Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 25, 2015

Looking For Love?

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Are you Looking For Love?

Everybody is always looking for something…

That’s Human Nature right there.

But we are always looking outside for everything.

Like the ruminating hairy mammals that preceded us to becoming Homo Sapiens..

Still today many Millennia later — Everyone looks outside for everything and that includes looking for love.

And Love seems to be all that everyone wants.

Apparently the purpose in life is to love and Be loved.


But if we live to love, and not just to exist…

Don’t we have to find the wellspring of that divine quality of Love?

Because as all romantic poetry will tell you: When You love someone, you not only exist but you thrive.

Even when that feeling is not returned — You are alright.

Because to love and be loved is cool. Reciprocated love is like the car’s differential axle. It propels you forward…

Because when you love somebody and that person loves you back — then you come alive.

You are Loved enough and and presto — the heavens above are falling at your feet right here on this earth.

To be loved in equal measure and not just loved in return — now this is a divine state of Grace…

You’ve got to try it sometime.

Give it a Go today.

It’s the strongest drug there is.

Stronger that Ayuahueska

And completely harmless…

It’s no shamanic incantations and TV evangelists mouthing garbage, or rom-com theatre.

It’s the Real Deal.

It’s the push and pull. The Yin & Yang. The Positive & Negative. The Light and the shadow. The force of the Universe that attracts the planets and all celestial objects to their path — Eros.

It’s the Art of Love.

It’s good for your soul and for your mind — and it does wonders to your health and body.

It makes you youthful, exuberant and foolish — but above all else it makes you happy.

Puts a permanent smile in your face… too.

Love is what makes people dance in the streets.

Go see that in Buenos Aires. It’s Love — not the economy.

So what are you waiting for?

Go Ahead.

Love Somebody.





Unfortunately, we all have a limited supply of love to give, and we usually waste it on inanimate thing and objects.

Our capacity for Love is based on the size of our heart…

So go ahead and cultivate a Big Heart and see where it takes you.

Love people well outside of your family and friends, and of all those “same folk” that you are “required” to love by social and tribal costume.

Spread your Love to those you never see. Love the ones of different colour. Love those of different religious persuasion. Love the strangers.

Do this and you’ll recognize that by sharing your love with those who don’t look like you and maybe belong to another species all together — you are actually sharing your Love with the divine in You and it will guide you.

And of course remember to love yourself, because without that basic element you can hardly love anyone else. I know people who love their dogs and cats but forget to love themselves or other humans. Please don’t do that…

And for God’ sake — please avoid loving inanimate objects and things like money, jobs, careers, sports, idols of fame, celebs, and all that garbage the modern TV and entertainment culture has been piling up in your heart…

Loving Kim’s ass — that’s just lust. And apparently the Kardashians are a confused and confusing lot, but lust is a very poor substitute for the real thing.

Cause if you spend all the Love you have in your heart to loving your car, loving your lust, your sexy bod, or loving porn and watching others getting it on — you ain’t gonna go far in this life.

And if you spend whatever deposit of Love you have remaining, in loving your team, loving your money, loving your position, loving your house, loving your weed, loving your drink, loving all of your vices, loving your garden and all — you are gonna be thirsty for Real Love all your Life too.

Because all these types of lust are confused with love and are truly perishable with a past due date, already upon you, and are destined to fade away — whether you like it or not. The car will get wrinkled same as all the bodies you admire on Pornhub, and then what are you gonna do?

So forget looking for Love on the outside and focus on the inside. On the inside of you and all inside of our other fellow humans…

Because, the love we really want is within us all the time. When we feel love, where is the love coming from? It is within us, that’s because we see the love within others when we “wake up” and start recognizing that all we are is love.

It might take you some time or a few lifetimes to get this — but here it goes…

The love within you recognizes the love within me. The love within you is the same force as the love residing within me and within everyone else on this planet.

And it recognizes itself within all of us, in all the continents, in all the races, in all the religions, in all the longitudes and latitudes, all over thiss globe, and also inside those orbiting around us inside the International Space Station, and beyond…

Do you sense that? Do you feel it? Do you understand it?

The Love knows itself. It recognizes itself in others regardless of your mind games, and is rearing to go out. But you stop it severely limiting your capacity to Love, because you are afraid to allow your Love to mix it up with the other people’s Love. Even though it is the same force and you know it.

You don’t allow the Love inside of you to even say “Namastay” to some other person’s “Love” peeking through layers of fog and fear to come out and feel the warm embrace of humanity.

Instead we are all accustomed to hiding the Love we shelter within us and to limit it severely to only those immediately chosen & spawned by us namely our spouse & our children. But we are blind and can’t see that by not allowing our Love to greet each other’s Love at large and in all of our humanity — we do the same as when we are holding back our puppies when they attempt to “sniff & greet” each other, when we walk them in the park…

So we need to figure this thing out in order to come truly alive.

Because we are not truly alive when we sWe throttle our Love and suck the Life out of it and out of us by sitting in silence and letting the mind to play mind games and judiciously decide who is worthy of Love and who isn’t.

And then we also let others to tell us who is the enemy du jour, and who we need to be afraid of. Hate spews out of the TV boxes all over the earth trying to separate us into smaller controllable entities for the benefit of silly small minded administrators and religious zealots.

It;s a Fool’s Game and You know it.

So make an effort to get to know yourselves again, and Love yourselves like we love our furry friends and our kids, because when we get to know our true self — we will find out that we are made out of Love.

And we might finally understand that we don’t need to go look for Love on the outside, anymore.

Because we will finally come to recognize that we do have an imperishable supply of love within us.

And when we hit that motherlode of LOVE — all is going to be well with the world again, because we will clearly see that this supply is inexhaustible and that it can truly cover everyone…

And everything in this Universe too.

So don’t ever limit your Love.


Share this with those you Love and those you don’t and see where it takes you… and who is gonna greet the Love within you.

Share and start the Quest for Love within


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