Posted by: Dr Churchill | July 19, 2015

Liberty is Not just Grexit — It’s Freedom after Seven years of Slavery

Greece should have declared itself a bank.

It would have a Clear Reason to be Saved from Ruin…

Then Things would have been far easier.

Because it would have been bailed out to no end without questions or even pay-back terms ever asked.

Whereas today it is neither Too Big to Fail nor too Small to Bail

Yet all Levity aside…

The Greek Drama is unfolding with No End in Sight.

Now the second best plan is to make it’s own Monetary Policy and behave like a Bank to

it’s people.

Keep in mind that having your own Monetary Policy and Coin of the Realm is the defining

BirthRight of an Independent and Sovereign Nation.

But it appears that the Greek Politicians do not want to have that and instead prefer an enslaved

nation of their own choosing…

Wonder Why?




Maybe because Slaves are easy to rule and lord it over…

And maybe because the Slave Masters from outside and their minions, the local minor politicians; need not be any good either.

But the people are wise and voted “NO” and yet that resounding negative response towards European Despotism has been turned onto it’s head and it has become another Slave Contract with Germany for another 30 years.

How is that a Democracy and not a Coup D’Etat ?

Let’s be careful to not

I recommend that everyone concerned go see the film “Twelve Years a Slave” to see how You turn a Free Man or a whole Free People to certain bloody slavery.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 7.09.10 AM

Liberating oneself isn’t easy but is far preferable to Enslavement to the Huns, and to the Banker-Wankers.

Let Freedom Ring…

So my friends, start Running to get to Freedom…

And rest assured that Liberty will soon follow along with all her other sisters; Success, Independence, Benevolence, Strength, and Magnanimity.

Winning the race to Liberty is always easier starting out as a Free Nation — Whereas winning your Freedom once enslaved is so much harder.

And that would have been a far better plan to today’s certain Grexit via another failed Bailout, leading to the enslavement of the people for another twelve or more years.


” Who am I.”

Morality is the demon…

“Ήθος ανθρώπω δαίμων”

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