Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 21, 2014

Europe’s Failure is seen in Occupied Greece Today

The current situation of Greece sinking rapidly under the tyrannical regime, the austerity programs, and the violence of poverty, forced upon it by Germany and the barbaric stranglehold on it’s economy and society — is best described as an occupation.

Sadly as is always the case, the occupied people themselves fail to recognize their condition until it is too late. By then they are languishing in the Gaza of Europe. A vast concentration camp designed by Berlin to exterminate the very Greek nation.

But let us wake up the slaves and se miracles happen. Because the inability of the bondaged slave to understand their dismal fate is a psychological defense mechanism. Simple as that…

The inability to know your bondage when you are enslaved through mental bonds of fear uncertainty and doubt and low self esteem is part of the psychological warfare enacted against the Greek nation in order to enslave it. Sleep and you are a slave. Wake up and you are free. The nightmare cannot last for ever… It is a classic “Cave Paradox” as described by PLATO who was taught by the Master of philosophy SOCRATES himself. In short what the cave paradox describes is that the slaves rarely if ever do they recognize their condition and if someone tells them the truth of their predicament — they seek to kill the messenger.

Similarly today we are faced with an intractable problem with democracy, and liberty in that it is often terribly ill-equipped to face it’s true enemies, let alone the little seen rising threats. Maybe because the conviction of its natural superiority over other forms of power, and its wait-and-see attitude which often accompanies its tradition of tolerance saps it;s will. Or maybe the positive confidence in the intelligence of the people, the conviction that things will turn out ultimately for the better sometimes enables other forms of tyrannical governance to take over power, through democratic elections.  

A short flashback through European history reminds us exactly of what we are talking about. Hitler’s rise through the democratic electoral process is but one example of this and it is now sen in Greece clearly.

Sadly one of the founding principles of the European project was, precisely, the establishment of a system based on joint decision-making, in order to prevent any form of deviance and ensure the supremacy of the common interest. This acknowledgement was repeated at every step of European integration : after the War, among the six founding Members; with Greece, Spain and Portugal, at the fall of their respective dictatorships; and more recently with the accession, of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, after the fall of another form of dictatorship which devastated that part of the continent for half a century and still bedevils Europe today as seen in Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, and all the Baltic states. 

Today, however, it is time to sympathize with the plight of the GREEK PEOPLE and their trials and travails under the new German occupation. Perhaps best to remember the contribution of the Greeks to the war effort during World War II when Winston Churchill the Architect of Victory said that it is the heroes fighting like Greeks and not the other way around.

And I want to remind you that these people were fighting for Liberty and Democracy and not for anything else. Same as their predecessors fought in marathon and Salamis for Freedom and Democracy and won.

It is my certain belief that they will win again. But first they must be moved to rise up and fight. That is the difficult part.

And to that I recall Socrates’ admonishment to the Athenians during his trial, saying that the new system of Democracy, created on the Pnyx, the small hill overlooking the Acropolis, was not irrevocable. Democracy needs to be protected, and its principles constantly improved. Democracy, as culture, is not a fossilised concept. It must be watered with blood, and served with courage, in permanence. 

At this moment when Democracy is under wraps and the people are bondaged we need to rise up. And even though adverse winds are battering our economies, and doubts are mounting about the ability of the European process to address the continent’s ailments, it is high time to question the priorities of our values and their appropriateness as regards to the evolution of our societies.

Our money or our Freedom? Do we want to be comfortable and diminished as slaves or do we want to be Free and able to carve our own path?

We have a unique opportunity and responsibility to define what we want to do now, on the occasion of the European Year of Citizens. Because citizens are intrinsically linked to the concept of democracy, they also represent its main actors, because it is for them that Democracy was created in the first place, and the fruit of Freedom was tasted. But is also the Greek people’s’ disillusionment, and despair, and being downbeaten through needfulness and selfish clinginess to old glory and comfort — that they surrender Democracy to occupiers and tyrannical power, all too easily, albeit at their own expense. 

 If I dare speak openly about this grave matter, it’s because the Greek Occupation by Germany has become all too real and the rest of Europe is unaware. Even though the other European nations are under imminent threat of the same occupier. A replay of the blitzkrieg of the 1940’s is upon us now through economic and psychological warfare, and the effects of Germany’s belligerence are becoming quite tangible and difficult to ignore.

And although I’ve become a target of the German command of their local collaborators — yet I speak openly because I would like to disassociate myself from the other European political leaders, who will feign surprise when they will pretend to discover the scope of the disaster.

And while everyone knows that these things are really happening, still everyone pretends that they are happening in a different planet. And yet these things are happening NOW. In Greece and soon in Spain, Italy, Portugal and in your country too…

And yet not everyone is unhappy about this turn of events. Many collaborators and useful fools in government Ministries and in Business and in all walks of Life will benefit. Not just the well fed German collaborators everywhere in European government service, and in Brussels and Strasbourg, but the Liberty haters themselves. Those grandiose yet worthless folks that are really small minded people who were waiting exactly for this moment. Those despicable vermin of collaborators who are now the current Greek government ministers and all the servants of Germany everywhere in Europe are the real enemy of Democracy and Liberty.

Learn to identify those who are the convenient collaborateurs, the unpatriotic black market profiteers, and the jackbooted thugs, maintaining “Law & Order” in the name of the occupiers, while feasting like vultures upon the breast of the carcass that once was Greece.

I saw them.

They are enjoying their reptilian moment, tearing off the flesh of the fallen victim of their terrible betrayal.

Yet we know who they are.

And as a whole Nation of People — we remember their ultimate betrayal and their treason. We shall make certain that they will answer for their wrongdoings.

We will make the country whole again.

We will seek restitution of all wrongs. And their greatest TREASON will always be remembered as the national surrender to the enemy without a fight.

We will reanimate Democracy, regain our Liberty, and reliven Greece, and then we will erase even the memory of the traitors from our midst.

This is what will be their epitaph.


The vision of Loss of Democracy, Liberty and Human Rights, reminds us of the need not only to remain vigilant (because vigilance as such is not enough when these people engage in action); they remind us that we must also act.

We must learn to call things by their name. We must learn to denounce their views and their practices. We must take responsibility, in order to salvage our Democracy and Liberty and to protect the future of our children.

And we must act if only to ensure that never again, entangled in our wait-and-see policies, will our children scream to our face:
What did you do in the war Dad?
Why didn’t you get the courage to fight off the invading Huns? What happened to my country? 

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