Posted by: Dr Churchill | November 23, 2014

Teaching Innovation and starting a dozen tech companies in China is schooling me in the dynamics of a nation moving from a plethora of imitation Companies to a future created largely through innovative Start Up companies

My Innovation Master Class, come StartUp Weekend Bootcamp is the embodiment of Benjamin Franklin’s method of “Attempt & Fail” and attempt again through Logic and Science in order to produce great results. And that we certainly produce as far as creating new Start Up companies and great consumer facing products. We follow the method of continuously “Attempt & Fail and Iterate” because this method produces something marvelous in new company formation and engineering new products.

Whether Edison, Tesla, Bell, or myself — we all had to become Masters in Things and Processes that no one ever knew existed before. And so it is with my “grasshoppers” and StartUppers, in China’s Tsinghua University in Beijing. They are all becoming experts in following my ideas and creating companies and products that have never existed before.

That’s Quantum Innovation.

Teaching Innovation and starting a dozen tech companies over the space of a long weekend in China, is fun but it is also educational becuasse it is schooling me in the dynamics of a people and a nation moving forward, from an emerging economy made up of a plethora of imitation Companies to a future consumer based middle economy, created largely through innovative Start Up companies.

Some of the greatest of these Start Up companies we are creating them right now as we speak. These are valuable Technology and Innovation Start Up companies, created by Yours Truly, with the best Human Capital the world over within the best Technical University…

They all start with a Strategic idea as a speck of a question mark in my head. The question mark of a novel idea is innovation itself and is always followed by the question of what if? What if this product or service could meet an existing need of Society for a solution to a serious issue. That’s it.

So now we put the test to the wheel of History and launch a dozen new Start Up Companies. So Let’s create a Thousand Blossoms of Flowers and let’s get a Thousand Points of Light shine bright upon the world starting right here in Beijing.

Tsinghua University is an amazing place and in many ways a far better place than MIT — which used to be it’s direct competitor. Now Tsinghua with it’s great humanitarian traditions along the technological advances and engineering is a far better place to pursue the prospects of Innovation in a peaceful economy. You know it is far better because unlike MIT, doesn’t have the Department of Defense dictating and financing the projects and the policy of the Institution of learning. That is why I teach this class here in China’s premier University, and for many years we have created a dozen fresh companies through each Innovation Master Class. Companies that go on to solve the really big problems the world is facing through Entrepreneurship and Market Orientation of progressive products and services.

So again this weekend for another year — am fortunate enough to be in Beijing’s cold weather, sequestered inside Tsinghua University doing what I do best. CREATE NEW LIFE BY CREATING GREAT INNOVATIVE COMPANIES.

This time around we are all greatly animated because as in the past many years we are starting a dozen fresh Technology StartUps. Only this time, I have not allowed any Imitators into the mix. No more copycats of Uber managing taxi services. No more copycats of AirBnB. No more copycats of any company that is already existing in Silicon Valley and is already dominating it’s niche. From now on — only pure Innovation. No more exact copies with a few different bells and whistles. It’s a Good Model to follow as I have in my VC and Entrepreneurial Life. Innovate or Perish.

And this time around in China’s history, we are strategically orientated towards pure unique Innovation. We are creating great Start Up companies ranging from Health, fast Internet App, digital genomics, Biotech, medical genetics, earth’s soil reclamation through nanotech, space pod agriculture, pharma and protein meds, space systems, satellite communications, meta Wi-Fi, and a few more Internet plays to fill everything in between. We are creating these companies not just to get busy, but in order to solve big problems through Innovative Science and capture the spirit of the people. But we also want to win the imagination of the marketplace through great new products and cool services the world has never seen before. The way to the heart of the Markets is only through great consumer friendly innovative products and services, and I know that rather well.

That’s our Remit. And that’s what we deliver…

Three sleepless days and nights and we are done. On Monday we fund the whole lot. And with so much money sloshing around Beijing’s Financial Street, we are boundless. And then my work is done and I fly off leaving behind some serious Tech Companies, a definite Economic Growth upside, and a Beneficial Legacy to boot.

What’s not to like?

It takes us roughly 67 hours to create this dozen companies with a group of 150 MBAs, graduate and post-Doc Engineers, Medical Doctors, Hackers. Coders, Nanotechnology Entrepreneurs, and Wireless Professors. A great group of intelligence helps me emerge new Life.

My work is energetic wisdom, but our outcome is Emergent New Life. New Life through companies and products that appeal to the whole world. See the results here and then let me know…



And China is changing rapidly. Somehow the air in Beijing seems a little bit cleaner and the people’s faces a little bit happier…

And China’s quantitative easing makes young companiesthe natural receipients of the Largesse of this “Flush with Cash” era and the technology Investors are clamoring to get onboard my StartUps.

That proves the axiom that where Competition exists and sccarcity is felt — supply responds appropriately. And where supply of Capital is evident — young companies fill their coffers with easy money.

On this count I like China’s 12th Five year plan distributing a steady same growth in the economy.

Here is the FB group that you can join so next time around you are invited, as we will hold this Innovation Master Class next year too:


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