Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 26, 2015

A Hundred Years of Darkness

The Armenian Genocide has been hidden in plain sight for a Century.

Yet today that it marks the one Hundred years since it’s savage rage erased the lives of countless Armenian people — we must remember that it should never happen again.

And if memory is the only thing we have of this Holocaust of 1915 — we should use this to remind others, because it serves a purpose far greater than the appeasement of today’s revisionists of History wherever they might come from…

Minorities, cultures, and religions cause differences to come to the forth. Should we stifle that? No because we remember what happened last time we did this. A Genocide happened. And the bloody animals that perpetuated the massacre of mostly Armenian children, are wanting to erase their deeds from public memory…

And yet all around the World today, we memorialize this GENOCIDE.

We remember the victims of Genocide by laying a simple flower in their memory.

That’s All.

People of difference — all over the world can feel safer today, knowing this as a fact.

We should never forget the Armenian Genocide


Dr Kroko


Forgetting the Armenian Genocide is a Crime all over again.

Let’s Remember the Armenians.

It is finally high time we dispel the darkness of 100 years of denial.

A century of Darkness is long enough.

armenian genocide children starved

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