Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 24, 2014

Great Disruption is always needed but rarely wanted and is only realized when a Leader pushes for it and wins the StartUp game of Life

Disruption is the only key to Real Progress and Change…

This is the characteristic of the Leaders, Silicon Valley so often celebrates, and often has vilified before…

The Silicon Valley community celebrates those that are being the grand disruptors, always after the fact. Decades after the hard work and the blood and tears of conflict resolution and hard Thankless work, labouring alone like Sissifus — here come the accolades and the public acceptance. Yet in the years of awareness it is very rare that the Great Disruptors had any help…

Yet that is leadership and Disruption requires a Leader. It’s a very lonely path through Life and a seriously demanding job to be the Captain of Disruption, but being a Great disruptor like yours truly — requires the ability to be bold in the face of danger and to face fear squarely in the face and dismiss it. It is the job of the wise leader to have the willingness to push through problems with a reality distortion field-glasses of hope, positive optimism, and hype.

The disruptive leader has to have the rose tinted glasses of eternal sunshine and the proclivity for believing in yourself when others do not.

The great disruptive leader has to be able to love and embrace all comers and even the constant girlfriend of failure as just another step in a longer process, to the promised land.

While a lot of these aptitudes and attitudes are rights of passage, for a mature leader — the tech community in Silicon Valley believes that the heart of the idea of true disruption is much more pure when it is practiced by someone who walks the talk in Tech, in StartUps as well as in Social Enterprise and in Public Service. I’ve done all of these for ever, and therefore know what am talking about…

And I’ve always had principles to support me and the great strength of belief to hold me upright when things went awry — as they will always go at times in the great Disruptor’s journey. Yet it’s up to us to favour our soul with compassion and wake up our people with Love in order to serve Progress and the greater Good for All.

And although am well known as the Father of Wi-Fi for Seattle Wireless and many other high-profile communication companies, it is the social enterprises where I worked hardest and innovated relentlessly and thus disrupted the stale landscape of Society, Economy, and Global Governance.

The founding of the Environmental Parliament is considered by far the greatest disruptive innovation in the world of our global advocacy and Climate Change governance today. Yet this was never my greatest effort, because the most difficult work always included the many others who pitched in, and created the community of science, knowledge, and dedication, that earned the respect of Public Leaders who in turn embraced our legislative and Policy propositions across the globe. From China to the USA and the European Union our great policies like 20/20 are testament to what we have achieved.

Kudos. Well Done everyone.. Well done.

However it must be said that it always takes a village to do great things and creating one of the first cutting-edge technology companies in the telecoms convergence world was one of these Herculean tasks. And the second most demanding work was working with founders and always pushing entrepreneurs to be stars in their own right and helping them launch Innovative startups — almost a Thousand of them through my Innovation Master Class across the world’s best universities…

But now I have another Giant Disruption game and want to invite you to come along and become part of the village to bring it forth and change the world one person at a time. It’s called eVropa and is a community of Good People sharing kindness and Liberty. Sharing and caring for each other in the Social space of the web networks while satisfying the human need for the village “Commons” and for the way to do small acts of kindness for the people we want to have a Village with.

Check it out and let me know if you want to work with us because we are launching soon and need technical co-founders, working apostles, and social advocates. Let me know if you care to have meaning in your Life and Work and we’ll surely disrupt the ecosystem in a Grand Way.

Together we can…


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