Posted by: Dr Churchill | November 1, 2014

Innovation is everywhere (even in the Gaza of Europe that Greece is today)

I’ve been creating Innovation and building technologically advanced entrepreneurial companies non-stop in my Life till now and now it dawned on me that it is time to reflect upon this long journey.

So here are the most important things that I’ve Learned from many years of nonstop Innovation in Telecommunications and Web enabled enterprises through my itinerant world wide work.

Most entrepreneurs Are pretty much The Same and all have some greater measure of Innovation within the kernel of their heart than they show through the shell of their exteriors or the skin of their companies and products.

Most Innovators have solved a problem and incrementally improved the product, the service and the customer experience all the while slashing costs.

Most Innovative tech entrepreneurs have disrupted the Status Quo and created the necessary froth of chaos from which they and their enterprises bubbled up.

All entrepreneurs have a Vision that seemed funny to their contemporaries and crazy to their circle of friends and family, until the world embraced it. Yet they persevered and put their seed into the ground and watered it with constant toil and love.

All technological entrepreneurs have been heartily abused at the beginning of their journey and have suffered through the quiet anguish and serious toil of the long Ten Years before they become the “Overnight Success” the people read about on the web.

Most entrepreneurs have risked everything and gotten thoroughly drenched, in the rain of uncertainty and doubt, tilling their “Field of Mission” before they saw the rainbow.

Over the past years I’ve invented, innovated, co-created, taught, ventured, shared, iterated, and in short lived as an Innovator Entrepreneur with thousands of different co-founders and teams of people, building companies that mattered. And for the most part, I see that we are all the same people with a nervous need to improve the world and to clean up the mess that we see around us.

Innovators all over the world are just people. Colour of skin, age of body, shape of figure, and sexual orientation do not matter once you get past the handicaps haters put forth in Life. Whether in Bolivia, in the Amazon, in the slums of Mumbai and in the Gaza that Greece is now for Europe — Innovators exist and are tinkering away building the tomorrow for all of us.

Innovators are star travellers from the future coming to this world fully enabled to build the future they imagine in their dreams and it doesn;t matter where in this piece of rock traveling through space they have been born…

Education, Tribal affiliation, colour of your passport, national and territorial origin, birthplace, and social rankings do not matter. We are all human leaders striving to create something better. That is Innovation. That is Technology. That is Enterprise.

Entrepreneurs are just humans. And same as all other humans — they just want to love and to be loved. We all want meaning in our lives. We all want purpose and a job. We all want to be happy. We all eat. We all poop. We all celebrate.

But Innovative entrepreneurs in all fields of Life and especially in my specialty Social Enterprises — they also want to change the world, and are willing to spend long years doing it…

That is what sets them apart from all others.

As Innovator, we all do something to create value in the world by changing it drastically. We all want to have the best for our families but as entrepreneurs we want to disrupt the status quo in order to make Life better for ourselves, our families and for all the others too.

Of course we all do things to have fun. But for us Innovators, working away on our dreams is our fun.

We are all the same. Every human being is an equal. But the Social Entrepreneurs do not understand that as a simple statement — they live it and breathe it and strive everyday to enable our reality to reflect that.

And the Social Entrepreneurs are somehow those that think they are better equipped to fight for the rights of others and often do with exceptional bravado.

Innovators are not more worthy or exceptional than all others — but they are simply far more willing to stick their neck out and fight heartily for what is right.

They are usually the ones who suffer the ignominy of haters, the ridicule of friends, and the laughter over their many failures.

But they persist.

Because they know that in the end they will be understood and be seen as the winners regardless of the small minded haters and trolls living underfoot in the caves of darkness and slime.

Innovators know that heaters will hate and lovers will love and always choose the path of Love.

Because Innovators are above all else just good human beings — they have an infinite potential to love, create, and live with the contradictions that dwell within every single one of us.

It’s not easy to live through the years of ridicule and wait for people to understand you before your Innovation takes over the world.

As Gandhi said: First they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win…

Of course Innovators push the wheel of progress forward. But who else would do that ?

Stars need to shine…

After all we are made of Stardust and can shine bright whenever we want to.

So keep shining bright, smile and keep mulling over this inside your head.

Great Innovators exist everywhere, and as proof of that, this week I judged an awesome assemblage of Innovative entrepreneurial StartUps at the Pioneer Festival in Vienna and found that the best company was from Greece.

Who would have thought that a country rocked by austerity and in the midst of a chaotic crisis had the seeds of Innovation shining through the vellum of destruction and darkness. And yet here it was a small company with a four member team named Zumo, that was spawned from the minefield that is Greece today.

And it was a diverse team with a Turk, a Greek and a couple of Texans and I had to fight with the other judges because nobody thought something good could come out of Greece these days…

Yet I won this fight for the Greek Team because they were not only great Innovators but they also had the balls to create a clunky prototype that they showed up on stage.

And the funny thing is that they had done this in four days flat.

Who would have thought this possible?

And yet for me that is my usual experience with Innovative StartUps that go on to succeed. They prototype early, they demo well, and then they win…

Of course it’s all Ten Years in the making but who cares and who is counting. We all bring our shared experiences and previous Innovation to the table and then we make it happen.

Innovation can come from everywhere — so don’t hold your breath until you make it to Silicon Valley.

Innovate and create today.

Do this now.

Do it wherever you are.

Do it.

The World is waiting.



Keep remembering this because when we start to forget that Social and Technological Innovation and Enterprise move the wheel of progress, along with benevolent public Policy — that’s when stasis, paralysis, and sclerosis, take over. And like Greece today, that is when the malady of cancer erupts and people start suffering and dying in large numbers.

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