Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 1, 2014

A Moment of Happiness leads to Eternity

As we are traveling through Life it’s good to remember a simple rule that I’ve heard from an old sage in China’s Yunnan province.

This wizened and wise old man lives as a peripatetic hermit relying on all the people he meets for all of his daily needs.

And in return he provides guidance, wisdom, reverence, meditation learnings, blessings, and profound wisdom.

He walks barefoot and in that he reminds me of Socrates.

And when we met in this last travel through China, he cautioned me to not Think Too Much…

He said: Please rest your mind because too much thinking makes one unhappy…

The mind is like the monkey and it always leads us to worry and fearful entanglement.

So best stop listening to your monkey mind until you need it to perform your work. This will quiet down your Life and make you a Happy Person.

When your mind is subdued and quiet, chances are you’ll be happy living in the moment. When your mind works to a good end — then it is performing a useful task as is designed to do, and the rest of the time You can focus on what makes your Soul happy.

And that stuck with me.

Because if we are present in our time & space and if we strive to make this present moment happy, for us and all those around us — even the grouchy adversaries, and the mindless menacing fools — then we have won eternity.

Eternity is but a series of moments, and is our choice what colour we’ll give to it. Happy or Not?

Be present then in your moment as a Happy person, smile and carry on, because this action alone will increase the chances of the next moment also being happy.

And on and on and on…


Thanks to Old Man Xian for his wise counsel.

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