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StartUp Culture is the Way Up in Entrepreneurship and Happiness is the end result of it…

Our next INNOVATION STARTUP WEEKEND ACCELERATOR is on this Weekend in Seattle here:”

The following one is scheduled for San Francisco in October, and for New York City in November. Bet, you can win a place in Seattle or in those other cities, and we can do this together if we plan it right away.


And if we remain aware that entrepreneurs are agents of change, then it follows that as fellow human beings we care to solve big problems because we are all part of one big human family.

And if we remember that — then we also remember that even the smallest of gestures can make a huge difference in people’s lives, and that is what makes people Entrepreneurs. They are distinguishable from all others who are happy with the way things are, because they share the sensitivity to Human Needs. They have the necessary Emotional triggers and want to help others. Emotional Intelligence is what’s all about. And entrepreneurs have that in spades.

And they also dare to dream…

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Entrepreneurs are usually empathic people with a high degree of EQ and maybe some IQ to boot. And surely want to bring more happiness in the world. One way for it is through the modicum of basic wealth for all. And from what we know now through the efforts of the United Nations to establish and reach the Millennial Development Goals — we know this threshold to be around the basic economic social net. Places like Denmark have gotten that quite well through both abundant Social Policy but also plentiful Social Enterprise.

Denmark by all reasonable measurements stands as the happiest place on earth. And their citizens are living testament to this effect working…

Happiness is achievable and strengthening the Human Potential.

The other “nation” of people that are rated to be the happiest in the world, is that of the Entrepreneurs. Makes sense because to be an Entrepreneur and to be able to forge your own path, and pursue your own destiny, is right up there like living in Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark knowing that you are the Master of your own Life.

Add to it the success that enterprise brings to the lives of the Entrepreneurs and all those around them and you’ve got the total recipe for happiness in one go.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 08.58.00

So it appears that the Danes and the Entrepreneurs know something far more about happiness, than the rest of you.

Maybe it’s knowing how to go fishing and hunting when they are hungry and catching their own game and food. Or maybe they love those bicycles for total transportation. Or they have the license to be happy because they have No Bosses to fritter away their Joie De vivre. Who knows?

But whatever it is — they generally know how to live free. And if that is what it takes to help our world become a better place — then so be it. Let’s all be free to care about others because it takes so little time and energy to show that we care to solve problems, and yet it can mean so much to ourselves, to Society, and to the rest of the World, that it completely alters the balance of Being.

And when you care, you find ways to help solve the big problems. And this n turn makes you happy.

Am really glad to see that this now becomes a trend in America’s MBA classes as well, because I see that a decade ago, nearly all of the smartest business school graduates flocked to Wall Street traditional corporate jobs in Finance, Business Management, Big Dirty Energy, and Consulting.

But Change has come…

Change has taken root because today, I see a growing number of newly minted Ivy League MBA graduates shifting gears and going to become Entrepreneurs. They are either joining small outfits that got started in school, or falling in step with the hyper-growth StartUps, and especially the Unicorns, or even risking it all and blending it as Co-Founders in lesser known StartUp teams. And word has it that these expensively bought MBAs, are even starting their own businesses in Silicon Valley, and Seattle, because these are the only major Innovation hotspots in the country and attract talent like flies on a summer day pic-nic.

In one study of over 30,000 Wharton graduates, conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, researchers found that more than 7% of 2013 grads joined StartUps or started their own companies right away — five times as many as in 2007.

They also discovered that, since 1990, nearly a quarter of Wharton MBA grads have been entrepreneurs at some point, even if it wasn’t straight out of school.

And people predict that this growth is likely to continue and most probably accelerate for several reasons but most importantly because from people wanting to be Free…

As a Start it is that the high number of students seeking entrepreneurial opportunities stems, in part, from the feeling of control that owning and running your own company provides. Even though they’re working at least as hard as the bankers, they have control over their own destiny. In fact, entrepreneurs tend to be happier than workers in any other profession. Also In places like Silicon Valley, breaking into the scene is all about who you know, making these networks invaluable assets.

Of course earning an MBA creates an instant backup plan in case the business fails. Knowing they can always count on a graduate degree from a top school to land a more traditional job allows MBA holders to take more risks. They’re able to turn an entrepreneurial failure into something that won’t hurt their resumes, as opposed to other botches, such as bad performance reviews.

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 22.51.41

Even for the older set who cut their teeth on Wall Street, Silicon Valley or a path to entrepreneurship may offer the promise of a healthier lifestyle. Being a Wall Streeter myself, I know for a fact that the Wall Street vets who switch careers are usually making “a lifestyle choice.”

And given today’s Wall Street being under a lot of regulatory scrutiny, and pressures, that are outside of any individual day-to-day control, going to a high-profile technology company or taking the entrepreneurial path can be more liberating and freeing. It is the ultimate place where you can be creative instead of reactionary in addition to the innovation, creative freedom, and meaningful work that is not available anywhere else.

Perhaps most importantly, entrepreneurs don’t care about pedigree. It is a fact that entrepreneurial communities are networks, not hierarchies. Openness, the free flow of information, the lack of community gatekeepers and entrepreneurs as leaders are hallmarks of these networks.  As a result, the fundamental tenants that underpin these networks there is a decreased emphasis on pedigree, background and connections. While this hasn’t completely taken hold in all countries, in many places entrepreneurs are rightly judged by the strength of their ideas, the value they bring to the community and the success of their past efforts and not on their family name or where they attended school. This has opened the door for many entrepreneurs who 10 or 20 years ago would have found themselves cut off from the opportunities they have today.

Fundamentally, I believe the world does and will further benefit from the democratization of entrepreneurship as more people look to themselves as the engine to grow beyond their circumstances. And this phrase works in reverse as well – entrepreneurship promotes democratization. Entrepreneurs value the stable systems that democracy tends to bring, they see themselves and not government as the answer to their societies challenges, they provide jobs and economic stability that promote stable society and they work in networks that by their nature are fundamentally more democratic than hierarchical regimes.

I see that in my Innovation Master Class StartUp Bootcamp Accelerator, and it is gratifying to see the young Hackers mixing it up with Engineers, Doctors, BioScientists and MBAs to produce very high quality companies based on Good IP.

And if you want to see Entrepreneurs really bending it intentionally for Life Sciences and winning it internationally just go here:

DNA Blue Beauty Helix

Go see how our LIFE SCIENCE ACCELERATOR works because we will offer this INNOVATION STARTUP WEEKEND ACCELERATOR all over the globe this year, only because there is such a need to solve serious Life Problems. And we hope to create  a global trend to negotiate today’s World’s pains and illnesses, through entrepreneurial StartUp Solutions to alleviate the pain of humans. And you know that saving lives is a mighty big thing. It settles right all the books and He who saves a Life saves the world whole is what the ancient book tells us.

So as StartUp culture begins to thrive outside of America we aim to take our LIFE SCIENCE ACCELERATOR everywhere and in places off the beaten path like Cuba, Tibet, Brazil, and some other backwaters in South America’s Amazon region where the Medicinal plants are still the basis of Health. ANd of course we’ll hold it in places like Cambridge, and Oxford, and Tel-Aviv, and Haifa’s Technion in Israel, and in Northern Europe too. Other places elsewhere will follow soon with China, India, and Africa taking the lead because medicine is a global affair and we all need it more than anything else to live healthy lives that allow us to reach our Human Potential free of pain and suffering…

In the field of Bio_Medicine things are changing rapidly.

And although, I don’t have a crystal ball and don’t know exactly what the next 20 or 50 years will bring — I do believe that the global trend towards “entrepreneurship” in Medicine and Life Sciences will continue and the whole world and it’s people will be much better for it.


Dr Kroko


I believe America today needs more entrepreneurs than ever. One of the great trends we’ve been witnessing over the past decade, and in particular the past 5 years, has been what you might call the “democratization” of entrepreneurship”. It’s a powerful trend and one that I think will have a huge impact not just on the US economy and workforce, but perhaps even more intensely on other areas of the world – particularly developing economies.

As StartUp entrepreneurs, sometimes we just have to be wise enough to go with the flow because Startups are not well defined in Business plans nor do they have the certainty that big companies have. So as unique entrepreneurs, we simply have to put our trust in life and let the current carry us forward. With StartUps You have to let go of the shore and swim in the middle of the current carrying you forward. That doesn’t mean we should take our focus off where we’re going — it simply means to let go of our baggage of fear, and of our need for safety and security.

Keep in mind that the ship you are waiting to come in — may very well be the ship that you need to built.

Feel free to share your thoughts…

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