Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 7, 2015

I had a Talk today in front of a Seattle crowd and thought of Courage…

Real courage requires vulnerability.

Real courage requires us to step into something where we cannot predict the outcome.

Real Courage is that exhibited by the Man in the arena fighting the lions…

Not by the spectator eating peanuts in the peanut gallery and criticizing, judging, booing the Man in the arena.

And Real Courage is represented by something that in some way, seems terrifying, not because the very act would probably kill You, but because we feel we might receive the most painful of punishments — that of being rejected, disowned, and ultimately isolated.

After all — all of us Risk takers and Courage magnets truly know that the thing is: “We only Die once…”

So who cares…

But we die each and every time — we fail to reach our Greatest peak.

And yet we go out there time after time to show up and fight in the Public Arena.

God only knows why…

And we seek to reveal the depths of our character and the myriad folds of our psyche in front of a wandering Public… that we aim to turn on and educate to what is right.

And that is a Big risk because we don;t even know most of the time Who they are and what i Right for them, in their particular situation at this point in the time space continium…

So we set ourselves up to fail. And yet we keep on doing this… every time we speak in Public.

Being vulnerable is like being naked in front of the world…

And it takes Courage to go streaking in the stadium.

But it takes greater courage to be vulnerable to that bitter end.

That’s why real courage cannot exist without the risk of vulnerability.


Dr Kroko


Blogging is a bit like that too…

Maybe a little bit too revealing?

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