Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 20, 2015

Love, Live, & Let Live…

“Perdition catch my soul,
but I do love thee,

and when I love thee not,
chaos is come again.”

–W.Shakespeare, Othello

So gather your Strength to be able to Love.

Only then you can claim to be able to Live.

To truly Live.

To not merely Exist…

And to be happy enough to help others Live too…

So spend some time in Love this season.

And use your Reason to find the ones to Love. Use Logic, and love, but not your lust. Maybe you’ll have to travel far and wide to meet them — but so be it. Traveling is Great Education too.

And when you find someone to Love — please make sure they Love you too..

But be certain to Love yourself First.

Switch on your awareness to be able to be discerning.

And being discerning means to love Yourself as You are.

Just as you are today — because you are unique and your talents are needed to help us all move forth.

You are perfect the way You are.

Be aware that You are a singular gift to this world.

Love yourself as You are today.

Feel Safe right here, right now.

Love All — All is Love.

Love near and far.

Have Faith in yourself… built faith in others.

Empower yourself with Faith.

Love comes easy to the powerful ones.

Do this and Love will find You.

Practice this and You’ll become the Kings & Queens, of this world.

But First…

Love Yourself and others will Love you in return.

And don’t forget to share the Love with those near and far.

Don’t let the poison of Fear get into You.

Please don’t Be Afraid of the Barbarians… you hear so much about in the daily news.

From time to time there have been external enemies at our gates.

But truth be told the Barbarians have broken through long ago, and are now a small part of us.

Because there has always been the enemy within — and this is Apathy.

Apathy is the hidden and malignant inertia that foreshadows more certain destruction to our life and future than Climate Change, Epidemics, or even Nuclear War.

Have Faith in yourselves to imagine the Future.

Have Faith in the Goodness of this world to built the Future.

And have Faith in this Earth to let us all live together in peace, in this Future we imagined.

But it all take some effort on your part. And effort means engagement. Engagement means involvement and zest for Life in our common spaces. Engagement in the things that make us human.

The mood sweeping the young of this country is so much neglect of the Commons, that we should really see that democracy is in peril, and that Liberty and the Constitution in particular, needs to be defended and not to be left to the self promoting “experts.” Because we’ve been there before. We’ve done that. And the result is Money running and ruining the “Political Show” and a Congress that literally almost no one trusts. That is the real danger for our nation.

And am only saying this to young Graduates because I see so much Apathy and medicated Pain, that am becoming aware that there might not be any defenders left to save our Democracy, our Liberty, and Way of Life.

And keep in mind that this is not about the Kardashians, or the next App for your perfect phone… but it’s about the fact that the Barbarians have taken over the city, already.

And we now need a new Revolution of the Mind and the Love to cleanse out the terrible host…

And we need You.

Because if there are now some of You willing to sacrifice your youth and your tomorrows for the rest of us — You might not be strong enough to defend this Future we are building together.

This Future that we imagine together today — demands the participation of all of us.

I say this only because I see a distinct lack of Faith in the young people today.

And because lack of Faith is a terrible Weakness.

A terrible weakness of the Spirit is this Selfishness that Reigns Supreme here…

But I must caution You — not to fear the Future — because we are shaping it as we best imagine it.

So spend some time in contemplation. Spend time alone. Spend time thinking, visioning, seeing, and dreaming. That’s how you get Faith in the Future. And that’s how the Future is borne.

But what I forgot to tell you up until now — is that we must fight for this Vision to come into Existence and become our present Reality.

And to fight, we have no choice but to have Faith, because without faith; there is only Death.

Because there can be no darker or more devastating tragedy than the death of man’s faith in himself, and in his power to direct his future.

And thus I salute the present generation.

And I urge you forward equipped with only these few tools that always stood by our side, and helped us all get this far.

Also make sure to have Friends and to share with them the joys of Youth and life. Make sure to have plenty of Fun and to hang on, to one of your most precious parts of youth — Your Hope and Dreams.

Find and hold furry friends and adopt a puppy from the pound. It’s Good for your Soul. Go for long walk, and don’t forget to be light hearted.

See the funny side of Life and Keep your laughter going and don’t ever lose it — as many of you seem to have done — because you really really need it.

You truly need the levity of humour and the incredible lightness of Human Spirit to deal with this topsy turvy world of ours.

So have a Hearty Laugh here and now with me.


Dr Kroko



Much later…

Let’s huddle and plan our Future together.


Together we may find some of what we’re looking for— laughter, beauty, love, and the chance to create — Heaven on Earth.


  1. Thank you for these words. We have been seeking an Angel like you – to help us build regenerative crystalline ceramic homes and ecovillages for the 21st century. The Geohome is a geodesic of pure liquid stone – to replace the 18th century wood boxes that have us surrounded.

    See you soon in the emerald city….

    ~with oceans of jOy~


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