Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 22, 2014

Greece is the Gaza of Europe

While Greece has become a vast concentration camp with most citizens facing jail time because of their inability to pay onerous taxes and the pampered judges punishing them with harsh penalties as a “Thank You” note to their GERMAN Masters who pay the judges the same fat salaries that no one else in Greece has been able to receive post crisis austerity cuts — the European bureaucrats are combing their lower hair imagining a “New European Narrative.”
This new narrative was created with hundreds of millions of Euros spent in PR, Focus Meetings, Branding and Marketing and they plan on spending billions to convince European people of the illusion. This was originally drafted by a EU bureaucrats and farmed out to cultural committees made up of well paid fat cats, who played with the idea for nearly a year, with large-scale meetings in Brussels, Berlin, Frankfurt, Potsdam, Hannover, Munich, Strasbourg, and Milan. 

This incredible Houdini committee attempts a magic trick. How to make the dismal European project full of inequity, untransparency, corruption, tyranny, and oppression, led by Berlin, to appear as “European state of mind formed and fostered by its spiritual, philosophical, artistic and scientific inheritance, and driven by the lessons of history”

That is the daftest thing I’ve heard in a long time…

It is as much a failed magic trick as Houdini dying underwater tied up in the submerged tank.

And am not speaking in anger but in earnest, because Europe is already a state of mind that allows for its young citizens to become clossards for lack of meaningful work. It is a state of mind that turned Greece into the GAZA concentration camp of Europe. It is the state of mind that allows fat cat bureaucrats to lord it over the poor Europeans as Gestapo soldiers of the new Nazis residing in Berlin. It is a state of mind that accepts tyrannical German hegemony over this ancient continent without voicing the obvious questions of where die our patriotism, our Liberty and our Democracy went?

That is the sick state of mind that European idiotic bureaucrats today are trying to bombard us with. It’s a revolting thought and a terrible deed indeed.

Now contrast this stupidity of the “New Narrative For Europe” with the old school and ancient time tested ideals as forged through eons of fighting history and watered with millions of people’s blood and sinew.

The history of the eternal struggle against barbarity, and the forces of darkness. THe eternal fight of light against the power of death. The eternal march of people and nations towards progress always fighting against the fear mongers and the tyrannical despotic empires.

Yes — that narrative of EUROPE is the REAL HISTORY, and this is what I prefer.

Got that?

Yet the Ancient GREEK ideal of EUROPA is the one that goes beyond the grouping of Nation States, an internal market and the geographical contours of a continent. Europe is a moral and political responsibility, which must be carried out, not only by institutions and politicians, but by each end every citizen fighting and believing in the inalienable RIGHT to Democracy and Liberty.

Freedom and Democracy is Europe and this is the state of mind shared by citizens across the continent. This is the state of mind that launched and fought countless wars amongst our borders and a few global wars to boot. This is the sentiment that killed more that one hundred million people in the second world war alone and it’s global repercussions.

And this is the sentiment that students, researchers, scholars, artists, professionals and politicians who live, study work, think and journey across national borders, in Europe are coming to join me in Greece on November 13th to celebrate Democracy and prepare to fight for their own LIBERATION in the struggle against the “New German Narrative for EUROPE”

These are the Freedom FIGHTERS who convene on Athens on the 13th of November to launch a new movement for DEMOCRACY AND LIBERTY IN EUROPE. They come to work, to organize to agitate, to speak and share, and they do so in order to deepen and expand their knowledge, unleash their creativity, and widen their fight against the forces of oppression.

Strong messages indeed.

We must do away with Europe of Today, transforming it into a Country of Nations. A country of Peoples. A country of Freedom. A country of Democracy.



The most important value in Europe is its HISTORY>

This is our heritage.

This history comprises three time elements: past, present and future. We need to consider these three elements together. Values, coherence, symbols, jobs, messages, construction, re-construction. Presence, oblivion, hope, impatience, respect. Build, debate, believe, do not despair.

Fight stereotypes. Create empathy. Understand that things are not given once and for all. Recall that we are born free and yet live in chains in this time and space called Europe.

Because when GREECE today has no HABEAS CORPUS protection for it’s citizens, then the whole of Europe is in chains.

Understand that when Greece’s DEMOCRACY is torn asunder under the jackbooted GERMAN THUGS — the whole of Europe is under OCCUPATION.

And let’s remember that it was not always that way. We were able to liberate ourselves and rejoice in our freedoms. We were able to democratize ourselves and live through self determination.

And let’s remember that once we were able to be happy and live in PEACE AND HARMONY

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