Posted by: Dr Churchill | September 11, 2014

Top Ten Ways Entrpreneurship is the means to lift up the Billions of people from the bottom of the pyramid

Two to three billion people live at the bottom of the pyramid — depending how we are counting.

Some of them live on a quarter a day, but most of them are totally out of the financial system and thus we are unable to estimate their earning power. And yet they all live full lives — albeit different than ours. No dependencies and no economic system oppression. No monetary rewards and no shinny trinkets either. No TV sets and washing machines, and no electricity headaches either. Maybe a more rural and backwards style of living but many people find retro lifestyles rather appealing. An agrarian population would have a hell of a time in the city and resort to return to the land if that was an option. Now imagine these people penned up in closed ghettos of the refugee camps and Internally Displaced People’s Camps, the IDP hell holes that the UN doesn’t supervise.

So the Bottom of the Pyramid folks, they represent collectively the greatest untapped power of the human civilization and of the human family but are paying a double cost for being outside the Economy.
For one their lives are harder and for another they are always at the whim of any kind of change to be uprooted like so many tumble weeds. Yet they have families and lead full lives through Love and Human Connection. And make no mistake — not all of these lives are bad. These people are smiling more than some Westerners I know who have lots of money but nothing else…

My friends the refugees are destitute, leading good honest lives. Poor yes — Bad No. Sometimes they live happily and sometimes are moved around like jetsam and flotsam in the tides of migrating humanity forced from home by failing agriculture due to Climate Change or war and famine and even worse.

But here one has to wonder what is the Non State solution to this problem?

We have more than a Billion people living in some form of refugee camp or another. Living in conditions of helplessness and despair.

What can we do for these people?

Is it possible that becoming an entrepreneur could help a refugee live a better life?

Methinks: YES

And here is my reasoning:

I recently had the opportunity to join the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) for a visit to the Gaza camp after the vicious bombing by Israel’s army and airforce…

I was stunned…

Nothing worked.

And yet the young kids and eager families were just preparing for school opening.

The only real schools in Gaza, are those operated by the UN and one third of them have been bombed to pieces, although they were designated as shelters and refugee children family safe areas.

The IDF army didn’t respect the UN schools, the hospitals, and the air raid shelters, so why do we expect that they will respect anything else?

What can You say?

War is not just.

But Peace is not just either.

So recognizing the growing importance of UN programs that provide education and primary schooling inside and outside of refugee and IDP camps is very important…

This is indeed the most important thing the UN can do in Gaza and so many other places ravaged by war, like that.

But we also need to do more and provide for the kids when they get out of school. We need to help young adults gain a valuable Life and become part of the Economy so they can built a stake in the Peaceful Future. Because that is the only way to bring about a lasting peace and to take their minds off revenge.

What I think is most important is to develop innovation and entrepreneurship, in order to lift these people up from their misery.

Business development, innovation, entrepreneurship and the creative powers of commerce will bring these people back from the warpath of hate and fear and drive them to commerce and peace. Mutual dependencies will inevitably arise between Gaza and Israel and thus the rift between these ancient Peoples will be bridged.

Today these individuals living in Gaza, have no opportunity for higher education. Yet by Human Rights standards, they should be given the opportunity to study and follow their talents. The Gazan children will be far better if they were to become software engineers, medical doctors, computer scientists, and space explorers, and maybe then delve into what ever professional fields generate good livelihoods. In Peace and in Prosperity.

The people I met in Gaza had been uprooted from their homes because of conflict and violence. A large majority of them totally lacked jobs and the simple necessities of Life were very hard to come by. Handouts of victuals were constrained. Medicine was non existent. Books are embargoed by Israel. And with all the hospitals bombed — the care of Life is a joke. No wonder the average Life Expectancy of the Gazan people is less than half that of Israelis in general.

Living under a total blockade and a tight embargo is also making their lives shitty and the complete lack of adequate economic opportunities and job skills, makes their lives even more vulnerable to disease, to the desperate calling of radical religious ideology, and to an early grave.

The vagaries of Life in such a place are tremendous. Yet human resilience is immense.

Yet although am an optimist, I found it really hard to see any sign of hope there amidst the ruins. The only thing that is keeping the Gazan people alive is an all encompassing hate and grief. It’s that overwhelming feeling and the anger for revenge that keeps the people from committing mass suicide…

The last time I visited Gaza I met many young children who wanted to become martyrs and suicide bombers when they would grow up…


This time I noticed that the Gazan children all aspired to become rocketeers…


Just so they can build and fly rockets over the giant cement “Berlin Wall” against the unseen Israeli “Iron Dome” patriot defences. These young rocket engineers are hoping to defeat the anti-missile defences and then get a simple triumph, by exploding their payload over the skies of their common land. But most of these tiny rockets are nothing more than firecrackers common in the 4th of July celebrations and in China’s independence day. They might make some noise but cause no harm…

As am seeing their efforts to make better and higher flying firecrackers, I am thinking it’s not too far fetched to get them to become space engineers and harness all this talent in the pursuit of commercial grade technology for space exploration and development Missions by sending rockets outside of our Earth.

Unfortunately for every firecracker flying over the wall by a Gazan kid rocketeer, an Israeli cruise missile with the power of hundreds of tons of explosives comes back destroying and flattening whole neighbourhoods.

Yet, in the midst of this carnage — I saw opportunity. I saw the glimmer of hope amongst the young people building rockets and weapons. I thought of them as a business that perhaps through entrepreneurship, can be shifted to a new place.

Turn the swords into plowshares, and a business is born. A shared economy of education and a fully functioning Human Library for education, is what I started and now operate in Gaza. That is the only place where I saw hope.

Gaza is filled with young people who want the chance to provide for their families. By fostering entrepreneurship and providing skills training, through education, sharing of technical and science books and learning, we can be helping open the doors of economic opportunity for the young people — and save them from the claws of the violent jihaddis. We are thus fostering PEACE in the long term.

Join us in supporting the life-changing work of the Environmental Parliament in teaching Innovation and Green Entrepreneurship, through the Human Library project, and the Innovation Master Class that I personally teach quite a few times per year.

With your help, refugees in Gaza will have increased to technical education, access to science, technology and to vocational, technical, and business skills training. This will allow the people of Gaza the chance to build their professional skills and ultimately build better lives for their families by either creating or getting jobs that will take them up to the middle class and thus make them “investors” in the peace process.

That’s how Peace is born. Conflict Resolution at it’s finest. Want you to join me soonest… and if you want to volunteer — please holler here.
We hope you will support EP’s innovative and life-saving work.

What a way to use Innovation for positive and peaceful progress.

Don’t you agree?



We need to do simple things, like delivering Innovative Education leading to jobs and to the creation of an entrepreneurial Commercial Class, akin to middle class, followed by Entrepreneurial Institution building, and Entrepreneurial Public Policy…

Then Gaza will be sorted and the war with Israel will get forgotten

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