Posted by: Dr Churchill | August 30, 2014

Success comes only when you Innovate to Solve Big Problems

The winning Ideas generated for Business Innovation are the same as when we consider problem solving in the Social Arena.

Humanity, Society, and Business, are all linked through the Economy in Entrepreneurship. And this is what moves things along to feed us and distributes services to protect us from the vagaries of Life.

Innovation is also the only thing that might help us get off this rock and progress forward.

So don’t be shy — innovate.

Humanity needs you. Go ahead. Solve Big problems and you will succeed.

So when you are creating Enterprises it’s best to be as Innovative as possible in order to push the wheel forward.


Therefore since these are the reasons businesses are created, make sure your innovation thoughts are aligned with your business actions and then you will be wildly successful.

Innovation for Albert Einstein is solving the problems by addressing the Right Question

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