Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 23, 2015

Thoughts are Fierce Facts of Life unfolding in front of our own eyes…

Thoughts are fast and agile flying vehicles.

Transporting and transcending us all over the place in a moment’s notice.

They operate through thinking quietly – like magic carpets.

They are sense guided like flying carpets on which the human soul rides across eternity.

They offer Rest and Relaxation for the mind & spirit.

Yet this comes only when we allow the pure thoughts to flow through our mind…

Pure Thoughts are maybe less than One percent of all that the mind produces.

These are the only pure thoughts.

The thoughts which carry thankfulness, gratitude, grace, and good tidings for ourselves and others.

These thoughts are pure.

Just forget the reptilian monkey mind churning out thoughts.

Forget the mind clutter, that represent upwards of 99% of your mind’s voluminous output.

Scratch that and focus on the crystal clear sunlight filled thoughts of loving kindness.

Turn the inner dial to strictly selective – and allow only the best thoughts to come through.

This is how You do it.

Do this and see yourself being transported through the Power of Thought.

Business, Life, Relationships, it all starts flowing.

Go well with it and navigate the Pure Thoughts highway of the skies.

This is Flow.

It’s not so much going with the flow…

As it is being in the flow.

And refreshed by the flow.

That’s how You flow…



Be the flow.

It’s a good discipline to follow because…

Follow this to flow.

Because when we have powerful, and positive thoughts for others, guess who experiences them first…

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