Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 12, 2014

Noah’s Ark in San Francisco sailing back from Lima Peru — Get onboard for the real Climate Talks

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 12.33.44Sharing is Caring.

That kind of thought is what bugs your skull when the last Love walks out the room.

In dreamy moments like this — that is all You think about…

Hearing the rain hitting the attic roof tiles, makes me think of home. The woolen blanket brings me a cold shudder of remembrance, and the cocoon of enveloping rain praying all around navigates my spectrum of feelings.

The constant humdrum of rain is leading us all in emotional thoughts of dripping wisdom. This humming music emanating in the room, drives me unusually nostalgic for Nick Cave and Rufus Wainright.

Raindrops falling-up from the sky hitting the roof give me goose bumps of clarity.

With the recent floods of San Francisco unarrived, we come to think of saving the animals from the flash floods of imagination, and media’s overblown attention to their wet primal fears.

When the rains come, whom do You want to save more than anyone else in the world?

Maybe your neighbouring soul? The point being is that there is no better animal to save than the human next to you. Your better version of the self…

Do this and then you can think of the masses of humans needing saving too. Maybe if there is energy left over — save someone from their own harmful actions.

And that’s fine One on One.

Yet collectively at the Environmental Parliament — we act hard and fight harder for saving them all. Saving all creation. Saving all of God’s beings and maybe in the process saving our own souls too.

But it start with a piece of paper signed between the majority of the 220 countrie out there. But because that is so theoretical — am gonna explain that we are actually doing something about it, down in Lima Peru.

It’s here that we negotiate the Diplomacy of Climate Change, talking about setting Climate targets, and limiting our CO2 emissions — and today closing in on a piece of paper agreement, while scurrying around like so many petri dish semen people looking to find an egg to penetrate.

But going through wet  & cold San Francisco, with the unarrived flash floods that unsettled all the people of the Bay area, still remaining “unarrived” — am thinking that Noah’s Ark should be arriving any moment now.

In this topsy turvy world full of Madonnas, Maria Magdalenes, and my favourite Kardashian Mairas, am walking amongst them unafraid of their charm, cause it’s hard to distinguish who is Noah coming to save your ass, and who is Cain coming to slay you.

My friend Francisco Pancho, is probably a bit of both…

He is a Master Slayer of those Illusions that don’t serve us anymore — and He is also the magnificent bearded Noah, carrying forth, and tending the Ark for those disillusioned Lost Souls out there.

And the ecologist hiding deep within all of us screams for the Climate Talks to advance yet as it stands today the Environmental Parliament advocating for all of the people and the People of this Earth and for all the developing countries — we are calling the current draft text from Lima’s Climate Conference: “A Real Disaster for People, Planet and the Poor”

Yet others are hopeful we will not a see a deal; Namely all the Fossil Fuel companies celebrating our inability to agree on anything written on 47 pages of innocuous text to curb our emissions.

And then the US and China are only gloating over past glories without a real effort for an agreement on sight.

Now all COP20 Negotiators have been asked to choose between three options on almost all of the Climate Change Text draft’s major issues, most of which are divided by one question:

How will developing and wealthy nations split the bill?

Meanwhile the nations participating in COP20, are also debating just what the draft will set out. The US and other industrialised countries want all countries to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Rich countries, the US among them, only want to commit to carbon cuts. Developing countries want them also to commit financing for climate adaptation, and renewable energy investment.

There is a solution to climate change, this is the thing that’s almost unbelievable about these negotiations. There are solution to fossil fuels, which are the main cause of climate change, in a shift to clean renewable energy.

It’s just that we’re out of time. Emissions need to peak within the transition and the transition has started. Emissions need to have peaked yesterday, but certainly within the next five years…

And that is not going to happen.

So this is a space where we cannot sit and wait for change to happen, it needs to happen here, it needs to happen in the 12 months to Paris, it needs to happen in Paris where COP21 will be held to sort this out…

So as am focused on Lima, Paris, and the Climate Conference — am beyond certain that we need both sides of Janus face today, more than ever.




Be Strong and Storm the Halls = That’s my Meditation for today.

And Be there today, cause we need all the help we can get.

And for those of you not in Lima and not following the Talks here is the Climate Negotiator App so you can keep up with documents and discussions live:

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 13.23.33 Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 13.23.10 Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 13.22.29 Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 13.21.55 Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 13.21.31 Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 13.21.07 Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 13.20.14

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