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Germany’s faulty Ideology today stems from their Auschwitz economic efficiency model

The New York Times reports that in order, “To understand Germany’s industrialization of DEATH in thousands of factories like Auschwitz and Treblinka, is to understand the politics of mass murder and the ideology of elimination of whole nations of people, by technical means, in order to allow the plausible deniability of the German people carrying out the dirty deed…

The crucial elements here are the political leaders’ decision to commit genocide, the willing participation of a large population of perpetrators, the sympathy of an even broader civilian population — in the case of the Holocaust, principally ordinary Germans, but also many other Europeans — and, above all, the ideology that motivates them all to believe that annihilating the targeted people is necessary and right.

This, rather than its technical specifications, is why Auschwitz is so important. Auschwitz is a symbol of the broader, and little understood, racist revolution that the Germans are bringing about in Europe even today, that seeks to overturn the fundamentals of Western civilization, including the core European and ancient Greek notion of a common humanity for ALL PEOPLE.”

And the Germans with their faulty ideology and faulty mental wiring are at it again today — lording it over Europe and separating the European people in useful nations and not…

It’s Good to read the whole New York Times article here:

“AUSCHWITZ was liberated 70 years ago, on Jan. 27, 1945, and news of its existence shocked the world. With its principal killing center at one of its main camps, Auschwitz-Birkenau, becoming fully operational in 1942, it was Germany’s largest and the most notorious extermination site. There the Germans slaughtered approximately 1.1 million people, a million of whom were Jews. Its mention evokes notions of evil and instant horror. Auschwitz was a death factory, an oxymoron that would have made no sense before the Holocaust, but that now is effortlessly comprehensible.

But Auschwitz is also misunderstood — and that misunderstanding distorts what we think about the Holocaust, and about the Nazis themselves.

Historical and popular accounts of the Holocaust tend to emphasize its brutal, bureaucratic efficiency, with Auschwitz as its technological pinnacle, whose industrial scale was not only emblematic of, but also necessary for, its success. But as existentially troubling as Auschwitz was and is, and as lethally portentous as it would have been had Nazi Germany won World War II, it was technically unnecessary for the commission of the Holocaust.

Had the Nazis never created gassing installations at Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sobibor and elsewhere, they would still have killed around the same number of Jews and non-Jews. About half of the roughly six million Jews whom the Germans and their European collaborators slaughtered, and virtually all the millions of non-Jews the Germans murdered, they killed by non-industrial means, mainly by shooting or starving them to death.

The cliché “assembly line killing” belies the fact that rounding up Jews and shipping them, sometimes for many hundreds of miles, to a death factory was far less efficient than merely killing them where the Germans found them. The Nazi leadership created death factories not for expeditious reasons, but to distance the killers from their victims.

Previous and subsequent genocidal assaults also belie the once reflexively intoned notion that modern technology made the Holocaust possible. Regimes and their executioners around the globe have conducted broad eliminationist assaults against targeted Peoples, with the perpetrators’ using a variety of means, including mass murder, expulsion, forced conversion and the prevention of reproduction to rid themselves of hated or unwanted groups. In Rwanda in 1994, the Hutu perpetrators killed 800,000 Tutsi at a more intensive daily rate than the Germans did the Jews, using only the most primitive technological means, mainly machetes, knives and clubs.

Focusing on Auschwitz’s mechanistic qualities as a precondition for the Holocaust’s vast destructiveness allows people to see the Nazis’ eliminationism as something uniquely modern — to believe that it takes a technically proficient, bureaucratically expert state to carry out such violence. And even though we all recognize that genocides can be unleashed without such advanced systems, people still too often assume that true eliminationism, with the intention of completely destroying another group, takes a relatively rare constellation of a state apparatus and technological means.

But that’s not true. To understand the politics of mass murder and eliminationism, the technical means of carrying out the deed are almost never the central issue. Rather, the crucial elements are the political leaders’ decision to commit genocide, the willing participation of a large population of perpetrators, the sympathy of an even broader civilian population — in the case of the Holocaust, principally ordinary Germans, but also many other Europeans — and, above all, the ideology that motivates them all to believe that annihilating the targeted people is necessary and right.

This, rather than its technical specifications, is why Auschwitz is so important. Auschwitz is a symbol of the broader, and little understood, racist revolution that the Germans were bringing about in Europe that sought to overturn the fundamentals of Western civilization, including its core notion of a common humanity.

The gassing installations that became Auschwitz’s emblem were but one part of Auschwitz’s system of more than 40 camps and sub-camps. These were run by thousands of German overlords who drove and brutalized hundreds of thousands of Jews, Russians and other “subhumans,” whom they used as slaves to work under horrifying conditions in the camps’ extensive and varied production facilities, making everything from agricultural products to chemicals to armaments.

Auschwitz was thus much more than just the gas chambers and crematories — taken as a whole, it was a microcosm, not so much of the specific mechanisms of the Holocaust, but of the Nazis’ ideological vision of a world to be ruled by a master race, resting on the collective graves of the Jewish people and of tens of millions of additional victims the Germans deemed demographically expendable, and served by an enormous population of slaves. It reveals that during the Holocaust, mass annihilation, as genocide always is, was part of a larger eliminationist agenda and, at its core, a mechanism for social and political transformation.

This commonality notwithstanding, Auschwitz still had its singular quality: It expressed the German unparalleled vision that denied a common humanity everywhere, and global intent to eliminate or subjugate all nonmembers of the “master race” Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS and the man most responsible for putting the Germans’ plans in action, proudly announced in an address in 1943: “Whether nations live in prosperity or starve to death interests me only insofar as we need them as slaves for our culture.”

Such was the Nazis’ moral and mental mutation, the most profound in the history of Europe, that Auschwitz was built upon, and that, better than any other place, it symbolizes their mental breakdown.

When Europe’s leaders assemble at Auschwitz on Tuesday for the 70th anniversary commemoration, they should of course remember and mourn the Jewish and non-Jewish victims. They should also realize that they are gazing into the abyss that would have consumed their Continent and the world.”

The above New York Times piece, is a great article in touching upon the Industrialization of Death, the economic efficiency of extermination of millions of people, and the German psyche’s justification of the Evil they perpetrated against all others.

It is for the World’s leaders to be reminded that the normal German person still believes that they are not responsible for the Horrors they perpetrated upon all of Europe.

And today’s Germans still feel innocent about the damage they wrought to the World and themselves, every time they sought to assume the leadership of Europe. And so in their faulty ideology, they are still today seeking to lead Europe towards complete destruction.

Ad as the Germans fail to understand the debt they have to Greeks and other people subjugated and almost eliminated during the World War — they are seeking to disconnect their actions from the debt they have created toward their victims of the horrors from the Second World War. Any reasonable person and leader realizes that if the Germans don’t pay their due debts created from the wanton killings, from the damages they caused, and from the horrors they created — they will not learn the valuable historical lesson, and they will seek to repeat their bloody march towards a European Dictatorship, soonest.

And this is an opportunity for Global Leaders to see that this Evil never be allowed to be repeated ever again…

Nor should it be allowed to be perpetuated by any other industrial means, such as Financialization of European Integration through Austerity policies led by National Debt that drives other countries and nations to starvation, so that the Master race of smug German bankers, officials, politicians, and Deutsche bank dwellers will keep on thriving beyond belief, while kicking off the food bowl of the starving children of Greece.

Some 70 years ago, the Germans caused an industrial scale sabotage of the Greek economy, by stealing the emergency grain reserves. The German Wehrmacht stole the emergency food reserves of the conquered country that they occupied, along with stealing everything else. It was a fiercely dictatorial and vengeful policy against Greece — starving the Greek people — because the Greeks had beaten the Italians on the battlefield and thus supplied the Allies with the first and unheralded victory of the Second World War. This course of events delayed the German attack against Russia and they fell in the harsh Russian winter, because they had to go to subdue Greece and save Mussolini their Italian comrade from complete loss at the hands of the heroic Greeks. And then when the German had to attack Russia in the winter — they had lost all elements of surprise and had to deal with the harshest enemy of them all, the Russian Winter, that ultimately proved their undoing.

And the Germans being small minded and acting as “The Master Race” in an act of unprecedented Evil, they punished the Greeks by stealing their emergency food. And by intentionally starving the Greek population they thought in their small mindedness that they would break the spirit of the people. And this is proven by historical record as Greece was the only country of Europe where they instituted this “Economic policy” as they had euphemistically branded their “Starvation Policy” for Greece.

This “Policy” led to an unprecedented famine that killed more that 15% of the Greek population in one winter alone. More than a Million and a half Greek people perished due to lack of bread. It is a pretty efficient policy and comparable to Auschwitz and “Death” factories that they instituted in Germany and Northern Europe. Starving the Greeks was seen as a “coup” and the German high command of the country celebrated this as the corpses of Greeks littered the streets of Athens, while the German occupiers feasted and in some cases they had a party upon the very corpses of the patriots they had executed…

This is historically documented as the worst loss of people as a percentage of population during the whole of the Second World War and it was uniquely suffered by the Greek people. It was by far the worst human toll suffered by any country of Europe, and to this day remains as the most evil policy of ethnic cleansing perpetuated in Europe’s history.

And we have proof today that it was a fully directed economic Policy of the German leaders and fully intentional on the part of the German people, in order to subjugate by starvation those considered “subhumans” by the Master Race. And as the Germans did this in Greece successfully and with tremendous success in eliminating people — they thought of doing it elsewhere. But this starvation, didn’t break the resolve of the Greek people to revolt and fight the occupier and instead intensified their guerrilla warfare. So the Germans relaxed the starvation policy and justified it through economic efficiency reasoning, claiming that the Greek starvation was effective in that it saved the cost of the bullets to the German army. This evil plan was hatched by the sick German brains behind their industrial evil machine in the 1940’s and is still admired for it’s efficiency today in the sick minds of the current German economic leaders, Schauble and Co.

And if we forget the human toll that was suffered by the Greek civilian population during the German occupation, through the German ordered “starvation” that was forced upon them — we are not only letting our common Human Decency collapse, but we are also going to allow this to be repeated. And that is truly what would make us subhuman and schizophrenic by expecting a different outcome out of doing the same things over and over again.

Proof of this is the ultimate plan that the Nazis put to action as expressed by Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS and the man most responsible for putting the Germans’ plans of “Human Extermination” in action, proudly announced in his public address at the German Leaders Convention in Berlin of 1943: “Whether nations live in prosperity or starve to death interests me only insofar as we need them as slaves for our culture.”

So now that you know, that the Greek Famine of 1941-42 was preplanned by the German High Command, you can understand how the German Leaders can easily stray to Hell due to their faulty mental software.

After a Million and a half Greeks starved to death, due to this German policy of Genocide by starvation, it becomes abundantly clear what today’s German Leaders feel and think, when they are able to say, with a straight face, that they don’t want to pay anything for this carnage they caused — is proof of their own faulty ideology if not of a seriously flawed mental attitude.

Yet the most important thing for both German and Global Leaders is to understand that the “Industrialization” of Death at Auschwitz, is not any different than the industrialization of death in the streets of Greece today. Only today’s Greek people’s “death” is due to the German policy of Economic asphyxiation. Another truly evil German policy masked as Economic Austerity policy, that is equally devastating and destabilizing for Europe. It is also exactly alike to their Industrial killing policies of the 1940’s in Auschwitz and the hundreds of death factories all over Germany and conquered Europe.

This is something that the World Leaders must understand on this anniversary of the 70 year mark from Auschwitz’s liberation. It s of paramount value for Leaders to really see that the “mental virus” of an ideology of a Master Race that is uniquely German, and of their Economic Policy of “Extermination” must be wiped off the Human slate forever.

This is something that we must all comprehend deeply and share accordingly, but above all else we must be ever vigilant to prevent it’s recurrence…

We must be vigilant, because Germans are german, and much like Dobermann, they would either be at your feet or at your throat — so let us not turn down our watchful gaze, as Winston Churchill always reminded us.


The NYT article was written by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen who is also the author of numerous articles on the subject and also the author of the two pivotal books on the German Ideology of Death for other nations that are not seen as part of the “Master Race”

The book are: “Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust” and, most recently, “The Devil That Never Dies: The Rise and Threat of Global Anti-Semitism.”

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