Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 31, 2014

Human Capital is Everywhere

I’ve been travelling non-stop in my Life and now it dawned on me that it is time to reflect upon this long journey.

So here are the most important things that I’ve Learned from many years of nonstop Traveling for my itinerant world wide work.

Most Human Beings Are pretty much The Same and all have some greater measure of Goodness within the kernel of the heart than they allow to show through.

Over the past years I’ve shared a living space with thousands of different human beings. And for the most part, I see that we are all the same.

People all over the world are just people. Colour of skin, age of body, shape of figure, and sexual orientation do not matter once you get past the handicaps haters put forth in Life.

We all love and want to be loved. We all want meaning in our lives. We all want purpose and a job. We all want to be happy. We all eat. We all poop. We all celebrate.

We all do something to create value in the world. We all want to have the best for our families. We all do things to have fun.

We are all the same. Every human being is an equal. And those that think they are somehow better and more worthy or exceptional than all others — are usually the fucked up ones.

Because us HUMANS, have an infinite potential to love, create, and live with the Spirit that dwells within every single one of us.

After all we are made of Stardust and can shine bright whenever we want to.

So keep shining bright, smile and keep mulling over this inside your head.



Keep remembering this because when we start to forget that, that’s when conflict erupts and people start dying in large numbers.

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