Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 8, 2014

The Mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master

The Mind is a wonderful servant, but may be a terrible master…

Did you know that your understanding, your intelligence, your creativity, and all that is good and great with you — begins in your heart which is both your source of truth and wisdom ?

Did you know that the heart is the first organ created in the egg in the womb, and not your brain ?

Did you know the subconsciousness is linked to the heart and the spinal brain ?

It always is.

Your Heart which wants nothing and gives everything.

It is your primordial power, intelligence and connection to source, a constant conduit pumping the flow of life, death, and unification.

The Head is an antennae and an architect for creating the dreams powered by your Heart with the building blocks of your past experiences. The Head then commits The Body to Action towards the Manifestation of Physical Reality.

All of creation is essentially Love Making that results in conception.

What ideas are you making love?

Choose wisely because these are the ones you will manifest.

Is your mind Immaculate, free of all stains and adulteration?

Are your eyes unclouded like that of a child that sees the wonder and beauty in All things?

Look at the external world around you and ask, are your conceptions then pure?

Are you listening to your primordial power?

Do you identify with a name and persona more than you identify with Love?

Do you accept that you are a manifestation of pure love beyond whatever human story has informed you with?

And are you ready to step out of hiding in the shadows and commit yourself to eating once again from The Tree of Life?

Beyond good and bad, right and wrong there is an immovable center that radiates with everlasting life.

It is the Fountain that springs eternal.

It is the tree of life in radiant flow… like a river.

Dive in and swim to the centre of it all.



Will you dive within the depths of yourself and find that point that allows you to really comprehend ?

Will you search inwards to find the “eyes” to really see ?

Will you make an effort to feel deeply and emphatically ?

And lastlY;

Will you have the strength and maturity to help me and all others who are working hard at creating a world where all living beings are winners ?

May your answer be a thunderous and resounding … Yes.

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