Posted by: Dr Churchill | July 16, 2015

Celebrate All Things

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Every day and every night is a celebration of Life.

Because being alive and playing the Game of Life is the Meaning of it all.

Live in the Now — Live Life in it — instead of waiting for a happy end.

This is the same as when we go to the Massage Parlour where we enjoy our bodies and we open our soul’s eyes to the wonder of life.

It is in those moments that we live — without always expecting a Happy End.

If it happens fine.

If it doesn’t happen — No worries…

The enjoyment is always there.

And sometimes if we are smart enough, we get to see the hidden humour in every Situation…

Then maybe we get to find magic in each moment.

That’s All.

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How then can we not be delighted in the way things turn out?


How can we not be amazed by the beauty of it all?


What Do You Say?

Pray Tell.





I’ve got nothing against Happy Ends; either in Thai Massages, or in any other endeavours of Life…

Just Be Careful to Define the Happy End appropriately because the Law of Unintended Consequences is a bitch…

And Karma always Ensues.


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