Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 31, 2014

Happy New Year — Seattle Tech Start Up Master Class is Here and so is my Vision for the Future

“We are all wanderers on this earth. Our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams.”

–Gypsy Proverb

“Dreams are great, but to get there you need vision.”

–Dr Pano Kroko


Vision is King.

And Change is a Constant.

My humble advise to you, is that you should never believe anyone who says we cannot change.

We change each and every moment.

And for purposeful Change, vision is the key.

Personal Transformation, Transcendence, and Transference to a New Self, to an Actualized State of Equilibrium, is not easy — but doable.

Now, Vision is the secret of all of these personal transformations.

And along with Vision we have a few spare skills to choose from.

After all — we are all directors of our own Life.

We are all artists.

We are all Creators.

Our mind is the arena of creation.

Vision is what we are constantly creating.

What is your vision of yourself today?

What is your self vision?

Are you willing to work on it?

Are you a patient person?

Are you relaxed?

Are you positive?

Fully positive about Your Vision?

Or maybe you are tense, tight, and negative?

Sense the difference between the two states of being…

What do you prefer?

So settle clearly, on who you want to be by Visualizing that which you want to be.

Be creative in your visualization…

Envision what patience looks like, feels like, and what you are doing that is different when you are patient, and you are expressing your power to wait.

See it and you will feel it.

Always start with vision not action.

See it and you will be it.

Be it and you will do it.

Do it and You will feel it.

Visin springs to Life.

This is how we create our own life.

And in the New Year we’ll be that which we visualize.

Keep in mind that “those who don’t believe in the magic of personal transformation – will never find it.”



This New Year we will be kicking off the Start Up creation in Seattle’s University of Washington. My very own Alma Matter. I shall be teaching my Master Class weekend bootcamp of Excellent Tech Start Ups at the University of Washington in Seattle from the 17th of January to the 19th and if anyone of you wants to be part of the creation of a slew of new Tech Start up companies that truly change the world — just let me know.

It’s a big tent and we welcome all talent. Computer scientists, aeronautical engineers, Chemists, Doctors, Biotechs, Nanotechs, Hardware and Software folks, Computer hackers, Internet and Social Media mavens, white hat crackers, engineers, Code breakers, hackers, communication experts, entrepreneurs, Coders, Techies, MBAs, all Science Docs, and post Docs — are invited too. There is absolutely No Cost if you are affiliated with the UW in any fashion. Alumni, current Research and Teaching Profs and Assistants, Graduate Students, and Professor, are especially encouraged to apply.

To top it all up — you are guaranteed to participate as a Co-Founder in one of the Start Ups we create. And for the “funding fair” on Monday — we welcome all Angels, VCs, and Investors to see, and feel, and to get first dibs on the new Tech companies, we create.

Send me a note at  Doctorpano[at] if you are in Seattle and want to cooperate and participate on this.

Time for Transformation is now.

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