Posted by: Dr Churchill | November 16, 2014

The Poisoned Well

The poisoned well and the paradox of trolling:


Human beings…

Monkey Minds…


We often think about things that don’t concern us and we are curious about all and sundry — but we are most interested in the lives of others.

Therefore we spend time reading, gossiping, and thinking about other people.

We follow celebrity news like mad. We seek the latest embarrassing or racy photos or naked pics of real people and especially of those we seem as above us. A princess breast photo is worth more than a pair of Kim’s asscheeks. Or a drunk star mooning the world, is worth all of twitter’s attention span, and on and on.

But why do we value so much other people’s brokenness?

Why do we thrive in the fall from grace of anyone else but us?

And why do we value other people’s opinions of us?

Why do we compare their status in relation to ours?

And why do we criticize, gossip, and envy, those whom we see as superior to our lives?

It is easy to answer and am certain you already have ten answers to that question so I will leave you to find out for yourself…

But I will give you the scientific result of your poor habit to discuss others and judge them.

Judging others in passing is just as bad for you as is consuming drugs, toxic substances, or poison, in passing.

Predictably after an initial high — terrible negativity follows. ANd then you seek to take in more drinks from the poison chalice to make yourself feel better. Except it doesn’t work, because when we gossip, troll, and generally seek to dismiss other people’s achievements, hoping to make ourselves look better — we actually poison our mind and being.

So cut it out.

Alas this is the impossible task due to lack of intelligence leading all the way to insanity: Trashing others, dishing others, trolling, and dismissing in a negative context all the others, is actually a form of self harm.

Because as Issa pointed out, when you point a finger — there are four fingers pointing back at you.



When you think a lot about this, you will start using the word ‘why’ to understand your motivations, and the word “who” to understand “who” is watching all of your drama, “who” is getting cheap thrills out of it, and ‘WHO” is motivating the judgement.

Do this and pay attention to the process.

And eventually you’ll understand the workings of your mind…

The primary thing is to get the mind to become silent.

This means to allow wisdom from within to emerge and join the universal wisdom.

And this can only happen in the “empty” space of stillness and silence.

Try it sometime.

Try to move into dead silence and to go beyond the consciousness of the physical body.

This is a very wonderful experience for the soul, because it empowers the whole of you, clears the mind, and refreshes your soul connection.


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