Posted by: Dr Churchill | September 6, 2014

British Petroleum judgement in NOLA Federal Court case started by Environmental Parliament has been won = BP found Grossly Negligent in the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster and set to pay $18 Billion

British Petroleum judgement in NOLA Federal Court case started by Environmental Parliament has been entered. British Petroleum has been found Guilty. Guilty for the Massive Oil Spill Disaster because it was Reckless, Grossly Negligent, and Wilfully Misbehaving, in the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster. British Petroleum is now set to pay $18 Billion in fines, and mass Class Action compensation to affected entities, businesses, and citizens of New Orleans Louisiana.

British Petroleum was found reckless, negligent, and guilty of wilful misconduct, for it’s actions resulting in the massive oil spill of the Gulf of Mexico near New Orleans, in April of 2010.

In a 153 page detailed and simple language ruling that was handed down on Thursday, a federal judge in New Orleans found that the biggest oil spill in US history, the 2010 Gulf of Mexico disaster, was caused by BP’s “willful misconduct” and “gross negligence.”

On April 20, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, killing 11 people and spilling millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf over the next several months. According to the US Federal Court, the plaintiffs in the lawsuit include “the federal government, five Gulf of Mexico states, banks, restaurants, fishermen and a host of others.”

The case also includes two other companies that were involved in aspects of the design and function of the Deepwater Horizon—Transocean and Halliburton—though the bulk of the blame was reserved for BP.

“BP’s conduct was reckless,” wrote Federal Judge Carl Barbier, in a 153-page ruling. “Transocean’s conduct was negligent. Halliburton’s conduct was negligent.”

The judge ruled that BP was responsible for 67 percent of the blowout, explosion and subsequent oil spill, while Transocean was at fault for 30 percent, and Halliburton for the remaining 3 percent.

According to the Court’s Ruling, BP could face fines of as much as $18 billion.

Additionally the Transocean corporation, could be hitched to an $8 billion fine, and Haliburton to almost $900 million fine.


We went all out in the Environmental Parliament to bring together the community of New Orleans in our recurring Town Hall meetings and our Class Action Legal Team work.

It is crucial to remember that in these meetings the EP teams of activists, legal professionals and judges, coordinated and filed the original Mass Class Action Law Suits that resulted in this now finally successful lawsuit that gave us this remedial US District Court ruling.

Am proud of the work we all did those hard days filled with uncertainty and doubt — more than four years ago. But above all else am extremely grateful for all your help and for the NOLA community and the Environmental Parliament Activists who brought this about in the face of untold fears, intimidation and obstructionism by the goons of the most powerful Fossil Fuel company in the world.


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