Posted by: Dr Churchill | July 5, 2015

No = OXI

Greeks proudly Voted NO today in large majorities.

They voted NO without Fear, same as they voted NO in 1940 as they embarked to fight against the powerful ally of the German Nazi Axis – Italy and the Greek through their powerful NO fought and won, thus scoring the First Victory of the Free World during the giant global conflagration that resulted in the Second World War….

The NO vote today is equally important.

To all those Greeks who voted NO, we salute you.

Well Said and Well Done.

Your Leadership resonates around the World mired in illogical and unsustainable bogus sovereign debt.

It suddenly will start raining all over.

The dam levies have already burst…

Who is to say that the floodgates aren’t yet open?

Time is Now.

Jubilee is here brought on by the people




Here is to the resounding NO victory.

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 20.12.09

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