Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 17, 2014

Never believe…

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Never believe anyone who says we cannot change.

We surely can and do change all the time.

But there is a secret as always…

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Vision is the one secret of personal transformation.

From Paul of Tarsus extraordinary vision, to your nightly apparitions and everything in between — the world i full of example of vision led change.

Magnificent change.

Change brought forth by extraordinary vision.

Vision is the ultimate medium, because vision is both the redeemer and the harbinger of change.

We are all creative visionaries, because our minds are the vast arena of creation and vision of what we are constantly creating.




See what is the vision of yourself today and that’s where You’ll be going.

Head that way and if you are patient, You shall get all that your heart desires and You will avoid all that your mind craves.

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So be creative – and sense deeply what your patience look like, feels like, and thu you might observe what you are doing that is different when you are patient and you are expressing your power to be calm and wait.

Remember that CHANGE always starts with vision not action.

See it and you will be it.

Be it and you will do it.

We don’t ‘get a life’ as some would cynically say.

Instead – we create our Life.

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