Posted by: Dr Churchill | September 1, 2014

Know Nothings – Docta Ignorantia – Dogma of Science

Our advances in Science are staggering. In Physics alone we have a Teleological Theory that explains everything roughly once every week. In all other scientific fields am certain that similar earth shattering progress is perceived.

In the deluge of knowledge we produce — presently doubling every 24 months or so, it’s easy to assume that all these data and information are directly relevant to deep Life altering knowledge.

Yet few amongst us Leaders are conscious enough to have the cognitive strength to admit that all this avalanche of “knowledge” clearly shows and conclusively proves, how little we truly know.

Trust me, it’s like the Gold Rush. When we are few pioneers, prospectors, and go-lucky types, shifting the river sands for some shiny nuggets and we are able to glean a few ounces of gold consistently — we are sure to get lots more gold, when an industry is spawned to extract professionally the resource.

This resource now being knowledge, no one knows so much that they are able to be FREE. So they keep prospecting till death. Nice but no cigar…

If they had gotten the true Gold instead of the false Gold or Fool’s Gold that so often passes for True knowledge — they would have stopped seeking, a long time ago. Instead the very act that they are still prospecting and seeking knowledge, proves that they haven’t found it. Ohhh they found tons of knowledge alright, but not the kind of knowledge that is going to free you up.

Because true knowledge is liberating. Truly, it’s the truth that will set you free. Not science alone. It is that kind of self evident deep trueth , that can literally Free you up from the Human Condition. And it can only free you, when You are able to realize that you know “nothing” in the Socratic sense.

Then and only then, when you start approaching the deep truth as water for an empty vessel, you can be filled up. It’s a difficult thing. Yet some amongst us can do just that…

Now this is a rare gift.

Cause indeed very few of us are able to admit to that exacting standard. But the ones who do are the most excellent Human Beings. And when you meet these folks your world brightens up.

Must admit that I was fortunate enough to meet such a person recently. A medicine man, who is a World Leader in the areas of Re-Animation of human beings placed under the suspension of Life state for major brain surgery. He is a Cambridge fellow of Medicine and a Brain Surgeon and he has a heart of Gold along with an incredible neck top computer. The man knows how to think…

We had lots to talk about the new Medical Startup Innovations on this field, that will soon arise to the world.

However there is so much lack of knowledge in the area between Life and Death that if we ever, were willing to be honest about our lack of understanding — this would be the moment.

So me and the Good Doctor, we gravitated towards talking about — what else: Life and Death.

Thinking with both heart and mind, we were able to approach the apocryphal knowledge of the thresholds of Life and the passage to Death. And it is this area, of Scientific study that has been underused, under-taught, and underdeveloped, largely since the Dark Ages of the Christian Era. This misalignement of Life and Death has intensified through the Protestant Reformation era to such an extent that we now think of Life and Death, as an On-Off switch. Mechanistically thinking we are robots. Yet in fact, the Christian Taliban professing to knowing it all and speaking of the after life so much — have made the rest of the people perfect Serfs to that idea, and it’s diametrically opposing doctrine. A duality of delusion is what I call these two positions. In later days this duality intensified when we all became ashamed of our “not-knowing” what lies beyond, outside of the canned doctrine of the church’s dogma, and have thus tried to fight our battles with our own mortality, alone with the help of the rational intellect.

Am not one to underestimate the powers of Intelligence and the mighty computational devices of the intellect, but am also keenly aware that we are not robots, because we have the Breath of Life, and a soul to boot. Yet in an effort to understand, we had to scientize this abstract area of human Life and the nether world journey. Death is harsh and it took the loss of the most precious people around me to understand that. Yet now I think I get it. I call it Transit to another state of being. So this transference has coloured much of this debate and it became highly cerebral instead of experiential.

Of course it’s difficult to describe the experiences of a journey that you do not return from. But we’ve seen the journey of the chrysalis to the butterfly and could expect something similar. Although that is a rather poor analogy — it connotes a certain state of being changed to another. And then there is this small intellectual handicap in that truly nobody comes back from the other side to report the news. So the hypothesis cannot be proven or disproven by experimentation.

Thus it remains a Theory… of Life and Death.

But if you think of the cave paradox — then you know that “God” (who is really spirit, ether, mysterious energy) became something you could perfectly observe. Even when you needed to see the suffering and the crucifixion in order to feel like he really really cared for you. Or at least cared enough to deliver the report…. He wanted to deliver the Good News. The Glad Tidings.

And what did we do?

Killed the Messenger.

Methinks, we have a problem with that…

But the poor guy was just a Teacher speaking of the Physics of Energy and Frequency. He spoke of Eternal Life and you could understand this in physics [if you knew], but not in your terms — so you asked for bloody proof.


Seems to me that in the end, he delivered.

So the mystery is not known to us and we can be comfortable with it. We can be comfortable feeling something deep inside the heart. Even if it was something small, felt in a funeral you attended, or in some deep words you had with a teacher, or in the worthiness you worked for. Be as it may, but the “spirit” of mystery was never someone you surrendered to. You were never able to understand and comprehend without knowing. Accepting the unknowable was not part of your world.

And that’s how You fail to get the knowledge of not knowing. And that’s why you fall back to accumulating yardsticks, and tape measures.

Because to get that kind of knowledge — You must surrender to our wilful and accepting ignorance of certain vast and grey areas of Life and it’s varying states. It is easier to accept that within the discipline of Physics but not in fussiness. Politics, or Economics, but not in Business.

Surrendering to this is impossible for most of us — masters of the Universe — until the moment when we have to die. Change State is what I call it. Going from an animated matter State of Being to a state of ether.

This dematerialization is hard to stomach. To know this one needs to understand this. And to understand it intuitively you must retreat to a state of contemplation. And when your contemplative nature takes over — you surrender the material one. That is the key to deep “know”

Of course that is impossible unless you surrender your current Master of the Universe status and transcend your current mighty form to the far more mighty state of pure Energy. “Ether” is just that — energy. Invisible, undivided, dream inducing energy in the form of a gas. And even that is taking too much form but we need some parallels to todays’ life to be able to explain this…

Still in the strictly material and economic world point of view — today, the very word “surrender” is not to our liking. We are all about leading, deciding, executing, winning, climbing, achieving, performing, and being the best. In that light, contemplation and non-dual thinking are about as revolutionary and counter-cultural as you can get.

Yet when you don’t balance knowing with not knowing, you get into the kind of economics, business, religion and politics, we have today which is very antagonistic as if we are all players in a zero sum game. Winner takes all behaviours although natural, dictate an arrogant, falsely self-assured, and red of claw and tooth living amongst people who can never admit when they are wrong, and can never apologize because “they know” It makes for a Society none of us evolved humans would want to live into. A society where 9 year olds are playing child soldiers spraying bullets to all around and killing people like in their video games. What is the different here from the children soldiers of the LLA in the lush river valleys of Congo living, killing, and dying in the jungle like animals only with a particularly vicious streak for violence, pettiness, and inhumanity?

Would you want to live in a society like that?

Yet our everyday world is just like that to the extent that the law allows us to get away with maximalist and absolutist behaviours stemming from this type of knowing it all delusions. And am talking about the Natural law here…

This is the modern day learned ignorance that according to the great teachers, does not result from what we don’t know — it results from what we think we do know.

When we demonize the others we prove that we are a great society of accountants, business minds, and economists, all learned in the art of measuring the money – the ultimate measure of success and keeping score, but not knowing the value of anything. And then we go devote all of our lives in that game, accumulating that which is just a measure, and thinking that we are in control of our world.

Just do me a favour and try to imagine someone who accumulates yardsticks, measuring tapes, and metering devices, like clocks, watches, meters & measures, and who devotes all of his life to this collection, thinking that he is rich and knowledgeable. Just do this — and then come tell me that this person is not crazy.

Yet this is what we all do. We seek to accumulate this device of measuring success called money, in an antagonistic society, all seeking the same. Sounds like an insane asylum. And me, and you, and even that crazy person, and all others, practising the collecting of measures, that we all do, all the while thinking that we know the meaning of Life — are dangerously deluded.

Contrast this with anyone who really “knows” and you’ll see a vastly differing point of view. And more importantly a different way of living that person exercises.

Those wise enough to know that they don’t know, called this modern dogma of learned ignorance, docta ignorantia, for good reason…

Because it is clearly understood that we still live inside of Plato’s cave. And for the children to fear the Darkness is a natural thing. But for the Men to fear the Light — it is a tragedy of unimaginable proportions.



The old accountants say it best: “We are lost because we know the price of everything and yet got no clue as to the value of Life”

Man used to be the measure of all things, and now money is the measure of all things…

Yet maybe in the long and distant future, no-matter will be the measure of all things.

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