Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 14, 2015

The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams in Seattle

Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury and then Head of the Anglican Church when the Environmental Parliament organized the massive Demos and Activist led Conference to help the COP process of the UN to reach a Global Climate Deal in Copenhagen back in 2009, was on hand in Seattle to help us lead the charge for Climate Equity and Climate Justice in North America today…

He came over and offered his homily this Sunday morning in the best weather time, of this past weekend…

He spoke eloquently at St Mark’s cathedral about the need to be Men & Women of our time but to not forget to be the People needed for ALL TIME. And Climate CHange is a problem for all time and we are called to solve it by acting ethically in facing the situation and acting strongly to avert the looming catastrophe for the lesser ones and the ones least responsible…

And as we are facing the catastrophic effects of Climate Change today —  we best remember that out of the chaos and the morass we have a distinct responsibility to built order.

And as Christians, we have to recall that this is our Garden and we are responsible for it’s upkeep and cleanliness and for all the species living here…

It was a Good Day when we spoke about Milestones, Projects, and Mutual Friends in need of support but above all else it was a time of Remembrance of victories & past defeats, and of the need to be vigilant to win the Future by fighting for it.

Here is a small tribute from the Environmental Parliament struggles in Copenhagen back in 2009 and Dr Rowan Williams response to the journalist questioning him why he marches with the EP activists for Climate Justice:

You’ve got to see his response here:


Dr Kroko


Today Dr Rowan Williams has retired as Archbishop of the Global Anglican Church and is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the CHRISTIAN AID charitable organization and also the Master of Magdalene College in Cambridge, but is also an unequivocal opponent of inaction in the face of Climate Change and a rousing Spirit in the defense of the people of the planet and of the Environmental Parliament work across the globe…

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