Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 9, 2015


Simple does not mean small.

Simple doe not mean ineffective.

Simple does not connote poverty.

On the contrary — simple means a whole lot of Great.

Simple is Grand.

Simple is Powerful.

Simple is Rich…

And guess what?

Simple is genius.

Einstein told us how Physics has to be Simple in order to function.

Not in order for you to understand it — but in order for Physics to simply function.

And for anyone who has ever been into a Zen garden — you understand…

Because in the garden, you shall not fail to notice this ambient simplicity.

There’s great beauty in simplicity.

But it’s not plainness.

Yet, it is plain in the sense that words and actions are enacted with Gravity.

Great power, is simple.

Awareness is simple.

Mindfulness is Simple.

Acting is Simple.

SImply acting with significance is genius.

Simplicity takes us away from artificialities, it simply accepts.

And it is in this “acceptance” that we are shown to be fully Human.

Simplicity shows up as Grace and maintains itself as Humbleness and Humility in every circumstance this Life throws at us.




Simple eh?

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