Posted by: Dr Churchill | September 17, 2014

Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is the process our world is going through and it causes a great deal of Disruption, Disorder, and generally nasty and painful destruction.

But that is the process of Change and the power of big leaps and bold steps in the right direction. Baby steps alone will not do…

You’ve got to break eggs to make an omelette. You’ve got to break things and demolish the old structure in order to find the building lot, and the materials to rebuild a solid home on site.

Yes – I admit, there may be too much instability in the world at the moment. But it is also a Great Moment in History. Yes — things could go this way or that way, but whether it is the disruptive effects of technology, the fickle economy, the environment, the military crisis in Europe and the Middle East with Syria, Ukraine, Isis, the Fukushima Radiation, or even the impact of a separate Scotland on the rest of the UK, and the Chinese assertiveness and militarism of the SE Asia looming conflicts, or whatever nightmare scenario you can think of — chances are this too shall pass.
And the world will still be a pretty nice place to live and be… in relative Peace. But only if You believe that. And that takes a positive mind and a winning attitude.

Stay the course — but we need to disrupt some structures and change some things… In short – we need to innovate.

Always, I tend to be a half full rather than a half empty glass person, and I always resist the doom and gloom message of the media. And History has proven me right, almost always. But sometimes things break bad.

And one cannot resist being impacted by this avalanche of negativity all around. Just look at Rupert Murdoch’s FOX News media and You won’t sleep at night, afraid of the ISIS coming out from under your bed. And because there are no guarantees that we will face these challenges boldly and do well, is best to ignore them, because our old, centralised ways of doing things aren’t up to the job. The grown ups have lost the plot. Head on doesn’t cut it anymore…

Diplomacy rules.

When I spoke in Estonia’s Tallinn University, same as in Latvia’s top Uni, and Lithuania, in advance of the European elections — I faced just such an electric current. And then I went to Ukraine and saw the mayhem. A fully corrupt state with a civil war raging amidst a failed state apparatus and despondent people who thought it more profitable to grab a gun and kill their neighbours than to seek gainful employment.

Young people were mobilized for a new Europe that they saw themselves as part of and as the wellspring of Hope and Optimism. And they fought in the Maidan mighty battles. And many of them gave up their lives, for no good reason except when seen as a communal step towards Liberty and Democracy. And after losing part of their national sovereignty through Crimea’s annexation to the “Soviet Bear” of today’s Russian nihilism, they succeeded to join the family of Free nations named Europe. As of yesterday Ukraine has joined Europe as a fast track member.

All these thoughts were present in my head, but when I found myself walking around the “modern” parts of Kiev, I saw them full of large, and dirty, concrete housing estates, full of big buildings, populated by tired, unemployed, and depressed, former Soviet state workers.

All of them ripe for change towards the old system — they knew best.

It’s crazy to want to go back to the old system of Soviet madness but then I thought of the challenges of an old order collapsing and how little as an individual you can do to stop that. I thought of programmes, like the one I was supporting, to rebuild the fabric of a productive life through the European Union’s initiatives. I also thought of the typical state supported initiatives that would just create new dependencies for the people — and rejected this right out of hand.

I thought that not everyone can be entrepreneurial, or Europeanized, or able to change — but people should be given the tools to change and the time and space necessary to do so. Menawhile they need to be retrained in order to learn new tricks and trades, for a new economy of entrepreneurship. And although I felt powerless to help directly, I thought “What’s Europe going to do for these people if they cannot fight the enemy themselves first ?”

And the enemy am talking about, is within…

But then I thought that any lasting solution is going to come from small steps. Adding value to someone you know. Helping the person next to you do something they currently can’t. It comes from relationship, from one person reaching out and connecting with another. From rebuilding trust. From taking responsibility.

We have the tools to reach out, to work harder at understanding, to see more opportunities for connecting, to get better at taking responsibility and helping each other. It all starts with that next human rights update. It all starts with Liberty, Justice and the pursuit of Democracy.

The Happiness will follow.

For everyone, because we have the means to organize to connect, to push for Positive Change that we want and not the random negative stuff that comes down the pike.

That is a very important step, because Change is inevitable, but what kind of Change we get is up to us.

So be the Change you want to see in the world…

And make sure this must be the Positive Change that starts within.

Stay Positive to All Changes.

Stay positive and teach peace.

Like a Mother does it.

Do the best you can for the world and do it as a mother does. Because the Good Mother teaches her child with love and patience until the child learns. But she also sets the tone by example. So, you can lead by example and keep on teaching Peace and Positive Thoughts to all, but especially to those around you. Colleagues, coworkers, employees, friends and above all else family.

So, please be like a “Mother” and teach your mind to have positive thoughts and to let go of worries.

Then when your mind needs peace, it will obey you, and You will spread the Peaceful Message to all around you.

Meditation, silence, happiness, love and gratefulness are the most important aspects of Life. Meditation leads to Success through a quiet, orderly, and well mastered mind. Happiness leads to good health, social success and many happy returns. Silence leads to discovery. Gratefulness leads to EVERYTHING POSITIVE.

That’s my Gift to You…

However, it is only you who can give this gift medicine for the soul and body, to yourself.

Choose wisely: Choose happiness.

Am cautioning here because there are many people out there who like to be more like Moffos than Mothers. And these grouchy folks, bring illness to themselves and to the world, through anger, greed, unfulfilled desires, expectations, suppression of feelings and relationships of usage and use, but not ones based on love.

If you do this. Stop it. Change… Look in your heart, you will know where your illness comes from.



There are three ingredients for a long and healthy life: live with attention but without worry; use time in a worthwhile way; keep your thoughts pure, positive and filled with strength.

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