Posted by: Dr Churchill | July 4, 2015

Top Ten Lessons in Leadership

Do The Right Thing…

Bleeding Edge

Now that Letterman is off the air from National Television,
I recall that the thing that I liked most about his broadcast
was the Top Ten Lists that were so irreverent and funny that made
Dave a self humbling force and added a bit of genuine humour and
levity to the otherwise barren TV land…

So it follows that whenever I decided to get some mindrot or receive
some companionable sound-sympathy from television balm for the lonesome
traveler, while working away the night in some random hotel room across
America — I always turned on Dave Letterman and his Top Tens.

Therefore, please don”t blame me then that I started in earnest giving
the Top Tens a Refresh, Right here but without the Sound and Light of the
stupid TV tube.

So if you still remember how to read — here are some of the most important lessons about Leadership…

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