Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 1, 2015

The Mystery of Life is Unity

Everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

This is what the Bard says.

And unless we are able to view things in terms of how they originate, how they are to return to their end, and how light shines forth in them, we will not be able to understand anything from this Life or from the deep Science we’ve created…

Theatre is like that as well.

Where Art & Science meet is Deep Physics.

That is why we have both theoretical Physics and Elementary Physics. And that is why Astrophysics and Elementary Physics meet at the ends of the circle…

The mathematics of the sky bring meaning to our Lives. But we must first learn to reconcile the two in a spirit of unity.

And as Shakespeare says: We are all Actors and the World is a stage… And upon that stage incredible things happen each and every moment, each and every day, out of each and every life.

Because all along we strive in our faulty and never quite clear eyed way to find our completion. We always seek our other half to get into a Union with the rest of us. We seek out those that complete us and we forever long after the missing ingredient to make us whole again.

We do this blindly like the mice of legend but we don’t always succeed, because expectations, feelings, logic — all get in the way of our quest to reach full circle.

Just look at Romeo and Juliet that had the ultimate date from hell and couldn’t get neither the story nor the time Right to complete their Union — and forever more, their Romantic story remains unfulfilled.

Yet many believe the two starstruck Lovers met in the after life and will be together forever more.




Is it just me, or is the aforementioned afterlife just another attempt to complete the Circle we left unfinished ?

Is it our hope and dream to find some meaning in these atom of consciousness swirling around through empty pace that we seek to give Purpose to the Dream ?

Is it some kind of superior intelligence guiding us, as we eek out of this Life the juice of the marrow, sometimes far too early, or too late ?

Or is it always too late ?

Too late for tomorrows, or too messed up, after a date from hell like the one the Bard told us; with Juliet and her Romeo chased by the Capulets from living out loud their Love as they clumsily ought to complete their Circle of Unity ?

As for me — the perfection of creation is quite simply a full circle already. And Love is but a wrinkle of Time.

Yet like most anomalies and exceptions to the rules of Astrophysics, for the end to be perfect — the circle must and will complete itself.

The trajectory of the Star is thus always an ellipse and an elongated circle as seen from our faulty vantage point in our rock hurling through space time and creation.

And in our Universe we seek to complete the circle of unity with our Star that it will at some time distant and far — embrace us in a hot breath Union that will get us all to die and meet in Heaven like Romeo and Juliet…

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 09.11.54

And if you believe in Romance and religion — fine, that would be the end of Life and the beginning of…

But if you think science and understand that the black hole created from the end of the Sun will create another world at the other end… Then you understand that there is No End.

Just a New Beginning.

And it’s at the end of this earth that we find New Life all over again.

Because even when we run at the edges and at the ends of the circle as my treatise at MIT that simply stated: “Tomorrow’s Physics is Today’s Metaphysics”

That simple statement made me “Persona Non Grata” in the great school and had to leave for the West.

But I stayed True to both the Philosophy and the Physics. As for Metaphysics — I forgot most of it.

Yet now I get it.

I know that Alpha and Omega are finally the same, and the lynchpin holding it all together is the necessary unity.

It is after all the mystery of Unity, the Yin & Yang, the positive and negative charge, the electrons and the atoms, the man/woman, the Marriage of Cadmus and Persephone…

This is the essential mystery for all of us to understand: The unity of matter and spirit, particle and wave, or humanity and joy.

The Great Mystery is thus the template for all creation, and even more precisely it is the secret that reveals the necessary cycle of loss and renewal, life and death, light and shadow, action and rest, matter and anti-matter.

A circle as incomplete and imperfect as “ensō” borrowed from Buddha ( 円相 ) and zen tradition, where an ensō is a circle that is hand-drawn in one uninhibited brushstroke, to express a moment in time and space, when the mind and body are free to create.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 09.17.09

The ensō symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and mu — the void.

The lowly circle of the ancient Greek mathematicians never sounded so good, and yet it was the same sacred geometry that the Pythagoreans gave us a the meaning of the circle to be the void it seeks to fulfil.

This is the great mystery that keeps all things spinning around, all of us moving forward, and the whole of Creation and Existence moving toward ever further life.



Now we know that the death and birth of every star and every atom is this same pattern of loss and renewal, yet this pattern is invariably hidden or denied to us…

Wonder Why ?

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 09.11.20

So as you go out into your daily Life — please remember that we are all mere Mortals always seeking, always fearing, always eager, for the Circle to complete itself…

So find your Lover, and spread the Love wild — before it’s too late…

But then again it never is.

Too Late – that is.

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