Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 23, 2015

Algorithm for Living

I put this simple list of Living together for You, because You need it.

And because Life is best lived like an Art.

Who needs it?

You know Who…

So here it goes:

A. Forgive & Forget; Free your heart from hatred and you’ll find Solace and Happiness. And along the way You’ll be able to focus your Mind to what really matters.

B. Don’t Worry — Be Happy; Free your mind from worries, because worry doesn’t solve anything and it keeps you from finding your Mojo.

C. Simplify to Quantify; Live simply to understand what it’s all about. Only then you can take stock of Life.

D. Share, Give, Help all you can, and then some. The Hand That Gives Retains the Perfume; Give more to find meaning in Life.

E. Let Food be thy medicine; Eat better to cure whatever ails you. Food is the best method to stay alive.

And please don’t forget that this journey through Life is all about Living.

Living & laughing.

Living, Laughing, and Loving.

That’s All.

Dr Kroko

Do these simple as arithmetic and soon enough, Health, Happiness, & Success, will follow.
And then maybe… You will see.
So maybe some day You’ll Thank me for this…

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