Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 6, 2014

China’s Economic Democracy and a Climate Deal

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Great Economists leading Big Banks and Leading Countries were summoned to the Asia Pacific Summit in Beijing, to discuss paths to growth for a stalled world.



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Of course in those Big Ego pissing contests masquerading as Summits of economic power and World leadership — the meetings are not designed to foster new ground, but to simply reaffirm long held beliefs.




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True to form not much is ever accomplished and certainly No Consensus emergence has ever been observed by this humble participant of this most important Asia Pacific World Summits.

Yet this time something has changed…




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Of course, being in China is a lesson a minute — in history, economics, politics, and humanity in the making — and the APEC Summit provided a total and revealing look into the most powerful people of this Earth, striving to find a foothold for a Common Future.

And it seems they just did.

Because somehow world leaders let their hair down in the company of their ilk, in remote and well sequestered places like Beijing, safely ensconced away from journalists and meddling outsiders — and are able to think clearly and act decisively.

And Economics is the language of common understanding here…
with Power, being way down the list of priorities, and even seconded to Diplomacy.

Yet this APEC Summit surprised me and it actually delivered a Great Result. A Climate Deal between the two greatest Economies the world over. An Agreement to limit our carbon dioxide emission by reducing our reliance on foil fuel. The first important agreement to limit greenhouse gas emissions that envelop our world in a deadly gas & heat death chamber…

It is Time.

Am really glad to see Reason prevailing in the discussions and agreements between these two Great Leaders in forging a Policy that will save lives when considering that Climate Change is a show-stopper for all humanity.

And when we see President Obama and President Xi, arriving at a real deal and a Climate Accord that has been twenty two years in the making, this has to be seen as the real subtle nuance of Humanity’ best example of exercising the Power of Reason, Reconciliation, and Mutual Assurance for LIFE.

An intelligent Accord — clearly distancing the spectre of conflict and the Ego driven comparisons of national pride is the true mark Leadership. And it only came to pass because  these two refreshing leaders have come to understand that “raw power” and the language of it, is a distant second to the Creative Intellect of Leadership.

Now, this is a sign of true power. Coupled with intelligence and a mature Spirit, with Intuition and Ingenuity is what guides our common Humanity as expressed by the action of these two leaders to a Climate Deal.

This is the language of long lasting Success and these positive outcomes are products of intellectual might, and are not coming from the stark accounting of national pride and wartime assets.

And as am observing and celebrating here in Beijing, the signing of this momentous Climate Accord between the United State of America and the People’s Republic of China, I can’t help but smile as I remind myself that the Power of Reason and Human Intellect over the deterministic “machine” that dictates the Global Balance of Trade and Power outcomes — is obviously at work.

Well Done.

And still most leaders, living great economists, and astute economic observers of China’s meteoric growth since Deng Xsiao Ping 30 years ago — still see China’s rise as an example of Market Capitalism at work in an strategically organized and dependent economy to the US and Europe’s consumer societies.

Yet in my mind — nothing could be further from the Truth.

The Asia Pacific Global Meeting proved that beyond doubt although it will not be found in the proceedings or the annals of the Summit.

For me and all the clear eyed and not opium befuddled observers – the reason for China’s rise is their Confucian practice of Economic Democracy.

And through this magnificent Climate Accord between the two Great Economies we come to recognize that the aspects of Economic Democracy are evident between the two countries in the Equitability of sharing the Climate Burden and addressing the catastrophic Climate Change together.

This is Global Economic Democracy.

But what is that?

What is the Meaning of Economic Democracy in the first place?

Economic Democracy is localized growth and the ultra beneficial reinvestment of the fruits of this growth for the benefit of the producers of local wealth — thus creating a virtuous cycle.
Similar to how the purpose of political democracy is to provide for political empowerment to all citizens; the purpose of economic democracy is to provide economic empowerment to all citizens.

And along with that to all the local communities, engaged in it.

Economic Democracy also prevents the concentration of economic power that subvert mass political and economic empowerment.

To ensure economic empowerment, four fundamental conditions are required, two of which are individual and two of which are collective.

Basic necessities and amenities guaranteed to all people
Increasing purchasing capacity guaranteed to all people
Local control of economic decisions, made on the basis of collective necessity.

And there are lessons here to be learned from China’s and America’s joint Climate Deal. We can all live and thrive together without having to get to a dystopian Mad-Max type of future beholden to the last drop of oil.

That’s the lesson here.

And we see it for the first time in a supra-national way. Because the Sino-American Climate Change deal is the first non-colonial style Accord ever to be made that mutually limits the “power” of the signatories.

And is the first time that China is party to such an Accord without the element of Gunboat diplomacy or the fiery golden Dragon breathing down it’s neck.

A great turning indeed…


The greatest accomplishment of Economic Democracy in the Age of Climate is that there is economic parity.

And although in the classic Economic Democracy model, there is no outside interference in the local economies or significant capital drainage — in the globalized world the same can be accomplished with an equitable sharing of burdens and resources.

This aspect alone can be self correcting as a mechanism especially useful in times of Crisis, as is now taking hold in the peripheral economies of Europe and specifically of Greece.

This method am describing is akin to the Golden Rule.

And it needs to be followed because it will really save lives.
So if there are any intelligent Greeks left in the old country this is the remit.

Follow this model to save your lives and those of your children unless You want to become Helots and Slaves to the Germans forever.
Goodbye the old country…

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