Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 26, 2015

“It has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.”

“It has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.”

Nowhere can this be more true today than  Old Greece where the revolutionary sea change that kicked out the corrupt “German Agents” and their thieving minions, ruling the country for the last four decades, has ushered in a new Era of Freedom…

The fantastic Syriza win, spells the end of austerity that does not work for Greece, nor for UK, nor for Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, or France, and it does not work for the whole of EU either. Syriza much like Obama’s uccessful and expansionary economic policy for the USA has proven — undertands that we all need investment in growth, and shared prosperity, and hope generating jobs — not savage cuts to Social Services, in order to get out of economic depression.

Today am pleased to announce that the German Economic Model is now pronounced DEAD and BURIED.

The anti-austerity Greek party of Syriza has won the Greek election by a decisive margin, and maybe an outright majority. With more than three-quarters of the results already tabulated but not verified — Syriza is projected to win somewhere between 150 and 153 seats in the 300 seat representative Greek Parliament.

Hope springs eternal but this is realistic tactile hope of the serious economic kind. It’s a good day…

And it represents great Results for all Greek people even though some of them do not know the significance of this yet. Nor do they feel similarly ebullient and inclined to celebrate as the rest of the intelligent Europeans do because they have to still weather the terrible economic depression their country is into as well as the mental blocks and the vagaries of the spirit if they happen to belong to a differing political party.

Greece shows us at present quite clearly, what can happen when the young revolt against corrupt elites and transnational rulers along with their local agents…

Good Day for Big Truths.
Good Day for Progress.
Good Day for Justice.

Good Day Because…
In a Democracy EVERYTHING is possible.

In Athens today, Syriza supporters cheer their electoral victory of 2015. Syriza and their leader Tsipras persistent attacks on corruption resonated massively among the young and the unjaded, optimistic folk of Greece. A bit like Salt of the Earth people finally finding their groove as the meek shall inherit the Earth…

Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras said his party’s victory marked an end to the “viscious cycle of austerity”. Referring to the neoliberal conditions set by the IMF, the European Commission and the European Central Bank, he said: “ The verdict of the Greek people renders the troika a thing of the past for our common European framework.”

A triumphant Alexis Tsipras told Greeks that his radical left Syriza party’s win in meant an end to austerity and humiliation and that the country’s regular and often fraught debt inspections were a thing of the past. “The sovereign Greek people today have given a clear, strong, indisputable mandate. Greece has turned a page. Greece is leaving behind the destructive austerity, fear and authoritarianism. It is leaving behind five years of humiliation and pain,” Tsipras said to a crowd of Greek flag-waving supporters. The 40-year-old Tsipras campaigned on promises of renegotiating the terms for Greece’s €240 billion-euro bailout, which has kept the debt-ridden country afloat since mid-2010. To qualify for the cash, Greece has had to impose deep and bitterly-resented public spending, salary and pension cuts and repeated tax hikes. Its progress in reforms is reviewed by debt inspectors from the International Monetary Fund, European Commission and European Central Bank, collectively known as the “troika,” before each installment of bailout funds can be disbursed.
“The verdict of the Greek people ends, beyond any doubt, the vicious circle of austerity in our country,” Tsipras said. “The verdict of the Greek people, your verdict, annuls today in an indisputable fashion the bailout agreements of austerity and disaster. The verdict of the Greek people renders the troika a thing of the past for our common European framework.”

And here is where Greece and Syriza seeking to turn the page still need your help and the help of all the Leaders of the international Community. They need your help to assist them in sharing the message that Greece is now ready to do honest business.  Greece wants to be considered the place to be, that will have the least corruption of all the countries of Europe. Greece after transcribing the worst record of corruption in Europe and amongst the worst in the world — is now ready to turn a new leaf. And for that it needs Support. Support in institution building and in Anti-Corruption Economic Development. Support in Independent Technology Development and in Fair European Federalism. Support in being just another member State of Europe with equal right and equal obligations. Federalism is such a  tricky thing to get right… if you don’t believe me — go ahead and ask Madison, Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, and Washington about it.

We need this sense of strong State Rights in Europe, if we are ever able to build a Federal and Stable multinational State.

Syriza is not the communist party your elders have led you to be afraid of. It is not even a communist party to speak of. Instead Syriza is a party all about Justice, Economic Development, Growth, Equity, Equanimity, Anti-Corruption, and Meritocracy. Fortunately it’s not an old school Stalinist party – nor is it a party of radical politics. The fact that a party with a “central committee” got for the first time in Europe the majority vote and the mandate to form a government has got nothing to do with a sudden swing to Marxism in the Greek psyche.

Greeks are still valiantly conservative people. And this conservativism has wounded their soul when they see their country occupied by the Germans all over again. Greece’s Syriza victory is, instead, testimony to three things: the strategic crisis of the euro zone, the determination of the Greek elite to cling to systemic corruption, and a new way of thinking among the young.

Of these, the eurozone’s crisis is easiest to understand – because its consequences can be read so easily in the macroeconomic figures. The IMF predicted Greece would grow as the result of its aid package in 2010. Instead, the economy has shrunk by 25%. Wages are down by the same amount. Youth unemployment stands at 60% – and that is among those who are still in the country, because Greece has experienced the greatest “Brain Drain” ever during this Economic Collapse, as the 16,000 Greek Doctors working in the NHS system of southern England and all around our home in London attest.

So the economic collapse – about which all Greeks, from both right and left, are bitter – is not just seen as a material collapse. It demonstrated complete myopia among the European policy elite. In all of drama and comedy there is no figure more laughable as a rich man who does not know what he is doing. For the past four years the troika – the European Commission, IMF and European Central Bank – has provided Greeks with just such a spectacle.

As for the Greek oligarchs, their misrule long predates the crisis. These are not only the famous shipping magnates, whose industry pays no tax, but are internationally respected and highly mobile — but am speaking of the trashy bosses of Greek TV media, energy, telecoms, construction, and football clubs that are all ensnared in a web of corruption like the Intracom and OTE synergistic scandal and their corrupt practice that kept the Greek Telecoms market still mirred in 19th century infrastructure and pricing mechanisms. As one eminent Greek economist told me last week: “These guys have avoided paying taxes through the Metaxas dictatorship, the Nazi occupation, the civil war and the military junta. of 1967”  They had no intention of paying taxes as the troika began demanding Greece balance the books after 2010, which is why the burden fell on those Greeks trapped in the private sector employment system – a workforce of 3.5 million that fell during the crisis to just 2.5 million people. The public sector employee are the sacred cows of the corrupt politicians who installed them there and are thus unaffected in their clientilist corrupt relationship with their German paymasters and their local political agents running and ruining the country for four decades.

These corrupt political and economic stupid oligarchs destroyed the economic ecosystem to the point of collapse and thus allowed the Greek state to become a battleground of conflicting interests. As a Greek friend, put it in his recent book on the crisis, there is “a pervasive irresponsibility, a sense that no one is in charge, no one is willing or able to act as a custodian of the common good”. And that is purposefully cultivated by the German led Greek traitor political establishment made up of long term professional politicians and their stupid children — who feel like sacred cow themselves and have made laws to protect their inviolate status and to offer immunity from prosecution, to themselves and their clients as well as their paymasters.

And thus in their wanton folly, they also have destroyed the physical environment of the poor country too.

The Greek Economic and Political elites are the completely “white trash” types whose sudden wealth made them “nouveau riche” walking jokes, like the seemingly serious debutantes without panties, and the denizens of the flashy German car culture (like Mexican druggies), with a Swiss numbered Bank Account, controlling local newspapers, or TV stations, or other hot properties and the requisite home in the gay island of Myconos as well… All in all — these corrupt Greeks and their children are rather sad examples of the failed genetic mutations of the human species, that through intermarriage make each generation successively more stupid than the one before it.

And as these corrupt scion of the political elites are leaving office — they leave behind them scorched earth.

But their most corrosive impact is on the social fabric of the country and on the layers of society beneath them. Greek political life is like a Latin American soap opera, rich in drama but rather sad for screwing up real people’s lives, and yet too many Greeks are deferentially mesmerised by it. Glued on their TVs for hours following the pecadillios of these subhumans.

Over the three last general elections Syriza’s achievement has been to politicise the issue of the oligarchy. The Greek word for them is “the entangled” – and they were, above all, entangled in the Right-centrist political duopoly. Because Syriza owes them nothing, its leader, Alexis Tsipras, was able to give the issue of corruption and tax evasion both rhetorical barrels – and this resonated massively among the young.

And here’s why. In a functional market economy, the classic example in a European Democracy has been an opportunity based Economy and an inclusive Society. In Greece all the aspirations of the young people have been stifled. No Opportunity and No Inclusion. Therefore NO FUTURE.

In my political, philanthropic, and economic travels throughout the eurocrisis – from Dublin to Athens, from Porto and Lisbon to Riga, from Berlin to Brussels and back (more times than I care to remember), from London to Paris, from Istanbul to Kiev and Belgrade, and all points in between, from Talinn to Belarus, from Sweden to Norway, from Athens to Rome and Syracuse, and even Novosibirisk, St Petersburg, Volgogard, and Moscow – I have noticed that the classic example in a dysfunctional economy is the owners of the big and popular football teams are the same men who own the construction companies that receive all the contracts for the highway and road construction and the TV and Media owners getting all the state contracts for everything else. A combination of this has played out in Greece for the last forty years. From gramps Papandreou [old German Collaborateur] to his son and his boobsy stupid blonde wife, to the Idiot grandson who delivered the country to the IMF and German supervision, o he and his brothers can make a shitload of illicit gains from the devaluation of the Greek Sovereign Bonds, the “haircut” and the PSI, all in order to further enslave the country to the “All Too accommodating” Germans. Greece under these stupid men was a sad story of Treason at the highest office. It becomes a repeated story of old corrupt and cancerous men with oligarchic power, flaunting their wealth and influence without morality, without shame and without even decorum and a sense of opprobrium.

The youth and their vote can be easily usurped, when oligarchy, corruption and German led elite politics stifle both Democracy and Meritocracy.

The official corrupt and German financed Governments of the coalition duet of catastrophe: “Pasok & NewDemocracy” jointly screwing the country for 40 year in a fixed game of alternating in power and illegally cooperating, under corruption worse than the rampant corruption ravaging Mexico. The lowest place in Europe and amongst the lowest places of Africa is the corruption grade of Greece under the last Papandreou PASOK administration. And it has gotten even worse under the coalition Pasok-ND government of Samaras-Venizelos the corrupt duopoly of Germany’s Greek leading agents.

The planned and “sudden” emergence of seemingly small centrist parties, led by the “children” of the corrupt elites masquerading as “charismatic young professionals” in Greece — on the face of it, is testimony that this generation has had enough…

However when one looks behind the parapet — You can see the technique as a further usurpation of Democracy. And it is a political technique, first used by the German Hitlerite and Goering masterminded propaganda PR as a “Weimar Republic” type of technique, of creating fake political parties to usurp Democracy and install themselves to power for ever. THAT’S HOW THE THIRD REICH WAS CREATED. That’s how the Nazis came to power. And that how they hoped to perpetuate their corrupt rule over Greece for a long time to come.

Except Democracy … happened.

Still the German Propaganda machine went into overdrive in Greece. They created a plethora of Greek corrupt and fake political parties. These German Propaganda created political parties are the likes of: “Potami,” “Dimiourgia Xana,” “Anexartitoi Ellines,” “Independent Greeks,” “Bridges,” “Golden Dawn,” “Komma Fileleutheron,” “Greek Liberal Party,” “Greek NeoLiberals” “New Greece” and a few other eminently forgettable right wing and Neoliberal political parties — that were created by the Germans, by their Greek servants, and their joint efforts using German wealth [Midian Gold] for the express purpose of corrupting Greek Politic and destroying the Greek Democracy.

The German plan was to use the Midas Gold they control to continue corrupting the Greek Politicians, and to then have them a servants under threat of exposure. They used this plan successfully for so long that it became the staple of their foreign policy n Europe.

Luckily for the Greek Democracy, and Greece’s future the German plan backfired after such long term use and the Berlin “geniuses” kept it up only as a fig leaf of their dominance. They used the newly minted and financed Greek political parties like Potami, purely in order to confuse and create discord amongst the young voters and to stop them from going to the Progressive side of the electoral debate. Luckily, although most of these political parties, managed to capture the pseudo-intellectuals, they all failed spectacularly. And by the time they and their German paymasters, understood this, and they revamped their act together — it was a bit too late to change course. So “Bismark” was sunk yesterday in Greece in a spectacularly brilliant and new way, called “Democracy In Action.”

Greeks had enough of the German occupation, and with their Bullshit detector set on maximum — they voted for Syriza en masse. Of course Syriza was already ahead of the curve in the psyche of the Greeks being “sticks in the mud” strong and earthy conservative voters, and thus the sinister Germans, along with their Greek collaborateur corruptors, could not gain enough influence to stem the tide.

Still from the outside, Greece looks like a giant negative: but what lies beneath the rise of the radical left is the emergence of positive new values – among a layer of young people much wider than Syriza’s natural support base. These are the classic values of the networked generation: self-reliance, creativity, the willingness to treat life as a social experiment, a global outlook.

When the third German Financed and uber-conservative Greek party “Golden Dawn” emerged as a frightening, violent neo-Nazi force, supported with German Funds, and official German state support, and at one point capturing upwards of 19% of electoral support — what struck the networked youth was how many of the political elite pandered to it. People who had read its history could see a replay of late “German Weimar Republic” flickering before their eyes: delusional Nazis feted by big businessmen and the German State, craving for a bloody bound populace steeped in extreme law & order.

I’ve said many time that the Greek crisis since it began, has revealed the weaknesses of Neo Liberal Right Wing Capitalism, unfettered by Public Morality — and what changed in 2015 is this: Syriza had already won the solid support of about 25% of voters on the issues of Europe and economics. But now a further portion of the Greek electorate, above all the young, are signalling they’ve had enough of corruption and elites.

Greece, though an outlier, has always been a signifier, too: this is what happens when modern capitalism fails.

For there are inept bureaucrats and corrupt elites elsewhere and everywhere. Especially in Berlin and in Brussels of Europe. And it was thee corruptors who took advantage of Greece’s weaknesses and turned the whole country into prostitution.

But like it always takes a pimp and a John to create a prostitute, the same goes here in the dirty triangle relationship of Berlin, Brussels, and Athens.

And the same goers on in Paris, Rome, and Madrid — yet only the trillions of Euros created and pumped into their nations’ economies to avoid collapse, shields them from the scrutiny they have received in Greece.

But as elections are coming up all over Europe — the corrupt politicians of Europe are going to receive the shellacking they so richly deserve and the Justice that they need to receive for their crimes…

As for the Germans, the trials of Nyremberg are not far behind either.



We face two years of electoral uncertainty in Europe, with the far left or the hard right now vying for power in Spain, France and the Netherlands. Some are proclaiming this “the end of neoliberalism.”

Still some fools are proclaiming this the end of Democracy.

I’m not sure of that. All that’s certain is that Greece shows how it could end.

Much like the first Victory against the joint forces of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy — the original Axis of Evil — was won by the Greeks, so here come the first current victory against the force of Neo-nazim as represented by the gentler face of Germany today and hidden under the mantle of Economic ‘Responsibility” and tucked under the wheelchair of Germany’s uber- economic Fuhrer the new Dr Strangelove, Mr Schoible himself.

There is tremendous value in this First Victory that will underscore the fate of the rest of this war. And Greece has given this Victory first again.

European Antifascist forces have been boosted by Greece’s clear and Democratic wi against Germany.  Spain’s anti-austerity party Podemos said Greece finally had a government rather than a German envoy.

Specifically the leading party of Spain Podemos said this on it’s official announcement: “Greeks finally have a government, not a Merkel envoy”

Britain’s Green Party said Syriza’s victory was an inspiration for all Europeans.

In other quarters confusion reigns supreme…

Syriza’s victory has been greeted with “pants drooping” alarm among the brown shirts in Germany.

The ruling CDU party and Mr Schoible and Ms Merkel are of course insisting that Greece should stick to the austerity programme.

Belgium’s finance minister said there is room for negotiation with Syriza. And this is the softer side of Berlin’s puppet inside the euro zone: Specifically, Belgium’s finance minister sees some room to discuss the “modalities” of the Greek debt programme with the other eurozone nations after Syriza’s election victory. Johan Van Overtveldt said on the eve of a eurozone finance ministers’ meeting that “we can talk modalities, we can talk debt restructuring, but the cornerstone that Greece must respect the rules of monetary union that must stay as it is.” He told VRT network that even if some things could be changed to accommodate the demands of Syriza, “it is impossible to fundamentally change things.”

Brussel’s official establishment is waiting to take it’s que from Berlin and is so far quiet, keeping mum about the Greek Victory.

But let’s not worry because the Arc of the Universe is long and it bend toward JUSTICE and now the time has arrived for Justice in Greece too.

And all those minions in Greece, in Germany, and in the IMF, that claimed that they were all following orders while deliberately driving Greeks to suicide will have their day in court and shall have to answer for their crimes against humanity.

Ten Thousand Greek Suicides demand ANSWERS today.

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