and thus we better put these skills forward to help the new nation of Scotland succeed all the while creating economic opportunities for the both members of our partnership. Because the special partnership between England and Scotland will continue undaunted for many years to come. Maybe for many more centuries to be sure, if we handle the transition right.

We have a Great legacy of helping Freedom Loving People — to protect. Now let’s help our neighbours up North to gain their measure of Freedom and national Independence and we’ll all be better for it.

Eventually we all will be independent and yet more connected than ever before in Unions of Beneficial Association, momentary and momentous. But without compromising our Freedoms. No long term Memorandums and Treaties of Unification. Just commercial grade contracts that allow us to function like Mergers and Acquisitions of independent nations coming together. Free-forming unions. Swarms of nations. We’ll flock and fly together and when we need to leave we’ll make no fuss. We’ll just fly slightly faster or slower than the flock. It’s natural. And when the case for the Union goes away, then instead of coming apart, we’ll just separate. We need to create the space for this freedom in the relationships amongst nations same as we’ve done in our personal Life with the advent of easy divorce. Look how many people now live happier lives free of unhappy and souls sucking, bondage of failed wedlocks. This is what the future for international unions will look like too. Long term politics will be a freeer existence for the sovereign nations and for the Citizens with all human rights as the measure of success. The new nations to come, will have been created by this confluence of Liberty and Democracy. Old anachronisms like the Soviet Union or the United kingdom will give way to new mini-emperors who at least have a stich of clothes on.

That is the Future of Politics, and that will come up soon enough, so that we will all claim to have been the New Nations success stories. You know the world needs more StartUp nations and more Free and Democratic nations and cities, as well as regions, free of subjugation, so we can all enjoy our cultural traditions and the world in turn can enjoy the Civilization we bring forth.

It is time. We all can use a bit more Freedom right about now, and Lady Liberty smiles upon us each and every time a new nation earns it’s wings…

So what is the benefit for Scotland is the benefit for England too. And even though at this time my English Manor born friends don’t see it that way, it remains true. Please don’t let the blinders of a bygone Empire block us from seeing our True Commercial Interests. The Commonwealth is a far greater opportunity than the United Kingdom. Undeniably, the Goodness springing from up North will emanate to the South and the Finance opportunities along with the Economic Growth entailed in a New nation building — are humongous.

Who is set to better take advantage of this enormous economic trade and finance, commercial opportunity, the Scottish Independence will bring?

Who in the world is best suited in bonding, syndicating, dealing and provisioning the necessary Sovereign Debt that New Scotland will incur?

Who is more capable than the Square Mile finance community of the City of London to fashion bonds and harvest this new nation finance building opportunity?

Methinks, You know the answer.

Scottish Independence is a new Enlightement for all of us in the UK and also for our friends in the European Union Community. Heck, it’s good for the whole world… which in a strange sort of way it says that it will be good for England, for Europe, and also for those other little countries feeling the weight of “Occupation” upon their shoulders.

Scotland’s and Britain’s EU membership will be one of the major issues at stake in both September 18th vote and in next year’s UK elections. But it will be a major issue in Brussels, in Catalunia, in Pannonia, in Alsace, in Ukraine & Russia, in the Baltic countries as well as in Greece and Italy.

Yet after the “sure to arrive” Scottish independence it would be a tragedy if the British voters next year, cast their ballots without fully understanding their own sentiments against Big Gov. And if their own assertions for “independence” from the European Berlin centric and Brussels veneered Big Gov machine are any implication, their own YES vote for INDEPENDENCE will have shattering global implications.

But for now — one thing, seems certain: If Scotland votes for independence in September 18th, a referendum within the remaining UK on continued EU membership would be even less likely to produce a victory for those who wish to remain. And then the lovely and uniquely strange Welsh are going to want to go their own way… However never fear because they do not know which way is that — they are likely to stay put in front of the telly. So who remains n the United kingdom long term is uncertain except for the House of Windsor. That will stay put.

Following recent events, those of you who who watched the two politicians Salmond and Darling, arguing on the BBC about Scotland’s future as a country will have got the wrong message. These two otherwise astute men, made it look like a political brawl. But this is not, because the Scots who fight for the YES vote, are fighting for their national existence. Independence has little to do with party politics. And true to apathetic voters all over the UK, hardly any Scots belong to the Scottish National Party. Yet from the nooks and crannies, and from the glens of the green country, has emerged a body politic whose members have never taken part in politics but are true patriots. They are not the SNP registered party membership. They are not in the pay of England or of the UK government. They are simply the people of Scotland. And they are young…

You will find them everywhere. And even in the midst of nowhere. They are not part of the UK agenda to win hearts and minds. They are still finishing high school. But they are vocal. Very very very vocal. You will see them fighting in school debates. In University cafeterias and student Union halls. You will see them trolling and arguing the digital life for Independence on the web, and in the Social Media and the Internet networks, like FB, in numbers unimaginable to the pollsters and the politicians. On analog life you will see them as “too young to be believed” canvassers, who are knocking at the doors in the housing schemes and the long winding lanes in villages and cities explaining tirelessly their cause. The rustle in the heather and the singing in the glens, that was the Devolution’s call for Independence, has become the soaring anthem of a people awakening from a long slumber. Be wary because finally the Scots are leaving the comfort of their sleep. And when they awake they will walk away from England and yet still choose to walk besides the other independent and intelligent Europeans.

Even my friend Sean Connery says: “As a Scot and as someone with a lifelong love for Scotland, I believe the opportunity of independence is too good to miss”

I believe in the Future too, and thus I believe in these lads honest take on Independence. Let Scotland be free. Simple as that. Because once the Scottish people have woken up — there is no going back to sleep. And this new drive for independence might wake up some other sleeping small states of Europe that are slumbering under the boot of foreign occupation.

Time is now.

You know I like StartUps.

And by now You might have known that I’ve come to see Scotland as the new StartUp Nation.

The case for Scotland has been made because there is a giant opportunity for something innovative and visionary out of a new Start Up Nation. Scotland could have some kind of new, egalitarian, and ethical, leadership, and it could take on some fresh ideas. Given the Vision I see, I’ve got to conclude: Go Ahead my Friends. Go for it.

LIBERTE graffiti in Scotland

I’ve now come to believe in a Free and Independent Scotland as the Future of Europe.

You may wonder why I’ve changed…

Liberty is the Mother of all that’s good.

I will further tell you this: Scotland has been ruled by governments they do not elect. Scotland currently has more pandas in her zoos, than seated Tory MPs. Yes … pandas. These cute black and white baby bears that eat bamboo grasses and love to cuddle. More of them Pandas, exist in Scotland than in the UK governing Tory party. They are smart these pandas, so they don’t go where it’s rotten…

Ordinary freedom loving English people understand this and are on the side of Scotland. Eton educated and other “independent” school grown daft elitists, don’t. And it is largely their fault, because like Alistair Darling, and the David-George-Nick, trio of intellectual dwarfs, it’s their toff daftness that makes the UK look so silly. These guys make Monty Python look positively serious. Do they realise just how foolish and funny the UK looks today to the outsiders? A UK that is unable to maintain the Social Net, diving into austerity, and unwilling to create jobs at home, and yet still strutting around and lording it like a world Super Power while having a navy with a huge aircraft carrier and no planes to land on it. This does not make for a comedy. More like a Tragedy of King Lear proportions.

Scottish people laughed at this uniquely British arrogance, right along with the rest of the world, but at the same time the Scottish Independents have stopped laughing because they remember that a quarter of the true Scottish population lives in poverty inside their own dilapidated home-country, while House prices in London are out of reach even for the Banker-wankers, and are only on par for the Chinese, Arab, and Russian oligarchs.

And all that David Cameron and his Tory cronies [all stockholder kids] can promise Scotland, is that if they vote NO to Scottish Independence — there will be more poverty for the rich country of Scotland.

Sadly these UK leaders are not even good at playing government — let alone delivering anything of substance. In recent memory, they have bankrupted the UK three times and had to beg for help.

Even more sad is that they didn’t beg or even ask economic help from Scotland. They just took whatever wealth was created and threw it as modern day sacrifices to the Valhalla Gods of bankrupt Banks. Look at RBS, and the North Sea riches. Look at Balmoral and the white stag. Look at the Royal Mile and Glasgow’s mile end. Look at Barclays and the Libor rate. Look at yourselves…

Now these days are over.

The pound has started to slide even at the threat of Scotland leaving. Now is the time to adopt Bitcoin and convert your pound sterling holdings into the digital currency — and then go on to make some really handsome profits from the arbitrage value, when Independence does arrive. William Wallace sowed the seeds and showed us the way back in the day when he struck and minted his own Scottish coin n order to fight the Brits and assert his Independence. The time of the wheel of History revolving again on this mark has arrived.

UK British Pound is sliding — Scottish Bitcoin is rising…

William Wallace smiles…

Scottish Independence William Wallace Monument

So go for YES because Scottish Independence will create a new nation and a vibrant settlement that puts people to work and creates Social Wealth before Bank profits and before the manor holding elites benefiting off the hard work of the unusually entrepreneurial and industrious Scottish people who really know the value of long term investing and savings. They can’t help it. Adam Smith is their grand daddy.



And as the Law of Unintended Consequences, takes effect, those in England who believe that our own society needs to be rebalanced along similar lines will wake up and join the debate, and help me and so many others, make a better Britain too.

Because in my view Scottish Independence will bring us all closer to a Freely federated European Union and a better more equitable “Unification” of the green and pleasant isles as well. A Free Scotland for a Free England is what I believe in.

Let’s not wait another 7oo years for this moment in the sun. Follow your heart You Brave Scots and never fear for anything…

There is enough Bitcoins for everyone to get some.

And maybe the time is now to to restart the Independence movement in other parts of Europe as well.

Who is with me?

Who wants to stand up?

And most importantly, who is feeling oppressed and occupied at the moment?

Are you with me?

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