Posted by: Dr Churchill | November 13, 2014

The Secret to Become Rich Beyond Compare

Ahhh to be rich…
To be able to do anything you like…
And to have the leisure time to enjoy all that life has to offer…

It takes hard work to get there. But once there, then it’s easy street…

Maybe that is why so many people aspire to it.

And why so many people spent their whole lives measuring their success based on how much stuff they own.

But is that all there is?

Then why do we find the wealthiest amongst us being unhappy — whereas the poorest are certainly happier?

It is an obvious connundrum.

Having attained the pinnacle of success and having learned something from it — I’ll share the secret with you herewith:

The secret of immeasurable wealth is to be content.

It truly is simple:

To be able to feel as if you have enough at all times and thrive to always need less, the next day.

That is it:

Reclaim your power. Stop serving the accumulated wealth and instead start serving your real need to feel the community and empower the amazing power of wealth to the Good.

Because the amazing power of wealth is to serve others and not just enlarge your needs.

It is axiomatic that all human beings leave this earth at some point in time, and they take nothing with them.

We all know that and yet we live as if there is no end.

Not knowing when the end is makes this game of Life a bit more interesting… But at some point we are booted off the field.

So some people have gotten smart…

And today the wealthiest of us, actively give away vast amounts of the money that they have spent their lifetime acquiring — in an effort to put it to good use while still enjoying the fruits of Giving.

Once you discover this — then the enjoyment in giving is endless.

I know this first hand and it has made my Life a rather happy one.

Giving is receiving…

And that’s also really really Smart thing to do because even in tiny little gestures, the hand that gives the rose, retains the perfume…

Many people have discovered philanthropy as the way to live Happy Lives. ANd it’s not stopping there. From Silicon Valley to Wall Street and the City — we see boards of Philanthropy competing to outdo each other in enlisting the wealthiest amongst us to make the commitment to give away half or all of their fortune before they hit the bumps of the road of old age…

SOme start as early as when we have our first retirement plan. Or even we make it part of our Companies’ exit strategies.

This trend suggests that the motivation behind all the efforts of humans to amass wealth is not the pursuit of wealth in and of itself — but something else far more subtle…

Perhaps this collecting of wealth is the need to prove something to oneself…

And it is also perhaps an insecurity in collecting the measuring stick of success, over and over again.

Much like a gambler needs the certainty and the addiction of small and large victories and defeats to get their adrenalin pumping — so are the wealthier gamblers of Life amongst us.

But how do we replace this need to feel successful through the accumulation of wealth?

There are a number of ways.

First learn to give and experience the happiness this act generates.

Second: Change the dynamic of exchange. Instead of collecting, the proceeds of your successful enterprise — start gifting those proceeds to those in real need to survive and thrive…

And third: Separate yourself from your emotions of inadequacy and needfulness that causes you to seek to amass ever more wealth. Change your perspective kind of thing…

For instance? Replace need – whether it be at an emotional or physical level – with an unshakeable faith in one’s self.

Or replace the naked need stemming of fear of not having enough with the steadying belief that the Universe has got your back and you will never be lacking anything.

Or replace your needful nature with a belief in the GOODNESS of all people.

Lastly you can replace your fear of not having enough with a belief in God…



Trust me.

None of these will ever let you down, if you hold fast to your new found faith.

And that’s how you become Really really Rich.

Rich Beyond Compare

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