Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 15, 2015


“话不要说太满” means “Do not make yourself so certain that you leave no room for possible change…

This is one of the basic Buddhist precepts and also the basis of Lao Zu philosophy that “Everything Changes”

That is the only constant according to early Greek Mathematicians and to the father of Physics Democritus. “Ta Panta Rei” meaning everything always CHANGES or simply “Everything Flows…”



Yesterday I celebrated the closing of the Pi day with a beautiful concert by Chick Korea and Herbie Hancock and it was all amazing listening to masterful jazz inside the old Paramount.

A belle Époque theatre with these two Great Masters playing together, and riffing off each other…

It was a unique gospel like experience because they were playing, like they were channeling Keith Jarrett from the days of the Koln concert. It was great and it uplifted my soul…

All the cool cats in town were there.

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