Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 7, 2015

Hope for the Future

Hope for a better future is why we rebel against the Idiots driving us to destruction…

In human history it was always the Truth that we rebel not only for what we can achieve, but for who we want to become.

Because in the end, those who rebel require faith — not a formal or religious orthodoxy — but a faith that the good draws to it the good.

A distinct and hopeful Faith that when we are called to carry out the good — insofar as we can determine what the good is — we actually do Just that.

Faith is the Hope that we can find out what the “Good” is and we can carry this “Good” forward, perform our duty, and forget it.

Forget it because once You do your bit — then you can let it go down the river.

Mix it up with the flow of Life. The Big River. Mahayanna. The ultimate vehicle to propel Life forward.

The Buddhists call it karma.

The Muslims call it Kismet.

And the Christians call it Destiny mixed up with Free Will.

Yet no matter what we call it — faith is the belief that this “Good” we perform goes somewhere.

And that it impacts somebody…

So stand up and be counted with me…

And don’t forget that when You stand up — You save countless others.

Because by standing up, for the World — you keep alive another person’s Hope and Dreams.

And maybe many more people’s lives are saved because of You, since we all need shiny beacons to guide us through to the other side.


Dr Pano Kroko


Keep up the Progress.

Cause this is one of the great ironies of life.

That is attitude that provides hope.

But it’s not.

What is — is Participation.

Taking part in the rebellion for the Future…

And it is True, because if you are not there, there is no hope at all.

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