Posted by: Dr Pano Kroko Churchill | April 14, 2015

Cap & Trade Washington Style

Because the proposed Carbon Accountability Bill in Washington State Failed [bill 1314] we have scheduled a Cap & Trade public initiative which is imminent now…

Come help us do this and discuss it to make it most suitable for all.

Environmental Parliament

Environmental Parliament is the Global Intergovernmental Organization that creates, advocates, and promotes Climate Change related Public Policy for all the democratically elected parliaments in States and Nations of this Earth hoping to reduce emissions and slow down Climate Change to allow for the adaptation and mitigation of various Peoples of this Earth, and the Human Species as a whole.

On this MeetUp we aggregate the actions around our United States Headquarters and local chapter for the State of Washington and the City of Seattle.

Join us for Action and policy Work on Climate Change Politics for the Anthropocene Era.

Join here the True Security Council of this Earth — working for the Planet and it’s People.

Feel Free to schedule related events, actions, and talks… on our calendar of environmental events.

Right now we are working on a Public Initiative to Tax Carbon Emissions from large Industry via a Public Ballot. We seek Signature Gatherers and Public Speakers to share the message widely and receive the necessary attention that brought us the Cap & Trade Bill we promoted in front of the WASHINGTON legislature and that was supported by Governor Inslee as proposed Bill 1314.

We aim to pass this bill as a Public Supported Initiative similar in scope to the one we passed in British Columbia that is now working rather well for the people and the environment….


Dr Kroko


Come Help us do this.

Join Us Now:

Environmental Parliament

Seattle, WA
22 Environmental Leaders

Environmental ParliamentEnvironmental Parliament is the Global Intergovernmental Organization that creates, advocates, and promotes Climate Change related Public Policy for a…

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Arctic oil drilling, Shell, Seattle, and the People of Washi…

Saturday, Apr 18, 2015, 5:00 PM
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