Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 9, 2014

When a pickpocket met Jesus all he saw was his pockets…

All things have their time.

All things have their answers.

All things have their right to be.

Accepting this reality, all things come into harmony.

Our mind perceives all things but rarely knows if that which it sees is true.
That is why it relies upon a constant stream of judgement to understand the world.
And that is what makes us all a jumbled judgement machine, believing all kinds of stupidities from TV news to gossip, from historical arrogance to the internet anonymous slander and the bander of libel, and sharing the fallacies of all dogma spewing forth from haters, trolls, and individuals given to be greedy hateful and monstrous reality the experience. Yet little they realize that this sadness and their despair as manifest in their attacking others.

Take a contemporary example and see that as the ISIS fanatics and jihadists seek to exterminate all others who might have differing religious beliefs they in essence turn against themselves. They fail to see the reality that their wanton hate and violence is ultimately turned against their very selves as karma is a real nasty bitch coming back to haunt them by roosting in their conceited lives.

Religious fanaticism and ideological intolerance
thrive in that environment. Haters, Morons, and trolls rejoice. And you know where they end up…

Now Jesus ended up on the cross but only because he wanted to teach us that the sadness permeated by these untoward actions of the fanatics, is not final, their hate is not pivotal, and this reality of Life is not the only one we need to believe into.

Jesus hanging on the cross between the thief and the pickpocket — was able to share with them the Love and Greatness of Loving Compassion. Through his example the Vision of Reality of the thief and the pickpocket changed.

In other words: Their vision was altered in the presence of Love.

And so it happens with every cross you have to bear and with every Jesus crossing your path in this life. It hurts — especially when you are being victimized by hate and fanaticism, but therein lies your salvation. Your transcendence comes through the suffering that ultimately guides you to see beyond the persistent reality of your loss.

Solid people are saddened yet persevere fully knowing that there is a time for everything.

And to do that it requires the gift of perception…

However all sages and teachers have told us that True Perception requires Compassion. In layman terms that is the process by which we emphatically see what others feel and see, and in turn we sympathize with them.

A compassionate soul will travel great distances and scale high walls in order to understand another point of view.

And thus LOVE ensues.

Others who are not compassionate will never understand another’s point of view or be able to feel what they feel and thus avoid hurting them.

To facilitate the exploration of the mind it is helpful to understand the various levels of reality, to examine the perceptual fields that different beings have, to see what different realities look like.

It is well known that motivation affects our perceptions. We don’t necessarily see things as they are we see them as we are. If a pickpocket meets Jesus, all he sees are his pockets.

Perception adjustment to the positive reality of Ecclesiastes writings that all things have their time, all things have their answers, and all things have their right to be is crucial to having a new perception. And only by accepting this reality, all things come into harmony. You suddenly see, without much effort because you never have to change what you see, only the way you see it.

Socrates gave us the cave prisoners’ allegory, as written by his philosopher student Plato, who noted: “If you think you’re free and you don’t know you are in prison – you cannot ever escape.”

Socrates saw us, being in bondage, In a physical prison cave. Yet he said it is aprison of the mind, because the fetters tying us up to the wall of the cave are mere illusions. Strong illusions and particularly painful but illusions none the less.

And to free yourself is a process. It’s like planning for an island holiday. Make your plans and stick to them to effect your escape from that persistent illusion.

To begin, you must first recognize that there is a journey. Many people are totally involved in their lives. The spiritual element is irrelevant to them. They have no sense that behind their apparent reality there is another equally true and far far stronger reality.

When you begin to awaken to your predicament – that you are trapped in illusion and tied up to the wall of the cave seeing only shadows – there is a sense of something being absolutely real; but it is only relatively real.
That awakening is confusing. You are beginning to see through the dreamlike quality of the veils of illusion. The condition necessary for you to see through the veil – for the, “Wow, it isn’t how I thought it was at all” is despair. The realization that everything you think you can do to create perfection isn’t going to be enough.

William James wrote: ”Our normal waking consciousness is but one form of consciousness. Parted from it by the filmiest of screens there lie other types of consciousness that are entirely different.”

He went on: “We may pass through our entire lives without suspecting their existence. But apply the requisite stimulus and, at a touch, they are there in all their completeness, all their mentalities, each having their field of application. No view of the universe in its totality can be complete which leaves these other forms of consciousness unseen.”

In other words, you need to safeguard the other realities of your Life from been consumed by the harshness and persistence of this one reality, you seem to be living into…

But how to regard the illusion is the question,because the other realities determine life paths, feelings, and attitudes, along with our subconsciousness, but they fail to furnish a formula of how to get to them.

They open our mind, they open the regions of exploration, but they do not give us a map to follow to get there or anywhere for that matter. They somehow require a constant re-enactment of the perception and our persistent reality as a “play acting” in order to forbid our premature closing of our account with reality, and thus protect us from going “loco” in this earthly domain.

You’ve seen the Matrix…

Am sure.



In this culture, we are rewarded for knowing we know. It’s only when we come to the despair of seeing that the rational mind just isn’t going to be enough – it’s only when you see the assumptions you’ve been working with are not valid that there is the possibility of change.

Albert Einstein said: “A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move towards higher levels.”

And Albert spoke again: “Man must be able to develop a higher form of thought if he’s ever going to be able to use his energy with wisdom.”


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