Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 27, 2015

Mind The Gap

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The Gap is here…

The Gap is there.

The Gap is everywhere.

The Gap exists somewhere between your feet.

The Gap is found squarely between what you say and what you do.

The Gap commonly exists between what you promise and what you deliver.

The Gap is the Chasm, the great cleavage, the abyss that swallows your pride.

This is the Gap we are talking about. The one that rests between your ears, or simply between your words and your deeds.

The Gap between your Imagination and your Application.

The gap is there…

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It’s the Gap we are confronted with in Business Negotiations.

It’s the Gap between Policy and Application of Governmental Policy.

It’s the Policy Drift we all sense when we deal with Politics.

It’s the Law of Unintended Consequences…

It’s the gaps all over the place.

It’s the gap that kind of looks like the “Mind The Gap” of the ancient London Subway.

The imperfection in fitting the rail car design of the Tube, with the concrete where it meets the terminal Station platforms.

The empty space where the train meets the Station.

That Gap that acts like the space between the subway cars and the passenger platform as if to catch the falling bodies in it’s inky black embrace..

The Gap in the subway tube platform where sometimes whole humans fall through to their demise.

The Gap in the side of the road is where some people get kicked to the proverbial curb.

And this is the gap where some Lives drain away, just like rain water that escapes, the tarmac.

The gap is just as wide as you allow it to drain your power away.

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Know this for certain:

If there is a difference between your words and your actions — your power surely will drain away like rain drains off the road.

So please do this one thing to hold onto your power:

Observe yourself everyday…

See if your words and actions are somewhat aligned.

And that is Golden.


Dr Kroko


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If you want Relief — You need a Coach…

Ask someone else to verify for You the reality of your Gap.

Ask them to observe if what they saw you practice is true blue.

Ask them if what you do is aligned with what you say too.

Feedback is the food of all positive change.

And maybe someday You’ll go upstream and see that Your Thoughts can get aligned with the rest of You too…

But that’s another ball of wax entirely.

Yet that’s how You fly above any gap…

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