Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 26, 2015

Just Observe

When time is Right — Act.

When things go your way — Enjoy.

When difficulties arise — observe and wait.

Don’t get triggered to react — just observe.

Do this because when difficult situations arise — it’s best to chill out,

instead of becoming disturbed, or confused, and going on acting unconsciously.

Best to sit back and just, observe the situation.

Just observe and treat all the situations, just as you would observe a sports game, or go watch a play in the Theatre.

Embrace the changing circumstances.

Still be the disinterested Observer.

Take Time…
Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 08.56.30

That’s the basis of both your success & happiness.

Do this and some of these other things, and You’ll live a long successful Life too…

Love Yourself, and always find happiness in the success of others. Share your joy and gifts with the world. Help all others succeed.

No Apathy. Stay curious, stay engaged. Keep smiling, go travel, make relations, and seek new experiences. Make relationships with all others that cross your path. These are the extensions of your Life.

Never think work-life balance — there is no accounting of happiness — just think life. Live and seek to find many experiences not accumulate wealth. Live in the NOW.

Engage with all others sincerely. Notice things. Take time and smell the colours. Look at the flower’s perfume until you really start to see… Then you’ll know that everything happens for a reason.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 08.53.53

Don’t engage in Worrying — No Worries Mate… You’ve got nothing to worry about and nothing to prove to anyone. Nobody is gunning for You. Nobody is after your Job. No terrorists hiding in your closet. No monsters under the bed. Nothing to prove to your Mother. No need to impress your date. Who cares what your wife thinks of your friends?

Trust me on this: You have Nothing to prove to anyone. If anything, you only have something to prove to yourself. Don’t be a tool for other people’s indulgence. Celebrate…

Ignore the 40-hour-workweek hype — go for 100 hours. 120 if need be, or spend the day on the beach if you feel like it. Take a hike … Really. Surf the world … Really. Do some navel gazing. Look within…

Money is a monkey. It’s not an end in itself. Don’t worship it like a dolt. Know that it’s just a measuring stick. So it’s not your responsibility to earn it, and it’s not a reward for living Life. It’s just a freaking yardstick … Got it?

No Exceptionalism here. Don’t think you’re special. Be Humble. That’s how You are special.

Understand that You Are Gonna Die. Death is in your Future. Recognize that all Life and everything in it are Transient things. So go ahead and take the leap and recognize that success is fleeting.

Know yourself and that You are here on Earth for a limited time engagement — yet also know that principles, dignity, and respect, last forever.

And do whatever You do with Love because Love conquer All and then your passion becomes your play and work too.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 08.57.26

Do these Ten things and you will Live Life like the Boss.

Follow my advise here … and You’ll live a Happy Life to boot.

Happiness is King.

Live like One.

And that’s how You Win.

Dr Kroko


Just Observe…

That’s how You become a Warrior.

And the Master of your Destiny.

Any Questions?

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