Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 16, 2015

Dr Kroko speaks today at the Bellevue city Hall on “The Balance of Democracy, Liberty and Security for an Advanced Governance of the Internet Commons”

‘The Balance of Democracy, Liberty and Security for an Advanced Governance of the Internet Commons”

Dr Pano Kroko, speaks today on the most pivotal issue of Liberty vs security.

Dr Kroko is a SuperAngel, Innovator, and CEO of Evropa  [Democratic, Libertarian, Private Social Network].


LIBERTY VS SECURITY = This is a Rebuttal to the Talk of General Keith Alexander of NSA who spoke in Seattle last week about Cybersecurity, Personal Security, and the Threat of Information… Today Dr Kroko will speak about the Real Security and the privacy protection for Internet Communities, and specifically the means for building Evropa, which is an open Social Network with Privacy and liberty. Evropa is a communications and business network, designed to bring Europeans and all global citizens together for building stronger Social Network Connections. All Communities can share this stand-alone network as a “swarm” that strengthens communities in the event of cyber attacks, it creates resilient infrastructure, it builds command and control independent systems, and it builds resilient search and rescue and comity defense network mechanisms that due to their own independence will be up and running even at the event of a major cyber attack.  Bio: Passionate about sustainable economic development, Dr Pano Kroko, is Chairman of the Environmental Parliament, a global community which discusses issues including environmental politics, climate change, enviro activism, carbon pricing, enviro-science and natural resources. An author and social entrepreneur, Dr Kroko was previously CEO of Seattle Wireless Inc. He has worked extensively in carbon and energy finance, including green bonds financing for the power sector. He is also the current Managing Director of Green Capital Inc. Dr Kroko lectures worldwide on mobile technology, the internet, green technologies, innovation, finance and entrepreneurship.

He is also an Angel Investor globally and locally with Seattle Angels Network:


Dr Kroko


See You at the City Hall of Bellevue tonight at 8pm…

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