Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 15, 2015

Gratefulness in the Life of the Enterprise for Leaders in Ten Minutes Flat

Well Done and Thank You are the most important words a Leader, Manager, and Corporate Chief can utter.

It is also what we do when we are gentle and polite with each other… No?

As we recognize Human Capital to be the most valuable asset our Compnies have — so it is that we have to make praise and recognition part of our daily schedule, when we set the Agenda for our Company, for our meetings and for our weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual targets to meet..

So go ahead and set aside 10 minutes a day, a week, or a month — just to show your Gratefulness and to say thank you to your colleagues, employees, and coworkers. Don’t forget to do this up and down the chain of command because it works laterally and literally best, when you are doing it consciously.

It need not be complicated. Make it as simple as shooting off a three line email that thanks them for their work, achievemnts, contribution to the organization and for the Value they bring to the “whole”.

But best do it in person…
However when it is an email form as most all of our communications are these days — remember to CC other Board members, C-level staff, Managers, Supervisors, and colleagues as the occassion demands…

It’s great to thank someone, but it’s even more powerful to let their superiors and colleagues, know that you think that they’ve done a great job…
That’s how merit is born.

In you Leadership circle seek out and encourage a culture of recognition by setting aside time during meetings to thank people and encourage employees to thank each other. If they see you doing it, they’re more likely to thank one another.

Handwrite a thank you note whenever possible. Imagine how amazed and impressed your customers or vendors will be if they receive a handwritten note from you? In this digital age, that personal touch means more than ever.

You may have heard the phrase, “Punish in private, praise in public,” and it’s a good rule to follow. When you can, recognize people in front of their peers for a greater impact.

Toy maker Mattel has an institutional recognition program called “Rave Reviews,” through which employees can give one another a certificate of recognition — that’s good for a free coffee or soda at the company’s cafeteria.

American Airlines offers frequent fliers (customers) the ability to hand out “Applause” awards to employees who go above and beyond.

These are interesting ways of making recognition part of every-day life, but there is also a danger that they turn things into institutional processes – rather than a personal message.

That is why we always mmake an effort to give our Thank You in a persdonal and friendly manner from the heart and not from a fixed need to follow rules and regulations.

Keep it Real and it will show results.

Don’t be wooden like an automaton.

Instead Be Human…

So in that light — just make sure your next ‘thank you’ comes as a message with real meaning from one human being to another.




We all crave recognition and above all — we want to be liked for the work we do…

It somehow adds meaning to our Life and makes us feel connected.

So because of all that it is the best and most cost effective method to motivate your people to excell and thrive.

This is your “pencil” otherwise known as your “currency” so use it sparringlly lest it cheapens tthe meaning of it.

But as with all great currencies please don’t cause an inflation by overusing it and thus devaluing the currency….

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